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Gay Pornstar Adam Killian Snow

We got lucky again - we get to talk with masculine and very hot pornstar Adam Killian about making porn from behind the camera and and in front of it, his latest release, What's New The Other Side Of Aspen VI for Falcon and even more about this very sexy man. Ready, Adam? Then let's get started.

Gaydemon: Chris Ward selected you to be in Aspen VI based on his work with you for films by Raging Stallion. You have been in the industry for many years now, both in front of and behind the camera. Give us an overview of Adam Killian's amazing porn career.

Adam: My first experience on a porn set was on the multi-award winning film The Hole in 2002 directed by Wash West. I loved his previous work and he gave me the opportunity to work behind the camera as a production assistant. Since I wasn't ready to have sex on film yet, he wrote in a part for me that had me naked in bed teasing the lead actor to climax in his award-winning solo. From there, Chi Chi LaRue hired me as part of his production team and mentored me as I eventually rose up the ranks to become a videographer. In 2008, Falcon offered me a part I couldn't refuse. A huge scene with an even huger man, a duo with Zeb Atlas in Best Men part 2, The Wedding Party, which went on to win the 2009 Grabby for Best Duo. My second scene in The Trainer won the 2010 Grabby for Best Threeway, my third film Taken, To The Lowest Level I won 2010 Best Solo (both Grabby and GayVN Award) and finished off the award season with 2010 Grabby Performer of the Year with Tony Buff. 12 personal nominations at the 2010 Grabbys was a pretty great compliment from the industry.

Gaydemon: You are one of the great camera men in the industry. Do you think this role helps you to perform better as an actor?

Adam: Absolutely! I have a university degree in performance, so I understanding lighting, staging, camera angles and audience perspective, which has been an undeniable advantage.

Gaydemon: You had a great scene in Aspen VI with Tony Buff on a Snowmobile. The scene is very hot, but I hear it was very, very cold out in that snow. Tell us about that day of shooting.

Adam Killian Threeway

Adam: It was cold, but Tony and I did our best to heat up that scene. With such

beautiful majestic snow covered mountains all around us and Tony DiMarco's stunning

videography I think it totally embodied the essences of "The Other Side of Aspen" series. And I have to admit riding around on snow mobiles half the day made it the most fun scene I've done. Except for the part where I slightly crashed the snow mobile as I was trying to park it on the trailer. I'm sure the footage of that will show up somewhere.

Gaydemon: When you were doing your photo shoot for photographer Kent Taylor, the whole crew was amazed at how you handle yourself in front of the camera. You seem to hit every pose with the quality of a professional fashion model. How do you do this? Someone saw Chris Ward walking away saying that you were probably the finest photography model he has ever worked with.

Adam: Wow, that's an awesome compliment. There are quite a few men in the industry that have fashion modeling backgrounds, and yes, I have experience in that field as well. It helps that I've worked with many high art photographers like Henning von Berg (who has put me in several coffee table books), Justin Monroe, Tom Bianchi, Tim Palin, Thomas Synnamon, Dylan Rosser... as well as done some runway when I lived in Japan. I'm currently modeling for the fetish gear label

Gaydemon: It seems that every one of your film scene--for your entire career--has something special about it. You bring 150% to every shoot. Why are you so committed to going the extra mile?

Adam Killian naked in the snow

Adam: If you're going to do it, then do it right!!! I love performing, and I love being proud of what I do. I want to work with the best in the industry. I have high expectations of others, so that means I have to put my best on the table every time. Regardless of whether you're in front of the camera or behind it, it takes a team to create the fantasies we are in the business of making. It's noticeable who has a good attitude and a strong work ethic, and sometimes you have to stand outside half naked in the snow to get the best shots. You have to suffer a little for great art. It should hurt a little. ;-)

Gaydemon: When are you going to direct a movie? I hear Raging Stallion is very interested in working with you....

Adam: It's definitely the next evolution for me in this industry. Ideas have already been discussed, and I'd like to thank Chris Ward for putting the opportunity in front of me. ;-)

Many thanks to pornstar and videographer Adam Killian for talking with us at Gaydemon! You can see him in The Other Side of Aspen IV at Falcon Studios. We'd decided to end this interview with a short video of Adam snowmobiling at Aspen. He's not quite as good at snowmobiling as he is everything else ;)

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