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It's not often I want to just whip my dick out and start jacking it when a guest walks into the GayDemon Lounge. Ok, I'm completely kidding, but this guy really has everything I love. He's adorable as hell first, but he's also got something else I love...a great ass. Devin Dixon knows how to take a cock, and he's burst onto the scene showing exactly that. Glad to have you here, Devin, and welcome.

Anthony: Let's start with the first scene that got me hard involving your fine ass. You did a scene with Anthony Romero for Next Door Twink in a scene called Blind Lust. Fetishes galore in which blindfolds and bondage come into play and did I mention it's in a fucking locker room? What was this scene like?

Devin: That was a great scene. Anthony Romero is not only funny and handsome but very fun to work with. He brings such great energy to set and a sexuality that is palpable. It was a very sexually charged scene. I think I was actually pre-cumming during the stills photoshoot, before we even started the filming haha!

Anthony: For Next Door Twink, Connor Chesney and you flip flop in My Girlfriend's Hot Brother. This is the first scene I've seen you top in - do you top more in your personal life? What's the best part about bottoming and what was different about this scene compared to your scene with Anthony?

Devin: This scene was very different from my scene with Anthony. Anthony and I had an instant professional chemistry and everything was very fluid. I am fairly versatile in my personal life but to be completely honest I haven't met anyone I wanted to date in a while so when I do have sex there are usually cameras present ;)

Anthony: Massage Bait with Tyler Saint is always fun to jack it to. I mean what's better than a hot muscle top having his way with hot bottoms? Adding you to the mix only hardens my boner :) Tell us a bit about this scene for GayRoom.

Devin: Tyler was phenomenal. He was so easy to talk to and work with. Not only was his strength, stamina and personality a turn on but he was a total pro in front of the camera. I have definitely never felt so comfortable during a scene. I also have to add, though, that director Ben Damon being so amazing definitely added to that dynamic.

Anthony: Well, we've walked through some of your scenes and now its time to just completely strip you naked and find out what makes you tick. What other fetishes do you have? What kind of guys are you into? Direct a scene with yourself in it and tell us about it :)

Devin: I'm a walking contradiction. I'm a freak in the sheets yet a total lover and hopeless romantic, I just lack the expected qualms with raw sexuality that typically accompanies. Well, I'm obviously an exhibitionist; I think that goes without saying lol. I love public sex acts. Not being watched necessarily - just the intrigue and the danger of possible exposure. I love light-medium bondage, not ball gags or masks, just the Rihanna shit, if you feel me. I love a guy that knows how to embrace his masculinity but isn't so insecure with his mannerisms or self perception that he isn't comfortable in his own skin ie, let someone put him in make-up or wear a Speedo. I guess a guy with a European mentality toward sexuality/masculinity. My physical type varies a LOT.

Devin Dixon and Anthony Romero

Devin: If I were going to direct a scene it would take the sensuality of raw sex appeal and lack of vulgarity of a Black Spark film and contain stars of all different types. Throw in twinky pretty boy bottoms, sporty smooth jocks, alternative tatted fuckers with stubble and big muscle daddies all exploring the ecstasy and carnal indulgence of an ancient Roman orgy. Tasting all that life has to offer and enjoying beauty in its many varied male forms.

Anthony: How did you get into porn? Any friends in the business or is this something you've always wanted to do?

Devin: I was originally offered to do porn for Cockyboys back before it got sold - I was 18 and waited until I was sure I wouldn't regret it later. I wanted to be sure I was old enough to know who I was and how I would feel about it later. I've had so many friends and ex boyfriends who have gotten into the industry (birds of a feather, right?) but that really had nothing to do with it. Life is short and anything to alienate judgmental or close minded people from my life so I don't have to waste my time getting to know them the better. I just want to enjoy my life to the fullest and live my life the way I want.

Anthony: So are you a porn watcher in your free time? Who are you jacking it to these days? Any favorite scenes or guys to watch? Who's one performer you'd love to work with as a top and another as a bottom?

Devin: I am, but I must admit I'm more of a Skype jacker than a porn watcher. I would have to say, though, I really love watching Cockyboys, Out In Public and Titan Men. When I watch porn I typically go for sensory overload, tattoos, hair, big bearish guys, orgy scenes. Dirtier the better, always gets me the hardest and gets me off the fastest. Not necessarily what I go for in real life, though. One person I would love to work with as a top would probably be Mason Star - he looks like he would be fun. As a bottom I would love to bottom for a really big guy. Can't think of anyone offhand but muscular, tan, hairy, 6'2, 8+ inches. I've never been with a huge HUGE guy but I think it would be really fun to get picked up and tossed around/dominated.

Anthony: What do you do for fun other than fuck for money and not be a prostitute :)? Any time for a love life of your own?

Devin: Hahahahaha! Well, I am blessed to have the most genuine and phenomenal friends I could ever ask for. Anything that involves them, strong drinks, strong laughs and loud music and I'm on board. As for a love life, unfortunately I live in a city that is half waspy college frat boys and the other half are pasty smelly occupiers, so I haven't met a guy that caught my eye in quite some time.

Anthony: How do you stand out from the rest of the studs already involved in gay porn?

Devin: I don't know how to answer that really. I would like to think that I get better and better with every scene, and I try really hard to have fun and make it as hot as possible for the peeps at home. I think I bring a passion to camera that a lot of people don't. I'm very comfortable and I really do love gay porn, gay sex and the GBLT community at large. I'm not there just for the paycheck, I'm there to make it as hot as I can. I think my co-stars and set crew/directors sense that and appreciate it. The only thing on set that should be stiff are the dicks. I make people laugh and feel comfortable quickly.

Anthony: Well, Devin Dixon, thank you for joining us in the GayDemon Lounge. It's truly a pleasure to see another sexy newbie coming through here. When you get to the top, you better remember the little guys :) Where can we keep up to date and follow everything Devin Dixon?

Devin: I'm new to twitter and trying very hard to post home nudes and funny pics from day to day life so that's definitely the best way to stay on top of my scenes and current exploits, but you can also friend me on my Facebook (also new) which is automatically updated by my twitter (minus a few naughty pics). Also I do private cam shows on

Devin Dixon gets fucked

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