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I'm sooo happy to tell you that this time, I got to interview one of my favorite porn guys, Jay Roberts. If you've seen him in action, you'll know why I say that Jay is totally hot! Ready to get to know more about Jay, and learn more about his sex life on screen - and off? Let's get started!

Anthony: Go ahead, introduce yourself, sir. I feel like I have to call you that, you're such an intimidating stud ;) yet all I want is to just be owned.

Jay: Oh, no need to feel that way. I am just like anyone else. I have my morning pee and I take the fucking nasty busy public transportation as anyone else. So I am just a simple guy that fucks in front of camera. No stardom here. What would you

like me to say that hasn't been said yet? I have been doing porn for a while and I

love it. It is exciting and fun.

Anthony: How did you get involved in porn? Who gave you your first big break?

Jay: I have a friend in Prague, Czech Republic. He knew that I was interested to fuck in front of camera. We talked about it so many times. But I had a great and very responsible job so I couldn't do it. After a while I "gave in", and I told him I would

do it. My breakthrough role was for TitanMen, in a movie called Joyride .... And it WAS a fucking joyride with two tops

Anthony: I've seen you own a hole or two but I've also seen your ass quite hungry as well when you bottom. Do you have a preference or do you just love to fuck in general? :)

Jay: I love sex. I have no preferences. I like to top as well as to get it up my ass. I started as a 100% bottom, but now it is changing. In the last year I have been fucking hot muscly bubble asses from USA to UK. It doesn't matter if I am top or

bottom, as long as there is great sex and a great scene.

Anthony: You are quite the veteran in the business, its a pleasure that you are sitting down with us at GayDemon. How has the industry changed since you have been a part of it?

Jay: Veteran? Oh boy, you are going to get a slap! I am not that old! I have been doing porn on and off for the last 4-5 years. I never wanted to get overexposed, that is the reason I am taking it easy; around 6 scenes a year. I do not want to get burned out in a short time. I am trying to do other projects related to porn, and so far it has been working perfectly. I haven't seen much change in such a short period of time. You have to look at it in the longer perspective. Then you will notice that

everything has changed; advertising, model fees and most of all, big studios have

had to change their way of "making money". It is no longer only in DVDs ... look

at the small studios based on "web porn", what are they making money from? It's

so easy to download porn now - either legally, or illegally, the studios now have

to think of other ways of bringing in revenue. OK, now I gone to far and way too

deep, so I better shut up. Ask me questions about sex , I'm not supposed to have a

brain ;-)

Jay Roberts in a tight tee shirt

Anthony: It must have been an honor to work with Michael Lucas and Lucas Entertainment. How was the overall experience? Do you have a favorite scene?

Jay: Yes, it was great. We were in touch for a long time before I actually started to work with them. I remember our chats on skype. I got an opportunity to work with them a couple of times and I can tell you, I am open to more sex projects

with them. My favorite scene must be the one from Inside Israel. The scene is

amazing, both in respect of the location and my fuck partner. You can tell there is chemistry - sparks fly everywhere, or was that cum? My other scene, the very first scene for Lucas Entertainment won an award, The Most Passionate Sex Scene of 2010. That tells everything

Anthony: Do you have a favorite fetish? What has been your favorite unconventional sex act you have performed on camera? What about a favorite performer?

Jay: Well, I do have fetish. But I have been enjoying it only in my private life. I love leather and hot muscled men in leather, someone like Tom Chase. Can you imagine that scene? Woof! Well, so far I haven't transferred that fetish to a

scene. I have been having sex in 'normal' places, and regular kind of sex. I am

not the kinky kind anyway. So nothing like piss or fisting, etc. Believe it or not, I am

romantic kinda gay. To answer the second part of your question; I don't have a

favorite performer. But I can tell you that I have started to enjoy porn from the

80s. Those COLT and FALCON men are yummy. Fuck me hard, daddy!

Anthony: Is there any difference shooting porn in different countries? I'm not sure what the difference would be, but it has me interested. Do you prefer one to the other?

Jay: It really depends on the scene more than the country. For Inside Israel with Lucas Entertainment, I was fucking in the "holy river" - the Jordan River, brrrr it was ice cold. It may have looked hot and horny, but fuck me, it was cold! (and as for

the families rafting down the river!!!) But for TitanMen, it was in Palm Springs in a villa - sunshine, no unexpected tourists and in a great and expensive designer house.

Anthony: Any performer in particular out there you haven't worked with that you would like to?

Jay: Oh there are so many. I love the fat dick and big balls, not to mention amazing body and smile of Cayden Ross or the powerful performances of Adam Killian. I would still love to fuck with Tom Chase too. I think he is a fucking stunning hot muscle daddy

Anthony: What do you have coming up? Any projects that you've just finished or have coming up?

Jay: There are so many. But I don't want to tell all just now. I'll let you guys know more soon on So you better follow me on there...

OK there is one thing I can tell you about. I am starting a new night in London

SOHO's busiest club, LoProfile called PLAYTIME. The night will present

performances of hot porn stars every Friday and we will promote porn studios.

We are starting on September 23rd with UK based UK Naked Men. So you better

be there in the front row!!!

Anthony: Where can we follow you stud? Any when are you going to finally just end this interview and have your way with me?

Jay: Well, you can follow me everywhere ... on my blog (, his twitter (jayroberts78), facebook (fan page JAY ROBERTS) and right now you can follow me to bathroom as I need to piss ... you want to join for golden shower?

* Haha* Thank you, Jay Roberts, for joining us here at GayDemon! Make sure you check him out at his blog, twitter or facebook - and this hot stud is definitely worth watching in action!

Sexy Jay Roberts laughing.

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