Harley Everett for Butch Dixon

You're a well accomplished pornstar, with everything under your belt from bareback to BDSM. Tell me what your favourite kind of shoot is and why?

I really enjoy shooting porn and have filmed scenes extreme to vanilla, but the most enjoyable scene are when there is great chemistry between the pornstars, it works so well on and off camera.

I have no doubt that chemistry makes it better for the fans watching, wanking and fucking.

How long have you been doing porn for now? What was the first film you made?

I've been doing it just under 3 years, the first scene I ever filmed was with piss addict Jonathan Agassi for Lucas Films. I've never seen so much piss in my life, it was like a swimming pool full!

I guess that started my extreme porn life with a bang.

What is next for you, Harley? Have you got any exciting scenarios lined up that we can look forward to?

I'm still filming for various studios and you will be seeing a lot more of the bareback and BDSM scenes very soon, some you probably will be quite shocked at but fucking horny!

I'm also focusing on physique modelling and Personal Training in and around London.

Harley Everett full-frontal nude shot for UKNakedMen

What do you enjoy about being in porn, and what can't you stand?

Of course I like the attention, who wouldn't?!

I have met and worked with some amazing people in my 3 years and know that will continue. I also get to fuck some very very hot guys.

The only thing I can't stand, is when people think I just fuck all day with anyone. I don't. I am in a long term relationship and rarely shag anyone apart from him.

I want to get to know a bit more about YOUR sexuality. What are your own sexual fantasies?

I'm a very horny guy, full of testosterone and love hot, mad, passionate sex with my man and my scene partners.

Since being more experimental I do enjoy the extreme stuff a lot more, love bareback but people must be tested and clean.

My biggest sexual fantasy is about 10 guys in a pool covered in J-lube, all fucking, sucking, fisting, and shooting hot loads on each other.

I wouldn't mind being center of attention!

How do your own fantasies and acting them out on camera compare? Is there a difference?

In porn you're able to do a lot more than at home. This is due to the studios having slings and sets, which have all the kit. But you have to remember, filming porn is for the fan, it's not for your own personal pleasure.

That fine balance can be lost in translation; some porn is absolutely shocking, fake slaps, no chemistry and you can clearly see it's about them turning up, fucking and getting paid.

I take pride in what I do, I try and ensure that the guys watching feel the chemistry, see the detail and find it seriously hot and sexual.

Can you tell us what you enjoy doing outside of work? How do you spend your time and what do you get up to?

I spend every free minute with my amazing partner of 7 years, he supports everything I do, I could never have been a pornstar without him building my confidence.

We train together 5 times a week and we hit it seriously hard. Our lives orientate around looking good and feeling great. Not only physically and mentally, but also home life and surroundings. This is why we are in the process of developing a new business.

The business is in interior and exterior design, home improvements and building management called FIT-LIVING. I am also doing lots of personal training which falls under the same brand.

Harley Everett leather fetish scene for Butch Dixon

What is your favourite fetish event? Can we see you there?

My fav' fetish event is Hardon, a London fetish night organised by the amazing Suzie Kruger. I get down there when I can, but with the business and all the personal training it's hard to go insane on a weekend.

Most of us are in love with you for your amazing body, as well as your big dick. But how do you stay in such good shape? What's your routine?

I train at least 5 times a week, split the body down in to parts; chest, arms, legs, back, shoulders.

I don't do cardio (was going to add a cheesy line but thought better of it), my man and I train heavy all the time then burn out repping out till failure on each exercise, it rips the muscle cells and helps growth.

It's hard for me to gain size, I'm 6'3 and 104 kg, I wasn't to be a lot bigger. Diet and hard training is the key.

Always ensure you keep your diet clean and eat the correct amount of food.

You really do like good food and weight training! You take nutrition really seriously, don't you? So what do you eat to feed those pecs?

Yeah it's the most important part of getting bigger and controlling your fat levels. You have to eat 6 to 8 medium sized meals throughout the day, must be a combination of slow release carbs, protein (chicken, fish, turkey) and of course greens for iron.

You've travelled quite a lot to do shoots all over the place. Where was your favourite place to visit and why?

Without a doubt, San Francisco! It is just incredible. I've been 3 times and every time it feels like home, the people are so friendly and it's an amazing city. I think one day it will be our permanent home.

Is there anyone in particular you love shooting with, and anyone you'd kill to fuck on camera?

Diesel O'Green is absolutely fucking adorable and so incredibly hot I want to work with him again! I always wanted to work with Erik Rhodes, but sadly he passed away under such tragic circumstances. The other guys I would love to work with are Matthew Rush and Francois Sagat; a 3-way would be hot!

Has anything ever not gone to plan for you when being filmed, and what happened?

There is always occasions when you struggle to click with someone you have been paired with, so staying very hard can be a nightmare.

The funniest fuck up was a one scene between an American star and a German new boy, who was already very late, filming a scene in front of an audience of about 20 people.

I had filmed a scene in the morning and had been asked to fill in as bottom for the second scene due to this guy being late, literally we were about to start when this guy turns up, straight from his flight.

Obviously the guy hadn't prepared himself, so he went and got sorted. Anyway, the first fuck he was mucky, went cleaned again, second time he gets fucked more water and shit, clean again.

Last position 'cowboy', I quickly grabbed a lot of towels as I knew what was going to happen, he was riding him for a few moments, I started to see some 'bum juice'. He lifted off and surely enough the water he had put up there and the contents of his guts just emptied on this very sexy guy. What was worse 20 people all started to laugh!

Probably the worst that can happen to anyone, as a result his porn career was over.

Yikes, poor guy, and poor guy fucking him!

Do you prefer fucking cute younger guys, or big muscle men? Tell us which you prefer and why?

There is no competition big muscle men beat hands down! I hit the gym hard because I want to look attractive to the type I like. Height doesn't really worry me, but they have to be muscular and good-looking.

I do like a good-sized cock as well, hate massive guys with small knobs.

Where do you see your porn career going over the next 5 years? Have you ever considered your own site, like Tim Kruger? If you had one, how would you theme it and why?

I'm focusing more on my business in the next few years but will still film more scenes, bb and safe when the opportunity arises.

A friend of mine and I have spoken about setting a site up in a few years once the other business has established.

Harley Everett in bareback scene for Butch Dixon

Tell us more about your love life and what you look for in a guy?

As you know, I am in a very, very happy relationship. We have been together 7 years, just recently getting engaged with a wedding date in Spring 2015.

He is a big muscular inked guy who is incredibly handsome and has a heart of gold, he would do anything for me. I feel so lucky to have found my solemate and look forward to spending the rest of our lives together.

Congratulations! Look forward to my invite *wink*

It's been great talking with you, Harley. Look forward to seeing your next scenes, and have no doubt they'll be suitably shocking!

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