Interview with Darius Ferdynand

There's in-shape and there's Darius Ferdynand, who made his first porn debut in Spring 2011 with Blake Mason. He became so popular that he's done shoots with nearly every major studio I can think of! Although versatile, I've seen Darius bottom in more films than he's topped, but this uncut, European heart-throb can do it all - and he certainly has. We talk to him about porn, sex and find out who he wants to fuck next!

We're big fans of you at GayDemon, and you're on our blog a lot! Thanks for talking to us today. How are you?

Hey, Thank you for having me here! I'm feeling great!

What have you been filming most recently and how was it?

I was filming in Paris last week with Cocky Boys. We used the hotel room as the main venue where all the neighbours saw us from the next building, and also had some b-roll just underneath the Eiffel Tower. It was so much fun!

Talk to us a little about your porn debut. Who was it with and what inspired you to start making porn movies?

I was an underwear model before, and had some artistic and erotic nude shoots, so porn was just the obvious next step after those. The first company was Blake Mason and my partner is William B. I was way too nervous.

I don't like when people underestimate sex workers and think our only talent is knowing how to spread our legs.  

I'm interested to learn, what do you like most about working in porn, and what do you like least?

I was always very exhibitionist. This way I get the chance to meet interesting, professional people from the film industry and to give something to those who like watching porn, and like to have someone to talk about it or their problems. Like, I get many emails from gay guys who needs help to come out. It feels good my opinion counts for them.

I don't like when people underestimate sex workers and think our only talent is knowing how to spread our legs.

What are your personal sexual interests. I mean, like what positions you like, how you like to get fucked and stuff. How does it compare to what we see in movies?

In the movies everything is a bit staged. Like we need good lights, good angles and we know how to pose to look good. We also know if there's something we should hide. These things don't matter in personal life. My favorite positions are doggy and spoon.

Are you a boxers or briefs boy?

I used to be an only boxers person, now I'm more of a briefs guy.

You've done some softcore non-porn modelling too then? I saw you model for Andrew Christian. Do you prefer shooting porn or doing that kind of modelling more? What are the differences besides the obvious?

Well, normal modelling is more interesting for me, 'cause it's not only about the body. But porn is more fun.

Darius Ferdynand on a porn shoot

Tell us a little bit about your routine to keep in such damn good shape?

Nothing special, I guess it's more genetic, but of course I work out 6 days a week, and being careful what I eat.

When you're not working, how do you spend your time? What hobbies or things do you get up to in your spare time?

Porn, modelling, acting. It's constant work. The actual filming is just the top of it, but the fans, the e-mails, interviews, social media, etc. always keep me busy. Although I do make sure I have some fun time with my family and friends. Music, theatre, movies are always part of my life. Lot of travel, hiking, sport.

How did your porn alias Darius Ferdynand come about?

Darius Ferdynand name came from my Polish origins. I'm from Hungary, but have Polish, German and Slovakian relatives too.

When you're out and about do you get recognised by fans, and how do you handle it?

Luckily not very often! LOL. I like to be invisible and be normal sometimes, but in a city like London, there's always something going on!

What is your background? Where are you from originally? Can you tell us a bit about where you grew up, coming out and how you got to be you today?

I grew up in Budapest. I had a great childhood with lovely parents and sisters. I was a popular troublemaker kid at school, then came out and became less popular. Hungary is not a cool place to be gay, but most of my friends have been okay with it. My family was shocked of course, but after a while they became quite supportive. I finished drama school. I wanted to be an actor. I played on musical stage, short films, commercials, but couldn't live on my salary, so then I moved to London and everything has changed in many ways!

Darius Ferdynand at Falcon Studios

What is lined up next for you? Anything exciting we should watch out for?

I'll have the fortune to shoot with Mr. Pam and Naked Sword next.

Who would you most like to do a shoot with? Someone you haven't already. And who would be the best fuck you've had during your porn career?

I wanna shoot with Carlo Masi, We'll see if he will be better than Samuel Colt, He was AWESOME!

Thanks again for talking to us! Would you like to give a shoutout or any message to your fans?

I really appreciate all their kindness and nice comments from them. Thank you for being keen and I hope I can really produce an outstanding entertainment for them!

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