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GayDemon interviews legendary blond Euro porn star and award winning top, Jordan Fox and learn about his love of smooth twinks and his plans to put porn on hold to focus on studies.

Hey Jordan, thanks for talking to us! Let's start with that all important question: how did you get into porn?

Hello! I am glad to talk to GayDemon, your website is great! Well I was student at the time I started porn. I had a nice life but it was a bit boring for a young guy of 20. I wanted to spice up my life a little bit. I never intended to become a pornstar though, I just wanted to do a porn movie to achieve a sexual fantasy. I thought it would just be a single experience. But the studio loved my scene and my "acting skills" so they called me back one week later to shoot another scene, then another studio contacted me, then another one... and few monthes later, I became a pornstar, completely by chance! I took a break from my studies to become a full time entertainer.

You started appearing in porn movies in 2008. Who was your scene partner and what was it like the first time in front of the camera for you?

It was a foursome for Cazzo, in the movie "Fanatics", about soccer, but I really don't remember the name of my partners, during my career (about 100 scenes) I have worked with so many guys that I can't remember all of them!

Actually I like many things in bed. I can be tender and sweet, or really hardcore and violent, and everything in-between.  

Over the years, who would you say its been most fun to work with and why?

Some scenes were really intense and the guys were unforgettable, like the ones with Giuseppe Pardi (for Lucas Entertainment) or Camille Kenzo (for French Twinks). I still rememember those scenes when I'm horny and want to jerk off! Regarding producers; I enjoyed working for Lucas Kazan and Fred Sneaker (Sketboy), who became a friend.

Jordan Fox fucking Camille Kenzo

What are you most proud of about your porn career?

Well I am very proud of the awards I received, but the most beautiful thing is the relationship I have with my fans. They've followed me for years, some of them write me Christmas cards and send flowers for my birthday. That is really sweet. They mean a lot to me, and I do my best to entertainment them, on stage or in my movies. After my shows I like to go to the audience to talk to people. I wouldn't be where I am today without their support.

You are bisexual, right? Have you done any straight porn as well as gay?

I would have loved to do a scene with a girl, but never had the opportunity so far. However I did a video with a shemale and I really enjoyed it!

What do you think is the difference between a pornstar and an adult performer? Which do you consider yourself as?

I think that when people that watch your movies know your name, then you are a pornstar. There are so many pornstars that in fact it doesn't really mean anything. Real stars are mainstream and unique. So I don't think that pornstars or reality TV stars are real stars like Hollywood legends. I think I am a pornstar because I've done many things in gay porn and enjoy success in my career, but in the end it's just porn so I don't take the "fame" too seriously. I am not a star or some kind of celebrity, just a guy that does porn and had some success in it. It's work, not a way of life. I don't behave like a pornstar.

Is there anything else you do in the adult industry alongside making porn?

I did a lot of things alongside porn, especially live shows. I really love to be on stage and fucking live for the audience. It stimulates me. I did lot of shows (more than 100), went on a tour all around Europe: France, UK, Germany, Austria, Greece, Ukraine, Poland, Portugal, Hungary... It was very interesting to meet my fans from different countries, and visit many cities. Amazing experience!

Who would you most like to work with in the future and why?

There are still things I would like to do in porn; more movies, more shows. But there are things I want to achieve in my life as well, aside from porn. The last 7 years have been fully dedicated to porn. So now it's time to tackle my other projects. That's why this month I will stop porn for a while and resume my studies. I have been missing that. Porn is fun but you don't learn many things, and its not very stimulating intellectually. In life there is a time for fun and a time for being serious. It's time for me to prepare for my future, as I can't do porn forever. When the day comes that I am too old to do porn, I will be happy I have degrees to fall back on. I wanna believe that there is a life after porn.

Do blonds have more fun?

Yes definitely! Look, the sun is blond too, and everytime he appears people are happier. Blonds have a special magnetism!

What are you personal fetishes and what do you like to do during sex when you're not being filmed?

I like younger guys, and smooth. Hairy and beards are a big turn off for me. If you wanna fuck with me, shave first! Actually I like many things in bed. I can be tender and sweet, or really hardcore and violent, and everything in-between. You know, it really depends on the guy. Chemistry is the most important thing. Being good in bed is about feeling the desires of your partner and fit into it, not acting like in a porn movie, which seems ironic coming from me...

Jordan Fox at Fucker Mate

Are you a superfan of anyone in particular?

In porn you mean? I admire Brent Everett, he really has a great career. Francois Sagat was great too. He was one of the first pornstars I liked when I was younger. Today I like Bel Ami boys; they all look so hot! It would be nice to shoot with Armond Rizzo or Johnny Rapid as well.

Do you have anything in particular you're passionate about? Perhaps a cause or favourite pastime?

I like going to the gym, biking, cooking... but the thing I prefer doing most is reading: I can't let a day pass by without reading newspapers and books. I like to be on my own, aside from family and close friends, I don't see too much people. I am secretive and private (maybe to balance my professional life). And my real passion is travelling; I love to discover new countries, different cultures... near or far, I am curious about many places in the world and never get bored of travelling and learning.

What do you plan on doing next with your adult career? Is there a specific goal you have in mind?

Like I explained before my adult career is not my priority anymore. I don't know if I will do more porn in future, life is unpredictable, I never have long-term plans. My priority now is to achieve my studies. Then I will see. But it's okay, I have done lot of movies that are still on the market, I wont totally disappear from the porn planet right now!

You won an award, a few years back at Hustlaball, "Best Top of the year 2010". What do you put that down to? Is it your attitude, technique or a combination?

And I won some more in my career like "Best Actor in Europe" in 2013. I am proud of that as its rewarding my work and my efforts to be professional and being good at what I do. But to answer your question, really I don't know what explains my success. Maybe because I am hung, maybe because I am humble, probably both. I have some physical assets yes, but above all I always tried to remain simple and sympathic, because I have often been disappointed with the attitude of many of my colleagues who can be arrogant, mean, and jealous. They still dont realize that inner beauty matters too.

I'm thrilled to have got to know more about you. Do you have a message for your fans at GayDemon?

Keep on supporting GayDemon because it is great that some websites like that exist, to enable people to know more about us, the performers. Behind the movies and sex machines you see on screen there are humans, with their personalities and stories. So thank you GayDemon for allow me to express myself and let the people that appreciate me know a little bit more about myself.

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