Lawson Kane from Naked Sword

Woohoo! We're talking with porn STUD Lawson Kane - a top with a great ass and nice fat cock. And he's so sexy, I can't wait to learn more about him, so what are we waiting for?

Anthony: Tell us your story. How did you get into the porn biz?

Lawson: I have been watching porn for years, but I never thought I would get involved in it. I applied online to a few different companies I was interested in working with a few months before I committed to it. However, I ignored the responses for several months. Then I got bored with just working 9-5, so I took and interest in it again. I feel right now I am mentally capable of working in the industry without giving in to the negative stereotypes, I'm comfortable with who I am, and I like my body. So, I thought I'd see where "it" goes. Eventually I accepted an offer... now I'm wondering how long this will last, or how far I can go in the industry.

Anthony: What are the things you like most about doing porn? Any dislikes?

Lawson: I have enjoyed traveling, meeting new people, having new experiences, fucking beautiful men, then getting paid for it. In any case, this is a job and there are things to dislike about any job. Making porn is not as easy as it looks. After my first couple scenes I started realizing, "shit, I'm performing," and it started to fuck with my head a bit. It still does sometimes, lol... but then I look at the gorgeous face, body, ass in front of me waiting to be licked and fucked, and the scene is completed. Pure nut busting glory!

Anthony: What's your preference... Top or bottom? Does that change when you aren't filming?

Lawson: I have never been a bottom - I prefer to top. This does not mean I will never bottom, because I have tried a couple times. I just really didn't like how the tip felt or the position I had to get into... wasn't my thing. If someone special comes along, I would possibly like to try it again, but not now.

Anthony: What are your biggest turn-on, turn-offs and sexual fantasies?

Lawson: Turn ons: First thing I look at is a guys face, his ass, and then I try to look through his shirt, lol. You don't have to be a huge muscular guy, but you definitely have to be toned. After that it would be great if we connected in someway, though if I just want to fuck it really doesn't matter, lol. I LOVE EATING ASS, fucking doggy, grabbing a guys pecs when I'm slamming inside of him, and I like a moaner. Turn offs: Assholes/jerks, of course, complaining... also, I don't like a stinky guy, unless it's after some long hot day of doing something outdoors, and I know where the funk came from. It is not difficult to be clean. Sexual fantasies: I don't know anymore, lol. I've had a lot of sex, and I've done things I never thought I'd do. Sexual fantasies can be easily fulfilled.

gay porn star Lawson Kane

Anthony: Who are your favorite porn stars, and are there any you'd like to work with?

Lawson: I watch porn, just about everyday! There are really too many to choose from, since I seem to have a new favorite every week. I've had some really great scene partners, but I won't pick any favorites.A few guys I'd like to meet/work with:Jessy Ares, Dean Monroe, Scott Carter, Mike Colucci, Roman Heart, Kyle King, Marcs Mojo/Landon Mycles, Anthony Romero, Milan Gamiani, Alexy Tyler, Angelo Marconi, Jeremy Bilding... the list goes with HOT guys that I'd like to work with, but would make me nervous: Adam Killian, Jonathan Agassi, Paul Wagner, Francois Sagat.

Anthony: How's it different fucking on camera compared to the comfort of your own bedroom?

Lawson: Very different! There's lights everywhere, cameras, other people that are not naked giving directions. It takes some getting used to.

Anthony: What do you like to do when you're not working? Any hobbies? Are you in a relationship?

Lawson: Chill, hang out with friends & family, playing outside, working out, eating, cooking, etc. My relationship status is single. I'm not looking for boyfriends that come and go, or any drama. I think, if you want to be with someone you show them, you tell them, and you do what you can to compromise and make it work. One day, I hope to find a friend I enjoy being around, and can share a life with me... until then I'm good with my friends, and fucking a hot guy whenever the opportunity is there. Which is not as often as people think, lol.

Anthony: Do your friends and relatives know you do porn? How did they react when you told them or found out?

Lawson: I haven't really told anyone but my cousin. Most of my gay friends know I do porn because they've seen it, and word spreads fast. I appreciate my supporters and people that understand, at the end of the day it is a job... and I could care less about what people think about my choice.

Anthony: What can we expect from you in the future? Do you have any upcoming projects?

Lawson: Me and my future in porn? I just want to have fun and be happy when I decide I'm done. So far, I have done 7 scenes and a few solos. Right now, I have 3 more scenes coming up. I feel very lucky to have be working with such great companies, and I'm very happy they choose to cast me out of all the guys out there!

Anthony: Where can new fans find you? Do you have a Web site, Facebook or MySpace account, Blog or Twitter?

Lawson: No website at the moment. Please follow me at - and of course, you can see me at Naked Sword on their latest episode of Golden Gate.

Thank you for talking with all of us here at the GayDemon Lounge, Lawson Kane. We hope to see more of you, and maybe you'll come back and talk to us again!

Lawson Kane shows his fine ass in tight briefs

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