Jason Sparks Bareback Road Trip

Thanks for coming in Jason! We know you're on a busy, incredible hot road trip for your new website at the moment. So we really appreciate you taking the time to talk to us!

Tell us about your nationwide model search?

The JasonSparksLive Tour is a nationwide model search. I find guys that have never appeared on film before and cast them with one of the many models that travel with me.

What got you started on the road trip idea?

I started out traveling nationwide doing live cam shows. That progressed into the JasonSparksLive Nationwide Tour...and eventually into the Nationwide Model Search.

There seems to be a lot of guys that would love to get on your site. How do you find them?

I find them at the gyms, bars, and thru social networking. Also, I have a lot of models that find me.

Can you tell us what your favourite scene to film was and why?

Since just about every scene involves a new model, I enjoy every scene I shoot. The model interviews at the beginning of the scenes are really fun to do. I learn a lot about the model and it's fun to see how kinky these guys really are!

Where on your search have you found the most raunchy boys to film? Can you tell us about the scene?

One of the raunchiest guys I have filmed is Zack Taylor. He was on the tour for over 6 months. He filmed a scene with Rocky Fitch and the chemistry was amazing! Lots of spitting, slapping, and hot bareback fucking!

Tell us where you have lined up next on your bareback road trip?

Here's our schedule until the middle of January.

COLUMBUS from Dec 14th-16th (Jason & Landon & C.K.)

CINCINNATI from Dec 16th-18th (Jason & Landon & C.K.)

LOUISVILLE from Dec 18th-20th (Jason & Landon & C.K.)

SAINT LOUIS from Dec 20th-22nd (Jason & Landon & C.K.)

SPRINGFIELD,IL from Dec 22nd-24th (Jason & Landon & C.K.)

CHICAGO from Dec 24th-26th (Jason & Landon & C.K.)

DAVENPORT from Dec 26th-27th (Jason & Landon & C.K.)

DES MOINES from Dec 27th-29th (Jason & Landon & C.K.)

OMAHA from Dec 29th-31st (Jason & Landon & C.K.)

KANSAS CITY from Dec 31st-Jan 2nd (Jason & Landon & C.K.)

WICHITA from Jan 2nd-4th (Jason & Landon & C.K.)

OKLAHOMA CITY from Jan 4th-6th (Jason & Landon & C.K.)

DALLAS from Jan 6th-8th (Jason & Landon & C.K.)

AUSTIN from Jan 8th-10th (Jason & Landon & C.K.)

SAN ANTONIO from Jan 10th-12th (Jason & Landon & C.K.)

HOUSTON from Jan 12th-14th (Jason & Landon & C.K.).

You guys must have lots of fun on this sex fest of a road trip. But have you experienced any setbacks along the way?

None yet

What has the funniest moment been so far?

Some of the behind-the-scenes footage can be hilarious. At some point, I may even put these clips in a scene and post on youtube.

What will you be doing after the road trip? What excitement do you have planned?

The road trip will not end for 5-10 years. I have not decided what to do after.

What message would you like to give to your fans? And where can all the hot guys sign up to join you on your nationwide tour?

Check out the website. I am posting 2-3 HOT scenes every week now....and I am finding a TON of new models to film. If you are interested in modeling, there is a link on the website.

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