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Good to have you, hottie, Dillon Anderson with us today in the GayDemon Lounge. You can see him at Next Door Twink which is of course one of the great sites of Next Door Entertainment. Where I found this guy, however, is from my love for jerking off. Logging on to Chaturbate I blew a load to him so I knew I had to get him in here for a chat!

So, Dillon how are you? Did you start camming on Chaturbate or did you get involved with Next Door Entertainment? Are there any other companies or sites I'm failing to mention you are a part of?

I'm doing great! Thank you for having me! Ahh, let's see... I started on Chaturbate before I got into porn. I also have a few scenes out with All American Heroes, with another scene soon to be released.

Tell us about a typical Chaturbate session. How do you prepare? Do you make good money? Recommend it for guys trying to get involved in porn?

Any one of my viewers can tell you, my chatroom on Chaturbate is so relaxed. It really is more of a social hangout room than anything. As for as those trying to get into porn, I didn't use it to get noticed. Aside from that, I went out on my own to find work in porn. However, there are a few site producers that scout the site looking for talent, so you never know.

Dillon Anderson fucks for Next Door Twink

Let's go through your first scene at Next Door Twink. It's called Fireside Passions and you play an ex lover of Nicholas Reed. You give him a good pounding but then like the bitch bottom boy you are, you shoot your load getting fucked :) Great scene, what was the experience like?

That was a very long scene to film, so far my longest. It was hot and tiring, but I think it turned out great! And actually, that is Nicholas's cumshot :)

Your last scene with Next Door Twink was called Knockouts where you get to fuck Jacob Wolf this time. How was this scene different?

This was actually filmed before Fireside Passions, so it was my first scene ever. Jacob was a great partner to work with, and the content in it was a lot of fun. Especially with that punching bag. We had to take a break because both of our knuckles were getting bruised.

Is there anything you won't do on cam or in a scene? What's the craziest thing you've ever done during sex?

Something I won't do. I probably wouldn't want to get DP'd. That doesn't seem like a lot of fun for me. As far as the craziest thing I've done during sex, I have no idea. My sex life out of porn is not very... interesting. Let's just say that.

Any relationships in your personal life? Do family and friends know about your porn career?

Currently, I'm in this alone, with no one in mind. My town just isn't a great area to date anyone right now. My mother knows, and although she's not fully supportive like, "Yes, my son does porn! Woo hoo!" she does care for me, and just tells me to be careful. I love her very much.

If you could direct your own scene, who would you choose as a scene partner or partners and describe to us the scene? What are some of your turn-ons and fetishes?

I would definitely pick Axl from Active Duty. I absolutely love his cute boyish look, with that military edge. I definitely wouldn't mind a good fucking from him. As far as turn-ons, I love rimming. A lot. And fetishes? I have a small thing for cute belly buttons. Axl has a cute belly button.

My favorite question to end on... if you could describe yourself as a performer in one word... what would it be and why?

My self as a performer in one word...Carefree. I'm a very open individual. Anything I can do to make a shoot fun, I'm more than happy do it!

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