Interview with Jeff Niels

Lucky ol' us! We got the chance to interview three Gay Hoopla models and the first was keen sportsman come pornstar, Jeff Niels.

Check you out, Jeff! You're solid muscle. You clearly play sports, tell us about that?

I've played sports my entire life! Anything that kept me active and outside I just loved.

So how did you get from being a jock to being a pornstar jock?

I was actually found in person. @OfficialLaEL approached me out and about.

What's it like to have thousands of eyes gazing at your ripped body?

Definitely a compliment. I didn't realize people actually found me so attractive. CLUELESS lol

What would you say is the most fun part of being a Gay Hoopla model?

I just love working with the guys my age. They make it really comfortable and easy for me. I really enjoy the freedom to roam.

I just love working with the guys my age. They make it really comfortable and easy for me. I really enjoy the freedom to roam.  

Are you straight, bi, gay? How does this affect working in gay porn and what are your challenges?

I'd say I'm open. I don't think labels are my style. If it feels good, why not.

If you've got it, flaunt it! But what advice would you give to guys who have a great body and want to become a pornstar too?

Obviously work hard in the gym. Dieting is really important but at the end of the day, believe in yourself. See results, and continue to strive towards your goals.


Is there anything you won't do?

I'm pretty much down for anything! Nothing has been thrown at me yet that I wasn't cool with. I did a scene with 5 other guys this weekend so!

If you were stuck on a desert island, who from all the Gay Hoopla models would you choose to have with you and why?

@OfficialLaEL , He's resourceful. I feel like he'd find a way to save our asses haha.

Can you describe to us what the feeling is when you're fucking on camera?

It's sex, I fucking love it! The feeling can be very satisfying!

Do you have any workout tips for budding Jeff Niels wannabes?

Cardio, Lift, Cardio. Wear a sweatshirt to the gym to help you sweat and drink lots of water.


Was it fun to take Jason Key's bottoming cherry and what did he say about it when the cameras were off?

I didn't expect the LIVE show to go as well as it did. Jason was a great sport and the perfect partner for the live show. Jason thanked me for taking it easy on his ass lol. Really sweet guy.

What would you say is the next stage in your career? What are your ambitions?

I think I'll continue to take this day by day. Having a regular life then being able to do this for a wild weekend is like the perfect vacation. I would someday like to maybe partner with GayHoopla and see if there is a way to help grow my own name and brand. Love what I do and what to continue down this satisfying pleasurable path!

Thanks again Jeff, you have made our day speaking to you. We'll keep up to date with your new scenes and let fans know!

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