Titan Men's David Anthony

Today we're talking to another Titan Men star - he's masculine, he's horny, he's David Anthony, and I can't wait to learn more about this porn stud, so let's get started!

Anthony: How'd you become interested in porn? Tell us about how you got started in the business.

David: Always loved sex and nudity.  Started with Men Magazine and Playgirl.

Anthony: What do you like the most about working in the adult industry? Any dislikes?

David: Making a great performance.  I don't like the industry 'crap' so to speak - for example award shows, gossip, etc, it's all bullshit.

Anthony: Top or Bottom? Which do you prefer and what's your favorite position?

David: All of them!

Anthony: What is your ultimate sexual fantasy? Who would you most like to work with in porn?

David: An orgy in a deserted cabin on a lake in the summer time (I select the men).  Don't know who, but anyone that is TRULY sexy and has the right attitude.

Anthony: What's it like having sex on camera compared to in your private life? Ever been nervous or couldn't get it up for a shoot?

David: It's a bit different since you are limited to what you can do on a set.  No problems in that department.

Anthony: How has everyone around you accepted your decision to become a porn star? Do you have a relationship outside of work? What are some of your hobbies?

David: Some people are supportive, others not so much.  Yes.  Music - I'm a big classic rock guy. I also spend a lot of time working on my house.

Anthony: Has working in the adult industry changed your personal life?

David: Yes, but it's personal   ;-)

Anthony: Got any big projects or news on the way?

David: I'm filming a scene for Titan's Folsom release in July, and then appearing at their booth at the Folsom Street Fair in September.

Anthony: Where can new fans find you? Do you have a Web site, Facebook or MySpace account, Blog or Twitter?

David: Go to www.Titanmen.com. I also have a Facebook page.

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