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I've got a treat for all you GayDemon readers. We have an interview with JP Dubois, a hot and horny Scottish up-and-cumming porn star who's already making quite a splash in the UK porn world - and now in the U.S. Welcome, JP!

Anthony: So, you were recently made the August cover model for CyberSocket Magazine. Please fill those in who don't have a clue what the hell I'm talking about. What was that experience like?

JP: It feels like an amazing honour! Some very high profile porn stars have graced the cover of CyberSocket, I'm happy to be among the select few :) Even though it's not published over here in the UK, I believe it's massive in the states. Can't beat that kind of publicity!

Anthony: The cover shoot for CyberSocket was filmed on location for Sports Lads Fuck. Is that as hot as it sounds? Tell us about your role in the movie and who you got to film with.

JP: Yeah, it was a hot shoot! I was working with the lovely Justin Harris, great body, total bottom, loved it! I play a basketball player and we fuck in the locker room. Was lots of fun! Though I hadn't picked a basketball up in about 10 years, I still had a laugh with that segment of the film. It was a hot and sweaty shoot, just the way I like it ;)

Anthony: You've done some work with a variety of studios which we will get to soon, but for those viewers who have yet to jump aboard the sexy ginger train, give us a brief bio on JP Dubois. How'd you get involved in porn? Why the choice? And of course your sexual preferences, too. Us horny bastards need to be well informed ;)

JP: Choo choo, all aboard! Haha! *composes self* Well, I've been in the industry for 2 years, working for a variety of UK studios, Mostly sticking to high profile work like Eurocreme, UKNakedMen, EnglishLads and the like. I've always wanted to do porn and it was only on leaving a very long term relationship that I perused my dream. I had no idea I'd be so warmly received! I love to fuck/be fucked and it's something I'm rather good at! I'm a total exhibitionist, bring on the audience :P Preference wise, I'm a truly versatile performer. I've been told I'm too good at both to pick one, hehe! I love me some muscle, buff boys step forward.

Anthony: I love the fact that you've yet to be fully exposed here in the US. Sorry, its like have my own little treasure :) You've worked with Blake Mason, English Lads, UK Naked Men, Club Eurocreme, and I know I'm leaving a lot out. Tell us about your journey. How does the Euro world differ from the American world of porn? How do the twain differ?

JP: Quite vastly really! The guys in the US are treated with a lot more respect than they are here, though I believe that is changing perspective. My personal journey has moved with my gym efforts really, I started off as a skinny twinkle and now I'm more of a jock type. I've matured, like a fine wine ;) and I'm only set to get better.

Anthony: There's a lot of fucking hot guys in Europe. Wow, what a generic statement. But, its true. What makes you stand out?

JP: I've never said I was good looking, I believe I have an unusual look, not that that is a bad thing? People want originality. Also, a lot of porn actors just see it as a bit of cash, I wanted to make this my life and I have. Like I've already covered, I've changed a lot in the last 2 years, people physically can see the effort I've put in. Thats what makes the difference.

Anthony: Any plans on coming stateside to the US and attempt to take the American gay porn world by storm?

JP: Indubitably! Although I have no immediate plans to cross the pond, I believe I am ready. Though I won't come over without some definitive offers of work (hint hint, any studios reading this?) I just hope I'd be as well received as I have been in the UK. I'd like to stick with big names and studios only, gotta keep my 'brand' in the right lane ;)

Anthony: So, I do give a shit about other things but then porn :) I care about you guys too. What other things do you do with your life? Any off camera relationships?

JP: I have a very loving boyfriend who is 'not so' off camera. He also does some UK porn and goes by the name of Sam Barclay. We're very happy together. Otherwise I'm just a normal gay guy, love going out, socialising, shopping too much, being a big gym addict, massive fan of music etc! :)

Anthony: Its an easy question to ask, but with you it'll be more fun because you've been exposed to two different continents of porn. Can you give us some performers you'd love to work with?

JP: Oh the choice! Well I love muscle, I'm also keen for other ginger guys.. big time! I've gotta say Kenedy Carter and Blu Kenedy. Other guys have to include Brent Everett, Jay Roberts, Cavin Knight, Harry Louis.. the list really does go on and on!

Anthony: You've got the directors chair on this one. Give us a hot scene where you get to explore different fetishes you have. Your "Dream Scene" so to speak ;)

JP: Well now, I am quite a kinky guy, love anything safe fun and horny! I haven't done much kink for celluloid yet, I'm keen to explore my limits. I'd love to do a DP/piss/piggy scene on camera, all in one scene. That might shock some people, I'm thinking it'd be fuckin awesome!

Anthony: Where can we follow you and keep up to date with every JP Dubois? If you had to pick one word that would best describe you in the sack what would it be?

JP: *raises eyebrow* I'm a bit of a wordy bloke so picking one word for me is almost indigestible! For you, I will try... Obstreperous. Not to be a patronising cunt but here's a rough definition for those who need one, it means I can't be controlled and generally I get my own way, hehe ;) If you want to follow me, you literally can on twitter @JPDuboisxxx

Many thanks to sexy porn stud JP Dubois for talking with us here at Gaydemon. You can see more of him at UKNakedMen and EnglishLads, and hopefully we'll see more of him here, too.

Gay porn star JP Dubois

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