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It's a pleasure to welcome Devin Adams here today to the GayDemon Lounge. He's gotten around quite a bit from studio to studio...well that makes him sound like a whore, but not one of those dirty whores... one of those whores you'd give anything to fuck around with :) Anyway, let's get down to some questions from the brown eyed stud, Devin Adams.

Anthony: Ok, since I unintentionally called you a whore, can you tell us all the studios you have been a part of? Like I said, it wasn't supposed to be a mean thing. Just meaning that I would pay to have sex with you... oh jeez, I'm just going to quit while I'm ahead haha. Do you have a favorite site that you have worked for?

Devin: Wow, there are quite a few. I've done scenes for College Dudes, Falcon, Channel 1, Sean Cody,, Titan, GayRoom , Lucas Entertainment, Pride Studios, Mighty Men ,, Zeb Atlas, Bad Puppy, BaitBuddies, Jake Cruise .. I might have forgotten one or two lol

Anthony: So, sex on camera - is it better than sex in your personal life? Do you get just as much when you're not getting paid for it? I'm not going to make another whore joke, I promise ;-)

Devin: Any pornstar will tell you sex on camera is sooo different then sex in real life. Sex in my personal life just involves my sex partner and I without the camera crew, which makes it much more enjoyable. I'm getting plenty of sex off screen too, no troubles there ;)

Anthony: Do you have a favorite performer you've been able to hook up with? I mean you've done shit with AJ Banks/Monroe (whichever one he's going by now), Alexander Greene, Dylan Roberts, Chase Young, and countless hotties at College Dudes. Quite lucky and very jealous of your roster of talent :)

Devin: Haha yeah, I've gotten to work with some hotties. Your really gonna make me choose? Ok, so I've bottomed for muscle stud Zeb Atlas. I really enjoyed him, and he's such a nice guy. And I topped Dale Cooper and let me tell you, I really enjoyed that scene, too;)

Anthony: When you're not performing, you are a bartender at the Boardwalk Bar in Ft. Lauderdale, which is known to have a porn star or two walk through those doors. How did you get hooked with that gig? And for that matter, how did you get your start in porn?

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Devin: Yes actually - my agent, Howard Marr, is very close to the club owner. So he kind of got me through the doors, I guess you could say. I was discovered in a strip club, while I was dancing by a recruiter.

Anthony: So what are your favorite features on a guy? Favorite thing to do in the bedroom? Anything that you haven't done yet on cam that you would love to do? What about a nice gang bang of you? :)

Devin: My favorite features on a guy would have to be nice arms and nice chest, that really gets me going. I have never done a watersports scene, wouldn't mind trying one out. And for the gangbang... I've done two of those already ;)

Anthony: So you keep your body in pretty tip-top shape, I'm not gonna lie. What kind of workout/calisthenics routine do you have? What's your diet like? Any tips for the fat people like me that can't control themselves? ;-)

Devin: I work out four to five times a week with a little cardio somewhere in the mix. Usually I go for about an hour a day. For everyone that needs a little push, I would say you gotta start somewhere. I used to be a little skinny 160 lb kid outta high school. Now I weigh about 190 lbs, so it just takes time and dedication.

Anthony: So are you in any kind of relationship? Is it tough to find someone to date with your profession being what it is? Does all your friends and family know you fuck for money?

Devin: Yes, I'm seeing someone right now. It is tough to have a relationship with someone when u do porn, but luckily enough for me I live in a city that is home to many pornstars, Ft. Lauderdale. So the people here are more liberal when it comes to adult film actors.

Anthony: Now, I'm not sure if you've read all of my interviews, but I always end the interviews the same way. What is one word to describe yourself as a performer and why?

Devin: Genuine would be the word... I love to fuck and get fucked, so I'm not like some of these straight guys in gay porn who act like they like it but really don't. I like what I do and get paid for it.. Couldn't ask for anything more ;)

Thank you, Devin Adams, for talking with all of us here at Gaydemon. You can see this sexy porn stud tending bar in Ft. Lauderdale, or you can watch him in action at any of the sites above, and hope to see him fucking and getting fucked even more in the future!

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