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Holy shit I can't believe I have Eli Hunter in the GayDemon Lounge. I'm used to just having my dick out and jerking if Eli Hunter is anywhere near my computer screen, so it might be tough for me to keep it in my pants because he's actually talking to me now.

So, are you exclusive anywhere right now. Because lately I've seen you on Sketchy Sex, Guys in Sweatpants, Kink, Chaos Men, and my dreams of course.

Haha, Very flattering I must say. Andddd thank you! As far as being exclusive anywhere, I have just been working for a few sites. Nothing too crazy. Kink obviously has been my most recent and consistent line of work, I love doing scenes for Kink. By far one of the best companies I have worked for. Lots of opportunities and different avenues to venture with them. Great bunch of people under the Kink empire. I have also done some films for Backdoor Buddies, the coach scene, Straight Guys for Gay Eyes, and Jake Cruise. I have attended some spank parties for the owner of Manhunt; those are fun. Basically got paid to be spanked and party lol. Not a bad gig. I have shot for Maverick Men, looking to shoot with them again soon. Also, would like to shoot for Chaos Men soon as well, its been a minute. So as far as being real exclusive...! Living in Michigan, though, makes being in the adult film industry a little more difficult.

Yes, the only time I have gay sex is on camera. Outside of porn I am 100% straight.  

How did you get your start in porn? Was porn something you wanted to do for a while? Did Chaos Men give you your start?

Funny story actually. I got started in porn by being approached by a recruiter on MySpace around 5 years ago. You know back when MySpace ruled the world lol. I was offered work in the industry, and at first, of course, I was sceptical. Heyyyy, let us fly you out so we can harvest your kidneys and other organs lol. But! I live life on the edge and took a chance. Besides, you only live once right? I had already thought about being in porn years before actually getting into it. Probably when I was 12 or 13 I wanted to be a pornstar. The idea behind just excited and intrigued me. Being a straight man I obviously wanted to do straight porn. However, when I was approached with the opportunity to do porn, it was only gay for pay that I was offered, and at the time I really needed the extra money. Soooo, I went out on a limb and gave it a shot and have been doing it ever since then. Chaos Men was where it alllll started. With the amazing owner and producer Bryan Ockert. By far the best company to start with in the industry, in my opinion. I was always treated with the utmost respect and consideration and it was always such a great environment to work in. It was like my home away from home when I would go to shoot for Chaos Men. They laid the foundation for what I am and have become today.

So lets just dive into the controversy, bareback porn. You're obviously not against it, which is fine with me! But I do understand the issue of safety. What are the protocols before a bareback scene? Do you know of people that won't work with you because you have and still do bareback porn?

Dive right in we shall... I'm not against it. However, there are always risks associated with it, which is why lately I have shied away from doing more bareback scenes. On occasion when I do bareback scenes, we are very aware and cautious. So we always take the highest precautions before a bareback scene; extensive testing only a few days before the shoots so there is the smallest gap for error, no shooting if there is a dirty test of any sort. Yes doing bareback porn really hurts you if you want to do straight porn. Since I do both gay and straight porn, any bareback scenes I do, really puts a damper on the hunt for straight porn jobs. I have never really been turned down because of doing bareback on the gay porn side, mostly because my shoots are predominantly condom shoots. Also, they know the precautions we take on this side of the industry. Even when doing a condom shoot you still must be tested or no shooting for you. And if everyone I work with is not tested at least a week prior, I will not be working with them.

So, when did you figure out that you were popular enough to go to another site? Did you have to sign an exclusive contract before you could go somewhere else? Why Chaos Men over other similar sites like Sean Cody, Corbin Fisher or Randy Blue?

Well, I never really knew or thought of myself as, for lack of better words, "A Big Deal". That being said, I never have sent in any applications for companies to work for nor have I had an agent. So any work that I got was from a model that I worked with spreading the word of my abilities and we will call them skills. I have actually never signed a contract with a company, which is pretty convenient because who likes to be tied down in one area? Well some people do,but, I like my freedom! So in order for me to sign a contract, it better make my eyes and jaw drop lol. Honestly I have never been given the opportunity to work for Sean Cody, Corbin Fisher, or Randy Blue. Chaos Men was my lucky break. I am definitely open to work for any company though. I have a wide variety of acceptable things I will do in porn. I am a great performer so I have a lot of repeat work with the companies that I have worked for, which is nice and I am, of course, grateful for.

Eli Hunter takes loads on Sketchy Sex

I know some people hate sites like Fraternity X and the site you're featured on Sketchy Sex, but I can't lie, it's fucking hot thinking of your slutty ass just getting loads dropped in it all day. Can you let us in on how shooting scenes for that site is really like? Did you guys really live together and just fuck non-stop, and if so, is there a spare bedroom?

Well I am glad that you are a fan! Shooting for Sketchy Sex is pretty damn fun. Normally longer days though, because sometimes you are shooting 3 scenes in one day and dropping multiple loads and taking multiple dicks, literally! My DP scene explains it all lol. As far as the actual layout goes, we did all stay together for the duration of the shoot in the same house. However, it is a separate house from the shoot house. But, when we are in the shoot house, sometimes it would be a 14 hour day of shooting. Ee would break to eat a couple times but nonetheless it was non-stop fucking. Sadly, all rooms are filled. But, if you play your cards right, maybe you can bunk up with somebody. *wink*

I go through your Twitter on the reg, @elihunter88 for anyone who doesn't know, and I see that you've had some battles over the whole gay for pay thing. Is the only time you have gay sex on camera? Do you actually enjoy it or do you consider it just a job?

Ohhhhh yeah! You will have your occasional "haters", but what would victory be without a battle? There will always be the people that are not ok with gay for pay performers. But, to each their own. Everyone is entitled to there opinion. Yes, the only time I have gay sex is on camera. Outside of porn I am 100% straight. I enjoy many aspects in the gay for pay industry. With any "job" there are pros and cons. The pros in what I choose to do for work greatly outweigh the cons. I do what makes me happy and if I'm not happy doing it, you won't see me doing it anymore.

So unfortunately, you love the University of Michigan. I mean, every person has at least one downfall. Tell us about your life off camera. Do you have another job? What do you do for fun?

I am a die hard Michigan fan. GO BLUE! Haha. Downfall - you must be an Ohio State fan. I like to live life to the fullest, I love travelling and being active any chance I get. I'll do side work here and there, some construction work, with my shirt off! Also, I just started camming for Kink Live! It's a blast! I have heaps of fun doing it and meeting new people. For fun I like to play hockey whenever and wherever I can. Loveeeeeeee hockey! I have played for over 20 years and will not stop until I am dead. Also, I love singing. I sing non stop and yes, I am actually good. Hockey and singing are definitely passions of mine. Also, I lovee to fuck. I do that for fun too!

So toughest thing you've done on camera...take two dicks up the ass or a fight for your life on Kink?

At this point I would have to say the two largeeeeee cocks I took. Definitely pushed my limits there. I have a tight ass so with two huge cocks going in there at the same time, you can see how that would be problematic. It was like an 8 hour shoot on top of it. Took sooooo long and there was soooo much content. Kink is intense on a different level. I am better with physical pain on the outside of my body over physical pain on the inside of my body.

Eli Hunter on Bound Gods

What's it like to be nominated for Manhunt's 2014 Hottest Cock Slut? Do you know who else is in the running with you?

Honestly, I'm overwhelmed and honored that I am even being considered. I never thought I would be in the running for any awards. So the fact that I am in the running makes me want to do that much better and win! lol. I am very competitive and I love attention. I mean who doesn't right? To be honest I'm not even sure who else is in the running. I should probably look into that. and whatever they do, do it better. Strive for greatness. As the saying goes, "be the job at hand big or small, do it well or not at all."

Favorite question to end on, what is one word to describe yourself as a performer?

I can do it in two words. Bombastically amazing.

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