Gay porn star Gabriel Clark

Anthony: What makes you a CockyBoys exclusive? How are you different than every model that just thinks they're Cocky?

Gabriel: I have a lot of attitude and I'm pretty hardcore, most cocky guys are just talk but when I fuck, the furniture never stays at the same spot! There isn't much that is over the limit for me, and I enjoy so many fetishes including some that are morally obscene...

Anthony: So, you had done some work for CockyBoys before they asked you to be an exclusive. What was it like to finally get that offer? How did everything come about?

Gabriel: At first I didn't know what to think because I don't like to be in chains, so contracts aren't my thing, but then I thought that having shot with other companies, CockyBoys was my favorite and what they were asking of me corresponded to my personality, and so far so good!

Anthony: They didn't waste much time throwing you into action after announcing you as an exclusive. Your scene with Mason so hot! And the title is appropriate, you do pummel Mason in this scene. What was it like fucking that ass? Was filming the scene as hot as it looks?

Gabriel: I LOVE fucking Mason! He's so hot and so sweet that I didn't have to search far to find my passion for him. I also enjoyed the context/storyline of the scene, which matched the fetish I had: to fuck another dancer on stage.

Anthony: As written in your bio, which you can see now at, it's difficult to find a flaw on that physique, stud ;) How much time and effort goes into keeping your body looking like that? Is it nice when guys underestimate just how strong you are?

Gabriel: I go to the gym about twice a week but I miss sometimes. What I'm more disciplined in is martial arts which I also do twice a week but rarely miss. I also have an active lifestyle, so I'm always moving around and pumping my muscles. I love to surprise someone with my strength, especially Pierre Fitch when I pinned him down and pounded him when he told me stop.

Gay top Gabriel Clark fucking a horny bottom

Anthony: So are you strictly into pounding ass or will we see you bottom as well? Isn't that one of the aren't truly a CockyBoy until you take it, too ;)

Gabriel: I've already done scenes that I flip flop so I've gotten a good pounding. I couldn't just bottom because I wouldn't get my pleasure but I can do versatile.

Anthony: So for those who don't quite know you yet... What are some of your favorite things to do sexually? Do you have any fetishes we could see play out in one of your scenes? What's your ideal encounter like?

Gabriel: I love cum play so you'll see me scoop up cum on my partner's chest and drink it, I've always wanted to get bukkake'd but I never had the chance. I love to have a cute guy on me, fucking him as he bounces on me, then cumming on me as I keep fucking him.

Anthony: Are there any of your fellow CockyBoys that you are dying to get your hands on? Be honest... I want credit for the scene if it happens :)

Gabriel: Well, I've always liked Adrien Long and Brendon Jones - since they are a couple I would love to fuck them together!

Anthony: Where can we keep up to date with everything Gabriel Clark? Give me every single way I can stalk you, please.

Gabriel: I'm on twitter, just click here or look up Gabriel__Clark (2 underscores), I frequently update news on that. And of course you can find me at CockyBoys.

Anthony: Let's end it with something different. One word to describe Gabriel Clark is...

Gabriel: GRRR!!! (lol does that count?)

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