Fuck Loving Criminals

Why did you do another mini series for UK Naked Men?

We've always shot series for UK Naked Men, even if we were only thinking of a theme for future dvds, but after the enormous success of 'Gay Bar or Bust' and 'Gay Bar or Bust 2', which weren't just fun to make and of course packed with really hot sex, we returned to our favourite theme of cops, villains and east end gangsters - themes we started years ago with the ''DI Sweeney'' series. Now with a lot more knowledge, better locations, the best models we could find, we thought the time was right to push ourselves a bit further. Hey Presto ''Fuck Loving Criminals''

What's the series about?

We love the power play between masculine men, London is full of stories of sexy gangsters from The Krays to Jake Arnott's hot novels. We just took all the censorship away and made it as hot and explicit as possible. All that cops and robbers stuff we grew up with was very homoerotic - well it was the way I played it.

This series is the story of two rival gangsters vying for a piece of rare real estate in London, Leo Domenico and Antonio Garcia. There's lots of back stabbing, palm greasing and of course tons of uncut cock and arse action in the mix, which starts in London and all ends up in the south of France - topped off with a few litres of hot jizz.

How did you pick the models for the parts?

This was a lucky year, we found the stunning Fabio Lopez, our first ever exclusive, he's a French model - looks like a young Brad Pitt, Antonio Garcia is an excellent Alpha male boss, Jace Tyler and Delta Kobra are new guys, both of whom are garnering a lot of praise for their handsome looks and scorching porn performances. And of course we have with years worth of contacts, one of the stand-outs is our accidental exclusive Tony Thorn, we shot him eight years ago and have been shooting with him steadily ever since. We're the only company he shoots with; no exclusive deal, he just does porn for fun and loves shooting for us. Matt Brookes is perfect as a rough east end copper, Adrian Toledo is the stunning boy-toy, Josh Charters is a great blond, blue eyed bit of rough and of course our model of the moment Riley Tess had to make an appearance, that boy can really take a fucking!! That's before I can even count the gorgeous Kayden Gray, Adam Wirthmore and the magnificent Leo Domenico, there's not a weak link in the sex chain.

What's the hottest scene in the series?

Ahh, personal taste again... Personally, I loved the long build up and foreplay of the Antonio Garcia and Matt Brookes scene, its not even an anal scene but its very splattery, Antonio is transformed from a smartly suited gent to a cum smeared pig in the final ten minutes - loved it. James the camera man loves both the Fabio Lopez scenes (the first Fabio scene is a solo but we ve actually put 3 exclusive duos in there aswell, and NO not old footage, new, exclusive scenes). Gorgeous George loves the Josh Charters and Riley Tess scene, (he's got a thing for rough blonds with big dicks) and series editor Butch loves the Leo Domenico and Adam Wirthmore scene for its chemistry and for Leo's astounding cum shot.

Fuck Loving Criminals

What do you like most about shooting porn?

It's great to be my own boss and work with a fantastic team of creative, enthusiastic people. The guys are great, the vibe of shooting porn is fun, it's just really enjoyable. Technology keeps moving and there's always so much to keep abreast of, but Its a fun job and I get to see sexy guys with no clothes on, win win!

What's next for UK Naked Men?

We did our best to produce the most sexy-bad-taste orgy of the year in ''12 Fucks and No Funeral'' (an orgy amongst pall-bearers in a morgue) but now 'Fuck Loving Criminals' is left on a cliff hanger, so there'll be another series. Dick Emery fans will know where we've drawn some inspiration from! Just keeping our eyes open for the next 'hot guy' and next week we are filming the gang bang finale for our religious themed DVD, no rest for the wicked, eh?

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