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This week Anthony Rollins interviews Jason Sechrest from JasonCurious.com.

Anthony:I am honored now to bring in truly one of the biggest names in the world of adult films. You don't get anywhere in this industry without his seal of approval. Mr. Jason Sechrest how are you?

Anthony: So how did you start in this industry? What was the draw to the gay adult film world? Are you just the ultimate perv? Haha :)

Jason: I'm really not! I became a nationally published magazine journalist when I was 15 and I just never stopped. When I turned 18, I moved to Los Angeles and a lot of my friends ended up working in this field of entertainment so when I needed a job, this community of people who were already friends of mine really embraced me. People seemed very "curious" about my work and at dinner parties I would constantly hear "I'd give anything to know what it's like to have your job for a day," so that is how the idea of

JasonCurious.com was born.

Anthony: Now you have your hands in a bunch of different projects all the time, what do you do that really stands out above the rest? What is your favorite and what do you spend the most time on?

Jason: This might come as a shock to a lot of people but my management company, DV8 Casting (DV8Casting.com) has become my top priority every day. It's an on-call 24/7 kind of job because you never know when a potential booking could come through for any of my clients and you never know when any studio might be looking so you have to just keep sending them those photos. It is also definitely the most rewarding of any jobs because I love seeing how happy my guys are when they get great scene rates and I love how happy the studios are when I then promote the scenes and their products in so many of my other outlets like my blogs and sites and shows and magazine columns.

Anthony: What's it like to have your name in the same ring as Chi Chi LaRue, Hugh Heffner, and Larry Flynt?

Jason: Well, it was astounding to me when I first read it! It was in ARENA Magazine's Top 50 Most Powerful People in Porn list. So it immediately went in the bio and everyone uses that line so I've never taken it out, but I don't really consider myself in the same ring as those three. For one thing, I'm not a millionaire and for another, they've done much more for this industry and have been here a lot longer. But my goal is to live up to that some day. I'm doing something very different than what those three did, but I think it's still really important. My goal in everything I've done has always been to de-objectify the porn star, to bring fans closer to the stars by letting them know who they really are behind the scenes. To know what's going on in their heads makes them less of an object and lesser we objectify people sexually I think the better.

Anthony: Tell me a little bit about your new model management company DV8casting.com? That's a new venture for you and you've done everything!

Anthony: So who is included in your new company? Any big names? Up and comers?

Jason: Drew Cutler is the one everyone seems to want in every project they do. He's doing incredibly well right now. He signed a web-only exclusive contract with Suite703.com straight out the gate as a newcomer. He just wrapped that contract and is now starting to work with other web studios. Plus, within in his first two months in the business I think we had him cast with every major DVD company that's out there: Channel 1 Releasing, Falcon, Hot House... you name it!

Anthony: I'm going to ask you to pick favorites now, love putting people on the spot! Best top in the gay industry and best bottom. If you had one shot to bring your ultimate pairing together regardless of companies they work for, who would you choose?

Jason: I've gotta say, when I watch porn, I don't pay attention to tops very often.

So my favorites are all the really great bottoms. Mason Wyler, Brent Corrigan... I guess I'd love to see Adam Killian get ahold of either of them. He's not my type physically but he is a really incredible performer I think.

Anthony: So I've been wondering this myself, how do you keep track of everything?

What's a day in the life like for you? What's on your daily schedule? Is it all work and no play? Or is it all play :)

Jason: I'm at a career peak right now and that's amazing but it is a lot of work, especially because I don't have a web team or an assistant or anything like that. I do it all myself so time management has been really key for me, to make sure a certain number of hours in the day are devoted to specific branches of what I do and that specific days of the week are dedicated more to one branch than another. It's all fun though! I think to put this much time and energy into something you're doing for a living, you really have to love it.

Anthony: What other big things do you have in the works? Any secrets u care to dish?

Jason: Hmmm... well, I'm going to be directing again soon. I think. I don't want to jinx anything. But I directed a couple movies a few years back and then got super busy with other projects and producing/directing was put on the back burner. I'm still putting producing on the back burner but I've decided to start directing again and I think I've found a site that will be a great fit, working around my insane schedule. It's the next logical step for me.

Anthony: Anytime to find your own love or sex life?

Jason: I'm more interested in love these days than sex. I'm even more interested in friendship these days than sex. Which is foreign to me because it used to be the first thing at the front of my mind. I'm sure it has to do with growing up and turning 30. I look for more of a real connection now. I've had enough meaningless sex with strangers to last me a lifetime. It's boring now. And that doesn't mean I'm opposed to one-night stands or hooking up or anything like that. I just need for there to be some chemistry there.

Anthony: The floor is yours for the last question. Got anything you really want to get off your chest? Any beef? Any thank you's?

Jason: I just want to thank you guys for all the great traffic you drive to so many sites and for taking the time out of your own busy schedules to interview me. I hope your readers will visit my blog on gay porn at JasonCurious.com to stop by, say hello, leave a comment and say GayDemon sent ya!

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