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I'm going to start with Nica Noelle... Sorry :/ ... I know its not the best subject to discuss with you, but is it as bad as you and other models have made it out to be? Has this been going on for years? I've noticed recently that Seth Santoro, Billy Santoro, and even Brent Corrigan have sounded off on this issue as well.

What I will say is this... The first few scenes I did for Nica Noelle in LA were exactly what you would expect from a porn shoot. Nothing out of the ordinary, and quite frankly, very easy work without any issues. I've always thought well of Nica. However, the one, and only time, I shot for her on Martha's Vineyard was completely the opposite of my past experiences working for her. She was mostly absent throughout the shoot to address any issues that needed to be handled. Also when I brought one of these "issues" to her attention, she reacted with anger towards others instead of remaining professional and remedying the situation. I truly hope that my last experience with her was nothing more than an isolated incident.

As for this being the culmination of my career, I seriously doubt it. There are too many fun and exciting ventures coming up in the near future for me.  

So, tell me about the new venture with What is your role as an account executive? I've visited and spent more time there than I should have, but hey I was preparing. Is the new thing to give wedgies to people?

Well let's start with Its grown so much since it started in 2012. Lance Hart (owner) reached out to me to help liaze relationships with new gay performers turned producers. I was one of his first gay performers to become a profitable PervOUT producer, so he hoped I could lead the others by example. The scope of my role is always evolving. Currently I scout existing successful gay performers who would be a good fit for our program. It's not for everyone. They have to have a certain drive to create equity, and they have to be teachable. I manage their on-boarding, welcome them to the team, assess their strengths and areas of needed growth... pretty much do what it takes to help them become a successful porn producer. This might involve being on set for the first shoot they direct, or planning scenes, logistics... it's a creative role. has a lot of rather interesting things to say the least. All of which are very experimental in order to reach out into different markets of BDSM and various fetish work. I want to know what it is about these more specific fetishes that turns people on. Furthermore, is there a large enough market for these fetishes, wedgies included? I've begun to understand what our ( customers are into and looking for in their adult films. On a side note, a whole new site is being developed to replace my old site which will cater to the fetish community more directly.

What is it about fetish and BDSM porn that drives you so much? Is it just because you have had such great success in scenes that feature this? Pretty sure your Twitter (@JessieColterXXX) reads "I've learned more from pain than I could've ever learned from pleasure".

That's a very simple question for me to answer... Because it's so different than mainstream porn. The first few years of my career I did very typical shoots. It was always the same thing that mainstream porn has always been. Hot guys fucking in garages, construction sites, outdoors, in doctors offices, locker rooms or on some ridiculous set made up to be sexy on some level. It just became so boring and I felt like I was turning into a robot going through the motions. I no longer felt inspired and I desperately needed change. Then booked me and I learned what is was to be free sexually without any concern of the thoughts and opinions of others. I learned so much about who I was sexually and I became braver than I've ever been. It was as if I had been freed from a cage. I credit my success in BDSM/fetish work to my self discovery over the past few years.

So this means that you are done working for other companies or can you be persuaded to make guest appearances? I hope that you will continue your work with especially. My dick would miss you terribly

I never say never. I've made strong and lasting relationships in this industry that I'm very grateful for. That being said, I don't think it would take much persuading if they wanted to have me in any future projects. will always have me at their beck and call.

Your career started in 2009 and has sky rocketed since then. Do you still have a bucket list or have you pretty much done it all? Is this the culmination of your career and will you be happily doing this until you retire?

There will always be new and exciting things I'll want to experience both behind and in front of the camera, so it's impossible to do it all in a lifetime. As for this being the culmination of my career, I seriously doubt it. There are too many fun and exciting ventures coming up in the near future for me. I'm sure I'll be involved in this industry for many years to come.

Do you have time for a life outside of porn? How is your love life? What are some things outside of porn that you like to do? You seem to be really in a great place in your life/career and it's a pleasure to be able to interview someone about their endeavors and be positive rather than negative. Non train wrecks are fun to watch as well :)

Absolutely! I live a very balanced and happy life. I got married this past September and couldn't be happier! As for what I like to do... I like to hike and be outdoors. I also love to garden and take care of my plants, I'm a horticulturist/plant biologist after all. But more importantly, everyday I wake up next to my brilliant & beautiful husband and think to myself "Wow, this really is my life!" How could things possibly get any better?!

How tight are ya'll performers when you're not working? I feel like it's kind of similar to Hollywood and actors at award shows. Everyone looks like they're friends but there are always cliques.

Lol! Well honestly I've made some true friends in this business. I refer to them as my sistas! We stay in touch, hangout when we can and look out for each other. Shoutout to my SISTAS!!!

If you could describe yourself in one word as a performer, director, producer, etc... what would it be and why?

Silly. Because it's the truth! I enjoy never being to serious. I've found that when you're silly and light hearted not only does the day go by faster, but everyone around you seems to enjoy themselves as well.

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