Gay pornstar Jimmy Clay

Damn, dude - I'm so excited to have a beefy, manly, sexy specimen in our Lounge today! He's gone from top to bottom, fucking amazingly, may I add, recently at Cocky Boys, Jimmy Clay is with us. How are you, stud?

Anthony: Now, you've been the dominant top for your whole porn career up until now. What made you want to switch, and switch that to top/VERS? I know you'rea power bottom, but its impossible to call you that when you use that cock to fuck the way you do.

Jimmy: Then call me a power everything! I just love to fuck and get fucked. If it feels good, I'm game!

Anthony: Walk us through that first bottoming scene at Cocky Boys with Sebastian Young. Did you want to just go all out on your first bottoming scene for

Cocky Boys? What's it like taking it from him, and how hot was the motorcycle


Jimmy: I had a great scene with Sebastian. I just jumped and let myself go! He was a total pro to work with. And the motorcycle was really

hot... except Sebastian didn't show me much mercy when he was topping me! Oww. But in a good way!

Anthony: It's a good thing you didn't keep my cock waiting and immediately another bottoming scene, this time with the fucking sexy Mason Star. How was him working that hole different? Was this scene more comfortable now being your

second bottoming scene with Cocky Boys?

Jimmy: Mason is the coolest guy ever. He's a great performer, and I would say he has the biggest heart of any guy I have worked with :)

Anthony: Now that you're a bottom bitch ;-) I gotta have at least one, because I know you're enjoying it, and if I get out of line hopefully you'll wrestle me to the ground. Is there a cock that you want to dominate? Maybe someone you've fucked that you want to go on the receiving end this time?

Jimmy: Everyone I topped I want to go back and have them top me! It's only fair, right?

Anthony: Now that you've done both, do you prefer topping or bottoming? Is having control or being controlled what gets you off? Do you have a favorite aspect of both roles?

Jimmy: I love it all; as long as it feels good, I am happy!

Anthony: I mean I know I've already said this, that ass is just delicious,

especially using it the way you do now. Do you have a fantasy as a bottom? You've had to have a dream about your ultimate bottoming fantasy?

Jimmy: Uh, how about two guys at once? Wait a minute. Did I really just say that? Oops ;)

Anthony: Will we see you topping again soon as well, or maybe even a flip flop scene with Cocky Boys? That cock has to still be put to use, because abusing bottoms should still kind of be your thing, too.

Jimmy: Check out me and Spencer Fox now on Cocky Boys! That was a flip flop scene that was too much fun.

Anthony: What makes you a Cocky Boy? Why should we be watching Jimmy Clay fuck and get fucked? How do you stand out?

Jimmy: I'm a hot, raunchy sexual beast, which is what I think of as a Cocky Boy, so I fit right in!

Anthony: Now I'm just getting into bottoming myself. How did you prepare yourself to take on cock? Do you have any tips or techniques?

Jimmy: All my techniques are top secret, but they do involve dildos....

Anthony: He very well could be the new power bottom in the business for a long time to come. Jimmy Clay, thank you for joining us in the GayDemon Lounge. May you continue to wow us with that luscious, sexy, beefy, gorgeous - and the words could continue to describe that body of yours!

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