Leo Sweetwood

Currently serving the New York City area is a stud that I recently came across at Falcon Studios. Once I started stalking him some more, I found out that he has made quite the rounds already on different sites.

You can even pay for his services at Rentboy. If he comes across anywhere near how hot he is on film, then Leo Sweetwood is totally worth it in spades. Welcome to the GayDemon lounge.

So, did you get involved with Rentboy or the porn world first? Which do you prefer?

I love both but porn was first. My first scene was with Falcon back in 2012 before I left for the United States Marine Corps and I made my first RentBoy.com account in March 2014 during the Hookies. I love porn because it is a lot of fun and you meet some amazing people. The porn world has opened many doors, but escorting pays my bills.

I think it would be a fun playful orgy with myself, Boomer Banks, Ryan Rose, Sean Zevran, and Austin Wolf.  

The first scene I watched was actually your most recent for Falcon Studios. Sorry I was late to the party bro. The scene is with the mega hunk Andrew Justice for Alpine Wood 2 in which you're wearing some pretty hot plaid pjs. Walk us through that scene. What was it like to film?

It was AMAZING! I love working with Falcon, they are an amazing company. It's fun! During my first scene back I was REALLY nervous but Andrew and the director Bruno Bonds made me feel very comfortable. The scene takes place in a cabin with a lot of horny friends. Andrew and I sneak off and have fun together and 2 of our other friends find us.

Your other scene with Falcon Studios is for their Jocks line with Micah Brandt where you use that 8.5" cock on him deep in Sit Tight 2. Do you prefer to top or bottom? Was this scene better, worse or just different?

I always have fun on set! Micah is a sweet heart. In my personal life I usually top and in films I usually get cast as a bottom. However I like both. It was different but fun. It was set at a pool so the camera angles were a little more difficult to get but I was very happy with the end result.

Are you given a script for each scene you'll be in or do you kind of wing it and listen to the director? Do you know what you're doing before you get on set?

How it works is you get an email from the director going over a brief description of what the scene will consist of and makes sure you're comfortable with everything. Once on set, the director, your co-star and you sit down and go over the scene more in depth.

Not gonna lie one of my favorite scenes I found you in is with Austin Wilde's Guys in Sweatpants where you and Dillon Anderson pound the fuck out of Ian Levine. I'm not gonna say poor Ian Levine because he enjoys every second of it. You fucking erupt like a geyser after fucking Ian. Was this scene extra hot?

I love those guys and Austin Wilde is SUPER nice! I had a lot of fun and it was cool to work with multiple people in a scene. I say the more the merrier.

So Guys in Sweatpants also has you and Dillon paired up in a live scene where he fucks you in a variety of positions. Did you shoot all your scenes in like one weekend? Anything special with you and Dillon because the chemistry is great with you two?

I limit myself to 1 scene per day just because I want to give my 100% while on set. Dillon and I work very well together and he is a great friend. I think that's why the chemistry came off so well.

Leo Sweetwood and Landon Conrad

You actually are one lucky dickhead. Over at High Performance Men you pretend to not know how to turn on a light and Landon Conrad comes and saves the day. Does it make you nervous working with a huge star like that? How was he to work with? Who is a performer or studio that you have not yet worked with that would be like a dream come true?

When I met Landon Conrad, I was a little star stuck. Then I actually met him and he is such a nice down to earth guy. He is GREAT to work with, he was one of my favorite co-stars! The performer I would LOVE to work with would be Boomer Banks! I have always been a fan and then I met him at the HOOKIES. He is a teddy bear! He gives the best hugs and I'm proud to call him a friend. And companies I would love to work with would be Raging Stallion, Men.com, Cocky Boys, and Randy Blue.

Throwing in your other scenes which include Man Royale's "Morning Coffee and Cock" where you get fucked pretty good by Connor, Christian Wilde teaches you a rough lesson at Bound Gods, and you get Bukkaked by guys including Trenton Ducati. Am I missing any haha? Which one of these is your favorite?

Leo Sweetwood and Trenton Ducati for Bound In Public

I don't think I can say I have a favorite scene yet. I have had a lot of fun with all the companies I've worked for, and have loved my scene. But I feel my favorite has yet to come.

So if you could direct your own scene starring yourself, what kind of scene would it be. Give me some of your fantasies and fetishes. Where's the craziest place you'e had sex?

I would cast Mr Pam as the director because she's EPIC! And I think it would be a fun playful orgy with myself, Boomer Banks, Ryan Rose, Sean Zevran, and Austin Wolf.

My favorite question to end on... If you could choose one word to describe yourself as a performer in one word, what would it be and why?

Grateful. I love this industry and I hope to stay in it as long as possible. It has been very good to me and I am lucky and GRATEFUL to be a part of it.

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