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Today we're talking with Jake Cruise. He's a porn star daddy with his own website, and he's sucked some of the hottest cock in the industry. Welcome, Jake!

GayDemon: I know it's a bit cliche to ask, but can you tell us what made you decide to get into porn and to start your own porn site?

Jake: I had my own web design business and cash flow was really bad. So I decided to give porn a try and created a solo site called Hard on the Web. That didn't do well. I closed that down and launched Jake Cruise. At that point my hand showed up stroking the guys while I held the camera. After that I started servicing the guys. Then later on I started doing full sex scenes. It was a gradual progression. Certainly not something I had expected to do from the start. It was much easier to start up back in early 2002 than it is today.

GayDemon: You have a very outgoing personality. What was it like doing your first porn shoot - scary, interesting, hot? - And what's different for you about doing porn now that you've had plenty of experience?

Jake: By the time I got in front of the camera I had already shot several scenes. So the experience of shooting and directing wasn't new. I've been a nudist most of my life so having sex in front of the camera wasn't an issue for me. I'll have to admit that, as with everything, doing something over and over again gets repetitive. Fortunately, throughout the past 11 years, I've have done scenes with several guys that I really connected with. And not just literally.

GayDemon: You work with a lot of twinks, jocks and hunks. Do you have a preference when it comes to the type of guys who turn you on the most?

Jake: The type of guy isn't what turns me on. It's the personality. You can have a gorgeous man with an amazing body and huge dick but no personality. Then you can have a guy like Joshua Ballman who goes against my type. If I passed him on the street I wouldn't have looked twice. Yet in bed he was incredible!

Jake Cruise with Kyler Ash

GayDemon: Kyler Ash was my favorite video recently, but which models get the most attention from your members?

Jake: It's varied a lot over the years. Needless to say Zeb Atlas got a lot of attention when he shot his first gay porn with me. Leo Giamani, Bo Dean, and Brady Jensen have been some of the more popular models. But the list is huge, really. There is so much variety on my sites that there is no singular favorite.

GayDemon: How do you decide which guys to cast in your videos?

Jake: I go first by the look, then affordability. It's a business, after all!

GayDemon: What was the most arousing video you ever shot?

Jake: Joshua Ballman fucking me bareback. Only video that I've been in where the camera never stopped.

GayDemon: Any funny stories about shooting some of your videos?

Jake: About a zillion. You'll have to wait for my book to read about them all. But here's a taste. Real lovers Zack and Jake Tyler were shot in Philadelphia. Zack was on the massage table, face down, being rimmed by his lover Jake. My cameraman was filming Jake and I had the second camera on Zack. Suddenly I see a smirk appear on Zack's face and then I hear Jake let out a scream of disgust. He ran to the bathroom cursing. Yep, Zack had silently farted in his face. I got it all on film but never published that part. Maybe someday I will.

GayDemon: What jobs you do for your video productions and your sites - director, cameraman, model recruiter, webmaster, porn star, chief cook and bottle washer?

Jake: My answer would be "All of the above!" While I have employees helping me, I have my fingers in almost all aspects. I direct a lot. I am sometimes the cameraman. I work with my casting assistant to hire the models. I perform in some of my movies. While I used to be the web designer, I now outsource the work but I supervise it. I do not cook for the models, but I do provide them with water, Coke, and protein bars. :) Oh, and I run the business side of all of this, too. People think porn is all about the sex in the movies. Not quite. LOL

GayDemon: What differences have you experienced in doing porn when you got started and now?

Jake: There's a huge difference between March 2002 and now. Back then I was able to put up my little site and get it listed on a few directories that sent traffic. I didn't have to deal with SEO because there was no Google. Tube sites didn't exist so piracy wasn't a big issue. There were no blogs to speak of. Huge straight porn companies had not entered the gay market so we (the gay porn community) didn't have competition from these deep-pocket companies.

Jake Cruise with Jesse Ares

GayDemon: What advice would you give newbies who are just looking to get into porn?

Jake: I'll assume you mean newbies who want to start porn sites and not guys who want to be models. If I were starting out today I wouldn't have been able to start my site. You need a large amount of money to start today. The competition is fierce. Your content will be stolen and put up on tube sites. And a lot of people are used to not paying for porn. Very hard to make a decent living from this business today.

GayDemon: What's the future hold for Jake Cruise?

Jake: I'm launching my newest site, Hot Dads Hot Lads. within the month (hopefully). As the title implies, the scenes will have a hot Dad (over 35) paired with a hot Lad (under 25). It's not all twinks with older men. Some of the Lads are athletic jocks and some are really young and sweet. The Dads can be muscle daddies or sexy mature men. But they are all HOT!

GayDemon: Thanks for answering our questions, Jake - we can't wait to see your new site! And if you, our readers, want to watch Jake at work sucking cock and directing gay porn, you can visit him at JakeCruise.com.

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