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Simple question to start, how did you get involved in porn? Something you always wanted to do?

I got started in porn just by applying online. I had kinda been curious about it for a while but it actually took me a bit to get my courage up and try it out.

I think it's safe to say that you're gay right? If you aren't, you sure as hell do enjoy a guy tickling that prostate. What's it like working with gay models as compared to straight ones? Are you like me and think that a straight guy fucking you is just out of this world?

I am gay! Haha! I mean as far as I've noticed it kinda just differs with each person themselves. I mean, there's some "straight" guys that actually are pretty good... And then there's even some gay guys that really are terrible... So it just depends on the person, I think.

Well, what do you want to throw me in? I'm a pleaser for the most part... Just get it in.  

Ok, so I'm super jelly of you. You've had sex with Evan Parker... more than once! The most recent scene is Beach Threesome for Helix Studios is where you get spit roster by Mr. Parker and Corbin Webber. What's it like working with Evan and how hot was it to shoot this scene in particular.

Haha! Well... I can say that every time I've worked with Evan it's been pretty easy! He's pretty good at what he does. This scene in particular I can't really remember any particular moment that was hotter than the next. But again it was pretty easy to get done!

Ian Levine Beach Threesome

There's no doubt you are a butt slut. I mean you can't deny that. What else really gets you going? What's your favorite position?

Hahaha! I actually get asked this question all the time and all I can ever think is... "Well, what do you want to throw me in?" I'm a pleaser for the most part... Just get it in.

I can't believe I also forgot to mention I hate you for having sex with legend Tommy Defendi too. Let me actually list some of the studs you've been with so far... Austin Wilde, Leo Sweetwood, Alex Greene, Dustin Gold, Dillon Anderson, Tyler Hill, Kody Knight, Max Carter, Liam Riley, Andy Taylor, Jessie Montgomery. Ok I'm done, because you are one lucky fucker haha. Did you think you would make it this far so quick? Do you get recognized a lot by fans? Any of the guys I mentioned stick out for any reason?

Haha well I mean, 2 years isn't exactly quick. But I really didn't expect to go for so long. It's actually a very rare occasion if I do get recognized... But I like it that way really. I'm not too big on the attention actually. Tommy, Austin, and Alex probably stick out the most out of those. They're more my type plus they know how to work their big tools and make it look good! I like that!... Especially the big tool part!

Do you date within the industry? Well I guess a better question is, are you dating currently? It's got to be tough to maintain a relationship when you have a profession where you fuck other guys.

Oh boy! Haha! Well... I can say I have been on a date with a guy in the industry before. Didn't exactly work out though. Other than that I haven't really done any dating within the industry... Or even really in general. Not that I don't want to... Really! I'm just a bit picky. As far as I know, my guy is still out there somewhere in this world. As for now though I'm not really expecting anything to happen. So we'll see...

Outside of porn what are your interests and hobbies? Is porn a launching pad for something bigger for you?

Outside of the industry, I love my music, movies, and friends! Oh and can't forget every minute I spend in the gym. I can't exactly see porn being a launching pad for anything though...

What's the biggest issue in adult entertainment that no one knows about. Obviously there have been testing mishaps, gay for pay issues, and models being less than reliable. But what is something that happens often that us normal folk never find out about.

I don't think it's any new news to say that the only issue I have seen personally is drama... Not exactly my forte either way so I stay out of it as much as I can. But I think maybe a lot of the guys maybe just get way too bored... And you end up with that as the end result. Or they're just way too competitive for their own good.

Ok Bottoming 101 time. It hurts like a bitch, or maybe I'm just a bitch. But, how do you prepare to bottom? Do you have any tips on how to be a better bottom. Or should I just stop being such a bitch :)

Haha! Ok well if you're just starting off as a bottom, take it slow. You do not want to be ripped in half. But if it helps, try poppers. They relax you and turn you on so you can take it better. And a top always likes a nice clean bottom that they don't have to worry about making much of a mess with so douche your hole! ;)

What is one word that best describes yourself as a performer and why?

Evolving. Because it'll just keep getting better! And I'm ever changing. Haha!

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