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Today we're talking with very sexy (and kinky!) up-and-cumming twink porn star Joey Tiger. He's been doing some work (and by work, I do mean sucking and fucking!) for Next Door Twink, and he's a real hottie. So let's not wait any longer - join me as I go one-on-one with Joey Tiger!

Anthony: Ok, I'm jut gonna get this out of the way first. What the hell is your fascination with licking toilets and sinks haha? Is doing that sanitary?

Joey: I am a freak... I will do some pretty nasty shit. I give my fans what they want! Yes.. It is clean haha

Anthony: How did you get your start with Next Door Studios? What made you interested in doing porn? You just a whore that craves cock or is it more meaningful? ;)

Joey: I just applied online & flew out... I have always been a naughty little person. I want to make an impact in this world.

Anthony: Lets talk about this scene with you and one of my favs, Joey Hard. Oiled and Ready was released on Next Door Twink recently and I've jacked to it a couple times already. Was this your frat scene? What is Mr. Hard like and most importantly how does he fuck?

Joey: It was my first scene! Mr. Hard gave me that cock like I wanted it. I told him to fuck me as hard as he could! He is good at what he does...fucking!

Anthony: So, I know your other scenes have come out or are coming out, but who else have you worked with so far? What's sex on camera like compared to the comforts of your bedroom or wherever else you get freaky when you're not getting paid for it?

Joey: I was in House Bangers, that is going to be out soon! My little crazy tiger ass took 2 HUGE cocks at the same time.. funny enough, it was my idea! When I am alone in my personal life I am not so crazy, on camera, I am evil haha

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Anthony: Do you have any fetishes other than licking anything and everything? What are your turn-ons and favorite features of a guy?

Joey: I love gangbangs, I want to do a huge scene with lots of cock in my ass! I love when a man is tall.. I am 5,1' & I love men that are muscular.

Anthony: If you could act out your fantasy in a scene, what would it be? I remember you telling me on Twitter something about a gangbang ;)

Joey: Yes! I want to be tied up & put in a huge cage.. I am not kidding! I would love to fuck a lot of guys.. I like being the main center of attention in my scenes.

Anthony: Do you have a favorite site or a performer you'd love to work with?

Joey: Sasha Grey.. I am crazy like that bitch. I would LOVE to lick toilets with her. Haha ;)

Anthony: So what's life like outside of porn? Do people know your profession? Are you dating? Hobbies?

Joey: Everyone knows, I am single & I love to sing & go out with friends... parties are so fun.

Anthony: Everyone knows my favorite question to end on. If you could describe yourself as a performer in one word, what would it be and why?

Joey: Fighter. I am a fighter because I came from a crazy background & I will never stop chasing my dreams.

Anthony: Where can we follow everything Joey Tiger? Give us your Twitter handle and any other way I... I mean we can stalk you ;)


I'd like to thank Joey Tiger for talking dirty with us here at Gaydemon. If you want to see this yummy twink in action, you can check him out at Next Door Twink.

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