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This week, GayDemon interviews Jimmy Durano, married to legendary porn director Christian Owen and we find out just what porn means to him and what experiences he's had on set.

Jimmy, hi! Welcome to GayDemon. What is new with you?

Thanks for having me. As you know it's June so it's pride month. I'm getting ready for Philadelphia and NYC gay prides.

How long have you been making porn and what was your route into the industry? Who did you work with first and for what studio?

Wow...this goes few years back. I started in 2009 with College Dudes and my first scene partner was Beaux. Then after few scenes with them, Chi Chi LaRue got ahold of me, made me one of her exclusives and here I am today.

For me there's no sexual gratification at the end. That's my job, I'm getting paid to be on set on time, and they expect me to do what I do.  

Your boyfriend is award winning director Christian Owen with Hot House. How did you guys get together?

He's actually been my husband for almost 2 years now. We met a few Grabbys ago in Chicago and then reconnected in LA at Mickys in WeHo when I was there for work. Then I went to visit San Francisco since I had never been there and saw him again. After that point I was going to San Francisco once a month and he was doing the same.

Is it as fun to be immersed in the world of gay porn as we all imagine? What would you say is the best and the worst thing about a career as a pornstar?

Traveling and traveling. When I first started, traveling was the best part (along with the pay of course), but being able to be in Florida for a few days every month, and then LA and travel around the US doing club appearances to me was, and still is, the best part. But also traveling can be a little bit exhausting. Packing and being away from home is not always fun. I don't think that porn itself has any downside for me.

What's the highlight of your porn career?

Mainly the awards I won. Those are the truly a recognition of my work. My dildo is another one. Being a newcomer (like I was when I had my dick molded) and seeing it on the shelves of sex shops across the US was pretty cool.

Name a pornstar that you find inspirational?

Inspirational? I'd have to say Francois Sagat.

How would you describe yourself and what do you want other people to see you like?

I'm a VERY shy person on set. I'm easy going and friendly but also very quiet. I try to be true to my self all the time. And that's how I'd like my fans to see me.

Do you have a favorite porno?

I think it would be The Dom and Trunks 8 for Hot House, both directed by Christian Owen. In The Dom my scene partner was Mitch Vaughn and they built a water system and they made it rain inside the studio the whole time we were shooting. And Trunks 8 my scene partner was Jake Wilder and it was an 110F outdoor scene in Palm Springs. So they are completely different and I like them both.

Who would you cast yourself with in a fantasy porn film and what would the setup be?

Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth and it would be a 3 way where they bottom for me. The set would be the Avenger Shield aircraft. How about that for a porno? LOL

What 3 qualities do you think are most important to be a successful pornstar?

Easy Going, friendly/team player and I think being humble is very important.

What are your interests outside of work? Tell us what you enjoy doing, and also what your average day looks like?

I enjoy my gym and my food. So I try to work out regularly and when I have time I cook at home. Movies are a must in my life. I'm a movie lover and I try to catch up on the new flicks all the time so I watch at least one or 2 movies a week. My avarage day would be getting up in the morning, (not too early tho, I'm not a morning person) walk the dogs, if Christian has not walked them yet, head to the office, work 8 hours, gym, go home and cook dinner for me and Christian (if I'm not in the mood I bring food home) bed, wake up, repeat. LOL

What is it like to be on set and performing? Aside from the sexual gratification at the end, are there any other fun aspects of filming porn?

I am not speaking for every porn model out there, let me get this clear first, this is my opinion. For me there's no sexual gratification at the end. That's my job, I'm getting paid to be on set on time, and they expect me to do what I do. Just like my Monday to Friday job, my boss expects me to be in the office on time and do my work. So for me porn is not a sexual thing. I have a wonderful husband at home and that is where I get my sexual gratification. Being on set sometimes can be a little nerve racking, depending on the setup for the scene and most of the time depending the scene partner.

Finally, what's the secret to that amazing body of yours?

I got blessed with Brazilian genes, but gym and diet is important. There are no secrets.

Thanks for answering our questions, Jimmy!

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