Anthony: Go ahead, introduce yourself!

Jeff: Thanks for wanting to interview me and STR8cam Lube. I appreciate it Anthony. My name is Jeff and i'm the guy at :) I'm 5 foot, 10 inches tall and I weigh about 195 pounds. I do live cam shows twice a week and I enjoy working out and staying in shape. Once a week I also take a cardio kickboxing class with my wife. It keeps me in great shape and it's fun for burning some extra stress.

Anthony: So how did you come up with the idea for Str8cam Lube?

Jeff: I came up with the idea for STR8cam Lube after never really finding a lubricant that I absolutely loved. I use lots of lube for my cam shows. Love having my cock slicked up nice and wet when I'm jacking off or fucking my fleshjack and sex toys. I don't like sticky lube and I hate having to keep adding lube. My shows are usually an hour long and most lubes simply don't last. I thought it would be awesome to make "the perfect lube". To me, a perfect lube is one that lasts without getting sticky. It has to work with condoms and won't ruin my sex toys. I went with the name STR8cam Lube since I have been doing cam shows at for the last 10 years. I also didn't want my lube to be clear like most others. I wanted it soft and creamy and to look like my cum. I figured it would be a cool angle and a special way to help show people that my lube is unique in not only the way it feels but also the way it looks.. like CUM.

Anthony: Can you tell us how Str8cam Lube is made or is that one of those things where you'll have to kill me afterwards?

Jeff: I won't kill you. You're a nice guy and I appreciate you wanting to interview me for Gaydemon. I can't exactly tell you how STR8cam lube is made because it's a unique process that makes my lube extra special :) My lube is a hybrid lube so you get the best of both worlds. STR8cam lube is water based so it won't stain your sheets or ruin your gear. It also contains a small amount of silicone so it lasts long, stays moist, and doesn't get tacky. STR8cam Lube really is the perfect lube. It just won the 2011 TLA Gay award as favorite sex toy/accessory and it's currently available in 60 retail locations as well as on my site at

Anthony: What makes Str8cam Lube stand out amongst the rest?

Jeff: A few things. Number one is that STR8cam lube looks and feels like real cum. I really wanted my lube to stand out and since a picture is worth a thousand words, when you see STR8cam lube you might even pop a people swear I came in the bottle or the that's how realistic str8cam lube looks. I also wanted my package to stand out. In stores you will notice STR8cam lube staring at you from across the room. I went with a character of myself on the bottle with bright blue eyes. STR8cam Lube 8-ounce bottles have a pump on them for 1 handed easy application. My lube also stands out because of the way it feels. It feels like you are using your cumshot to jerk off with or have sex with. I really wanted to focus on having a one of a kind product and with STR8cam Lube you won't be disappointed. It's really great lube and I'm super proud of it.


Anthony: On your blog I see a fucking stud pumping the lube into his ass. Does the lube actually have that kind of feeling like a cum shot? Is it edible?

Jeff: YES! I even squirt STR8cam lube on and down my ass a few times so my members could see how it really looks like a cum explosion. It's also thicker like a 4 day load and it stays in place with a slow cum drip. You might be talking about Boyhous, he pumps STR8cam lube into his ass during his cam shows. STR8cam Lube is semi edible. It's water based and made mostly of water but it also has a touch of silicone it in so don't eat the whole bottle. It's safe to eat some and I have eaten some a few times myself.

Anthony: What other kinds of products and things can we find on your website?

Jeff: Right now at I only sell STR8cam lube but next week i'm adding my first poster. I'm eventually going to have my own line of STR8cam toys to include a replica of my cock and a fuck toy for my fans. Right now I'm financially strapped so I just have lube for now. I hope the signed posters will further help me to expand and to eventually form my own line of toys. My next product will probably be STR8cam Lube condoms. I'm finalizing details now and hope to have those available by the end of the year. Really just depends on how sales of STR8cam lube go before I'm able to make my own dick replicas or fuck toys. That stuff is pricey.

Anthony: Do any models or others in the adult world endorse your product?

Jeff: YES :) I don't have any paid models or paid endorsements but lots of people in the adult world love using my STR8cam lube. I hate to name drop for fear I won't be able to mention everyone. Let's just say that porn studios such as On The Hunt, Channel 1 Releasing, Straight Fraternity, My Friends Feet, Gay Massage Videos, and others have used STR8cam lube in videos or behind the scenes while making videos. It's really a great product and pornstars such as Steven Daigle, Jake Austin, Ash Taylor, TS Wendy Williams, Ethan Roberts, Brittany St Jordan, Alexsander Freitas, Jayden Grey, Lexi Wade, and many many other porn stars use STR8cam lube and absolutely love it. STR8cam Lube is also used and endorsed by Torpedo Bar, TC's Bar, Lots of people on twitter, House of XY, Sister Dick Radio, Stormy Vain, Muzophile, and many more :) Sorry I didn't mention you all.

Anthony: I am going to come back and endorse this in a few, guys, once I get a chance to try my Str8cam Lube. If it feels like cum, you know I'm going to enjoy it. Check back later for my update!


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