Jaxon Radoc for Staxus

So Jaxon, you're from Australia? I hear you have a twin!?

Jaxon: I'm actually origionally from Florø in Norway. I moved to Australia when I was 4 years old. Yes! I do.

You're only 18, right? How did you get into porn, and what are your ambitions for your career?

Jaxon: Yes I am 18. I was found on Facebook by Kamyk Walker another great Staxus model and was offered an excusive contract with them. I hope to move over to the US and just make the best of the opportunity to travel around the world and fuck hot guys, building a reputation. Which I think I'm doing ok at, at the moment!

Tell me about your first porn shoot; were you a top or bottom?

Jaxon: On my first ever porn shoot I was a top and it was with Connor Levi who is amazing to work with! He made me feel really comfortable, as you can imagine it's a bit scary getting naked and having a complete stranger take your photo, (my photographer is a women btw!) then have another person film you fuck.

Who was your favourite pornstar to work with and why?

Jaxon: I honesty liked them all! But my favorites are Milan Sharp, Xander Hollis and Orlando White.

What does your sexy tattoo mean on your right side?

Jaxon: It means 'Jesus'.

Wow, wasn't expecting that!

Who is your ideal kind of guy? Tell our readers what they should be like to even stand a chance! Do you have a boyfriend?

Jaxon: I actually do have a boyfriend! It's kind of weird because he and I are very similar. We study at the same university in the same degree and have the same moral standards and like to fuck the same way! I think I'm a little narcissistic, I look for someone like me, lol!

Behind the scenes - Jaxon Radoc fucked

What do you enjoy doing when you're not fucking or getting fucked on camera? Do your friends and family know about your porn career?

Jaxon: Selective family members and friends know, but the gay community caught on quite fast! I love to travel and see new exciting things and to meet new people!

Do you have any porn gossip for us? Something funny that's happened on a shoot, or some exciting news about a future adventure!

Jaxon: My last trip was pretty hectic! The funniest thing that happened was probably to my director! When we were in Prague at a medieval restaurant, the waitress got into a massive fight with him and it was hilarious! Or, the time Connor Levi was so drunk he couldn't climb the ladder on his bunk and tried to share with me!

Jaxon Radoc with Skylar Blu

Now that I'd like to see! Do you work out to get those cute abs or are you naturally gifted with a toned stomach?

Jaxon: I'm naturally quite toned. But I have started to exercise more to try to be a little more muscle and definition.

Nice! So, when you're not working, do you hang around with any other pornstars? What do you guys get up to?

Jaxon: No! I'm so far away from all my porn friends!


Jaxon Radoc barebacks a twink

Lastly, you have a website, JaxonRadoc.com? But where else can people keep up with you? Twitter, Facebook?

Jaxon: At the moment you can find me on my website, Twitter (@JaxonRadocXXX) and at Staxus. I don't currently have a Facebook page.

Jaxon, thanks for talking to me today. Have LOTS more fun with the Staxus boys!

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