Interview with Jason Keys

The second part of our three interviews with Gay Hoopla hotties! This week we speak to Jason Keys.

Thanks for inviting us along to talk to you on shooting day Jason. How are you doing?

Very well actually just mixing up my look a little lately as a lot of people have noticed to keep the fans interested from time to time!

For those who don't know what Gay Hoopla is, can fill us in on the idea behind the site?

I believe Gay Hoopla is not only a very professional adult entertainment site but a chance for upcoming models like myself to have fun and become comfortable with performing. I also feel like whereas most porn sites are made strictly to benefit the creators and viewers of the site, Gay Hoopla actually concerns themselves specifically with the performers as well.

What is it like to live in a cam-house?

When I first moved into a cam-house I imagined there would be a lot of stress that would come with it but as time goes on you realize that there is more fun than stress and the friendships you make with performers and viewers drowns out any stress you came into the house with!

Once the nerves subside and you realize all of those people are there because they want you specifically it is actually a big turn on!  

What do you find the most exciting part of performing on camera for everyone to see?

For me I have always enjoyed the thrill of being caught realistically so although I started out a little nervous once the nerves subside and you realize all of those people are there because they want you specifically it is actually a big turn on!

Do you find anything challenging about being a pornstar and what?

In my case the only thing that has been challenging is the publicity, most of the people i would rather not know about my private life have found out and at first were actually shocked but overall still accepting so at first it worried me but in the long run I still love what I do so for that people respect it.

How do you keep yourself in such great shape and make sure you look hot at all times?

I have always looked into bodybuilding for motivation and the hard work bodybuilders put into their training, diet, and overall physique is my biggest inspiration for pushing myself in the gym as well!


How old are you now and when was your first porn appearance?

I have almost been performing a year now and I'm 20 years old, my first show was for Gayhoopla in 2013 and I was 19 years old still.

Do you find it difficult to keep your porn life away from family or friends or are you more relaxed about them knowing?

In the beginning I was concerned with how they would take it so I never brought it up to anyone but over time people found out and accepted me so I have become very open and proud about it!

Do you get any feedback from your fans on Twitter or Facebook, and what kind of thing do they say?

I get very little negative feedback on twitter from my fans they are mostly very helpful and want to see me succeed and try to keep me progressing at all hours of the day.


Who would you say you would most like to get fucked by next in your porn career?

In all reality its too hard to even say because I have become really comfortable with the people I am around in Gay Hoopla and have never had a bad sexual experience through them so I guess all I could say is keep surprising me!

Would you like to give a shout out to any of your fans?

There is definitely too many important people to point out specifically who have helped me get to the point that I'm at now but to the people who have stuck with me since the start you know who you are and I owe all of you so much for the success I have made and consider all of you my friends!

Great talking to you! We'll keep readers posted with new scenes and you can also follow Jason Keys on Twitter.

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