Gay porn performer Kennedy Carter

If there's one thing I love, it's a redhead, and that's why I'm so happy we're sitting here today talking to the mouthwatering Kennedy Carter. This versatile porn performer is SOOO hot that I can't wait to learn more about his porn career, so let's go!

Anthony: Tell us your story. How did you get into the porn biz?

Kennedy: I started porn when I started university - I had worked full time for five years for two big corporations between high school and college, and when I started school it was hard to adjust to living on a student loan after my salary. So I thought about jobs that paid well but didn't require too many hours, so that I could focus on my studies - porn fit that perfectly, and gave me the opportunity to make more money from go-go dancing and personal appearances, so I have never looked back!

Anthony: What are the things you like most about doing porn? Any dislikes?

Kennedy: I have loved meeting all the people I have met. I think it's easy to have negative preconceptions about people in porn, but I have met a ton of people who have become great friends that have brought a lot to my life - from performers like Chris Porter and Samuel Colt who have become like brothers to me, to great bloggers and awesome fans. Getting to travel outside the UK so much has been a huge bonus too, I count my blessing every day.

Anthony: What's your preference... Top or bottom? Does that change when you aren't filming?

Kennedy: I really do love both. I'm either into young toned guys who I want to pound, or big daddy types who are gonna really dominate me. I'm lucky in that my fiancée is a great combination - he is short and super ripped so I love to fuck him, but he is also a little older than me, with a big hairy chest and a giant dick, so I love him to fuck me, too.

Anthony: What are your biggest turn-on, turn-offs and sexual fantasies?

Kennedy: I'm turned on by all kinds of stuff. I love eating a big ass, I love deep throating a big dick. I guess my biggest fantasy is getting fucked in front of a lot of people, a gang bang is one thing I would love to do in porn. Plus I'm definitely getting into bondage and kinkier stuff after getting tied up by the staff at Mr S Leather in San Francisco!

Anthony: Who are your favorite porn stars, and are there any you'd like to work with?

Kennedy: I really love Latin men, Dario Beck at Titan is gorgeous. Mason Star at Cockyboys is beautiful and smart, he comes across really well in interviews. A lot of the Cockyboys guys are really great, they are definitely not afraid of a tattoo or two over there!

Naked Sword pornstar Kennedy Carter

Anthony: How's it different fucking on camera compared to the comfort of your own bedroom?

Kennedy: Fucking my boyfriend is a very different experience - having sex with someone you are in love with will always be more intimate, more loving, but also more out there, I would definitely go places in private I would not go on film. When filming you concentrate so much on your performance, how you look on camera, it's a different energy from in the bedroom.

Anthony: What do you like to do when you're not working? Any hobbies? Are you in a relationship?

Kennedy: I have a boyfriend who I'm getting married to soon, who I love dearly. Of course my job causes jealousy, but I'm a very jealous person, too; we have crazy arguments but really passionate making up sessions after. As for hobbies, I'm in the middle of a degree in Hispanic Studies, currently spending a year at a university in Mexico City, so my spare time is mostly taken up by me trying to learn Spanish, or lying in bed in my glasses and pyjamas watching True Blood and endless repeats of American Dad.

Anthony: Do your friends and relatives know you do porn? How did they react when you told them or found out?

Kennedy: I'm lucky in that all my friends and family know and they are all supportive of me. Of course, at first my mom was concerned, but she knows I am careful and working with good people that look after me. She loves Raging Stallion because they were a home for me for a year, whenever I arrived all the office staff were so great about coming out to see me and checking how I was doing at school, they will always have a special place in my heart. My brother is on Twitter and he thinks it's funny how I have all these followers that think of me as a sex symbol, to him I will always just be the chubby geek who played video games with him. My friends, too, are pretty nonplussed; I keep that part of my life pretty separate from them.

Anthony: What can we expect from you in the future? Do you have any upcoming projects?

Kennedy: I am about to enter an exclusive contract with a website I really love, I have met with the bosses and I really get on well with them, I'm excited to start working with them. I work hard at doing lots of personal appearances and dancing gigs, and it will be nice to promote a new company while I'm doing that, I always think I'm a pretty good brand ambassador for whichever company I work for!

Anthony: Where can new fans find you? Do you have a Web site, Facebook or MySpace account, Blog or Twitter?

Kennedy: All of the above! I'm on Twitter @Kennedy_Carter, I have a really fun blog and a tumblr for random photos of my asshole!

Thank you, Kennedy Carter. You can also see Kennedy in action at Naked Sword - he's one of the stars of their new season of Golden Gate! And we can't wait to see more of this horny ginger stud in action.

Kennedy Carter hard cock

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