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Welcome, Kayden - thanks for coming to do an interview with us! You shot to porn stardom very quickly! When was it that you did your first ever shoot and who with?

Hi and thanks for inviting me. A lot of people probably think my debut in Lucas Entertainment's 'Power Play' was my first one, which isn't true. The first scene I've actually ever shot was for 'Hooking Up', also by Lucas; and it was done in March this year. My scene partner for that production was Hans Berlin.

You already have a massive following, and you've got a lot of big name porn studios on your resume. Can you tell us what your favourite shoot was and why?

Correct, I have had the pleasure of working with quite a few studios and models. Some of them have been a total adventure so it's hard to pick one shoot. The 'Cottage Boy' filming trip I went on with Eurocreme in the summer would be a good example. I got to do 3 scenes for that movie, including my first trio, with JP Dubois and Lucas Davidson. I have some great memories from those few days.

You've done some scenes where you bottom (such as for Topher Dimaggio and Tim Kruger), but in most you are top. Does this mean that you're mainly top?

Actually I bottomed in the majority of the scenes I shot in the first few of months. I didn't think much of it but then in the space of about two weeks or so in June I saw a flood of headlines online, many of which described me as 'the new bottom twink'. Not a label I was crazy about, and not because there's anything wrong with getting fucked, but because I had this big dick that I felt wasn't being appreciated. In private life I top more guys than I'd bottom for so I thought I would be more comfortable if my work reflected that. Since then I've been cast as top in most scenes. I'm totally versatile though.

Your confidence is so fucking sexy! Have you always been outgoing or are you deep-down quite shy? Do you have to be a certain way to be successful as a porn actor?

Thanks man, I'm flattered you think so. I definitely haven't always been this guy. I was a pretty shy kid. Until I started uni I had difficulties talking to people, especially publicly. When I moved to the UK I discovered potential and confidence in me that I never had before. Porn certainly was another step forward. I think confidence plays a huge part when you work in any kind of showbiz, more so when you're totally naked and intimate. Some moral conscience and integrity may also come in handy, when the very fine line between what's real and what's a fantasy starts to go a little blurry.

Can you tell us who your favourite porn stars are? And can you tell us who you would most like to work with that you haven't already had chance to?

My ultimate favourite is Austin Wilde who now has his own studio Guys in Sweatpants. I hope to work with him next year. I'd also love to work with Cocky Boys - I'm fascinated with Jake Jaxon's visionary approach to his work. I'd also happily work with Seth Treston, Johnny Rapid, Dario Beck, Will Helm, Marco Robi, Kris Evans, C K Steel and Jim Kerouac.

Boxers, briefs or commando?

Boxers-briefs *wink*

Some of the porn you've done is quite sportsgear-fetishy. It's really hot! Is that a fetish of yours or is it just dressing up for porn? And do you have any other fetishes?

Actually a lot of what I wear on screen is part of my daily attire, I'm rarely just dressing up for the scene. I wear a lot of hats, oversized vests, trainers and long socks. I think gym wear is extremely hot! Defo a fetish of mine, along with group sex, role play, sex in public and amateur gay and straight porn!

You are impressively hung, 9 inches right? Do bottoms ever struggle to take your dick on set? Has anything awkward ever happened while you were shooting a film?

Around that yeah. I guess it does happen fairly often. I think part of it is the added pressure of taking a big dick in front of the camera. I can relate - it's a bit easier off set.

Kayden Gray in sports gear

Is it hard work to look as sexy as you do?

I have a slight obsession with keeping fit and looking good (I think a lot of gay guys these days share it) so it doesn't take me any more effort than it would if I wasn't working in porn. I love gym and I eat pretty well. Lately though I've developed a taste for desserts thanks to one of my friends. I'm not very happy about that...

So lets talk a little about the guy behind Kayden Gray! You were born in Poland? Can you tell us about your background, where you grew up? Did you go to school or college?

Yes, born in Poland. I grew up in a small town in Great Poland and I went to uni there to study English Philology, which is why I speak English fluently. After 3 years at uni I moved to the UK, started a Musical Theatre course which I then quit to focus on singing and writing music, which had been my main passion since I was a teen. I did that for a while long before I decided to whip my dick out and show it to everybody.

How old were you when you moved to London?

I was 22 when I moved to England. I lived in Bedford for 6 years, then in Luton for the last 9 months. I'm moving to London this week. It's where I've wanted to live for a long time so I'm pretty excited.

I haven't read anything on blogs or anywhere about your love life. Do you have a boyfriend? What type of guy do you go for?

That would be because I keep my love life private. I was seeing someone until recently. Now I'm single. I like hot athletic manly guys with a sense of humour and originality.

When you're not filming, what do you do to occupy your time? Do you have any hobbies? (Fucking doesn't count)

Haha I gym, shop and model a little outside of porn. I also make time for my friends, do housework, relax, watch movies, go out etc.

Kayden Gray Eurocreme threesome

What is the future for your career in porn? I've spoken to quite a few pornstars and they all want very different thing - some want to direct porn, others want to leave, and some have their own studio. What do you want to do?

I intend to stay in porn for a long time and make sure that I enjoy doing what I do. This industry fascinates me. I want to bring something personal and unique into it and improve it. There's a chance I'll end up with my own studio in the end.

What's your favourite movie?

I looooooove cinema. I can never decide on a single favourite movie. It would probably be either 'The Help' or 'Man Of The Year' or 'Evening' or this movie i watched the other day called 'Machete Kills Again' - it's hilarious!

I have loved speaking with you, Kayden. Before we finish, would you like to give a shoutout on the GayDemon blog to anyone? What message have you got for your fans?

I really appreciate all the interest and support I get from you guys on a daily basis. It means a LOT, thank you!

Also I'd like everyone to keep an eye out for all the FAKE Kayden Gray accounts on Facebook and Tumblr. Don't even entertain them. To stay in touch with the real me stick to these:

Twitter: @KaydenGrayXXX

Instagram: KaydenGrayXXX

Vine: KaydenGrayXXX

All the best and thanks for having me!

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