Today we're talking with hot stud and newcummer to porn, Damien Kyle. He's easy to get along with - and sexy as hell, so let's get started.

Anthony: How'd you get hooked up with Broke Straight Boys, and tell us a little bit about yourself.

Damien: I saw Broke Straight Boys TV on Instagram and I applied for that. They called me and asked if I wanted to model and I was like "Yeah, why not? It's extra cash." I don't really need another job which is pretty good I live in Boston with my grandma and my pug Buster who is a year old. (Buster made an appearance in the interview and he was sooo cute. Just picture the Men in Black dog) I moved to Florida and spent half my life there and went to school. Then I moved back here to Boston. I played football in Middle School and High School. We went 14-1 and I was the starting defensive end.

Anthony: I see that you wore those Batman boxers in your solo scene at BSB and you also have them on in a couple shots you took for your twitter. Are they you're favorite pair? I fucking love underwear; do you have any other sexy pairs like that?

Topless bi guy Damien Kyle

Damien: Yeah, I kinda like those *laughs* I'm definitely going to keep those. I recently just got a couple of pairs of Valentines boxers that I'll be wearing in my upcoming scenes :) They got a couple of hearts on them and they say "Love" and stuff. Cute.

Anthony: So are you straight? Or are you bi?

Damien: I'm bi. On my audition tape I mentioned that I was bi and that I had a girlfriend. Everything was going good, but we recently broke up because her barber was gay and he saw my porno videos. She knew about it and was okay with it, but listening to her barber talk about fantasizing to my videos kind of set her off. So, I was done with it. It's definitely easier to shoot porn single, because jealously is such a big issue.

Anthony: So who have you done scenes with so far? Have you shot anymore scenes that haven't been released yet?

Damien: So far I have only shot one solo scene and a scene with Johnny Forza. I do have three more scenes coming up. I'm not gonna tell you who they're with, I'll let you guess *laughs*

Anthony: Am I gonna be excited?

Damien: Why do you think they're holding the best for last?

Anthony: Oh, cocky!! I love that. So, is there gonna be fucking in it, at least?

Damien: Like I said, you're going to have to wait and find out? What do you hope to see?

Anthony: What do I wanna see? I wanna see you get torn apart? I want that ass destroyed!

Damien: Really, you want me to bottom?

Anthony: Everyone knows I have a thing for bottoms. But I can see you topping. Do you have a preference?

Damien: Yeah, I usually top. I have bottomed before, but it's not something I mainly like to do. You feel me?

Anthony: Favorite thing about a dude? Anything better about hooking up with a guy rather than a girl?

Damien: It's definitely about the body. I like guys with nice bodies. I'm very flirty and I love to flirt. I'm not judgmental and I'll chill with anyone and I would never put you aside, but I'm just saying what I'd be looking for. Girls think they power over guys *laughs* And once they fuck you, they think they own you. With guys there is that bromance kinda thing and you can hit em up and let them know what's good if there is an argument. It's easier to communicate with a dude.

Anthony: Do you watch other people's scenes? Do you have a favorite Broke Straight Boy that you want to do a scene with? Do you get to bond with the guys or hang out before a shoot? Is it awkward as shit?

getting it hard

Damien: Obviously I watch everyone's scenes because I work with them and I have to know information about them so I can connect with them. Paul Canon is definitely one of my favorites. We connected really well. He's a very cool dude and can do a lot of amazing things. He's a lot more straight then I am. We get to hang before we shoot. The first time I was flown out, I was only in the house with Brandon Beal. The second time I flew out, I got to stay with 4 guys... Jason, Graham, Max Flint and Paul Canon.

Anthony: Do your friends and family know you do porn? What's their general reaction?

Damien: My friends do, my family does not. I think my family would be very upset, but it's what I have to do, you feel me? My friends don't really care, they're happy for me. I'm standing out, doing something that most people really wouldn't. I'm proud of what I'm doing. I get off and get paid, who doesn't like that?

Anthony: How do you prepare for a scene? You have any rituals? Do you shave or do anything different?

Damien: You just got to get a good mind set. Some of the other guys aren't used to getting naked and getting hard in front of other guys. Me, I have no problem with that. I'm comfortable with that. Everyone has their problems, I'm not gonna lie, but I can get it up. We're not supposed to shave. They don't want razor bumps or cuts or anything like that. I have never had to hook up with someone with a full bush if that's what you're wondering. I really don't like body hair as you can tell by my body. Look at these abs *laughs*

Anthony: That's one hell of a body you got there. Can u just leave your shirt off so I can see those abs the whole time? Or feel free to lose whatever clothing you have on ;)

Damien: Ight, sure.

(Takes shirt off and I gotta tell you guys. Boneriffic!)

Anthony: What are some things you do in your spare time? Hobbies? Any hidden talents we need to be made aware of?

Damien: *Laughs* I smoke weed. I hit the gym because that really helps me focus. I try to go all out. I do pull ups and hang upside down. Like people ask if I'm a gymnast and I'm actually thinking of doing that. Imagine me in the Olympics... a porn star in the Olympics *laughs* I go to the gym everyday usually twice a day. I go for like three hours a day. I do the machines, free weights, cardio, biking, treadmill, push-ups. I usually like to go with my boy.

Anthony: I noticed a lot of you fuckers are on Twitter now. Do you have any other social media sites you're on? What's it like interacting directly with your fans?

Damien: I'm on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr. I'm a little bit of a social media whore. I love interacting directly with my fans, because they keep me entertained. It's always good to check my phone and get a good laugh. I have female models that hit me up as well as guys that hit me up, too.

Anthony: Do you watch any of your scenes after they're done? What's it like seeing yourself on camera and knowing me and a lot of other people are stroking it to you? ;)

bisexual guy shows his ass

Damien: It's awkward. You don't always get to see your scene after, but sometimes we all watch them together. We sit around, can laugh a little, and they tell you what was good, what was bad, and what the sexiest part was. It's a good laugh. I don't really mind people stroking their dicks to me. It's kinda hot.

Anthony: So what kind of things get you going sexually? You have any fetishes? If you were to fuck or get fucked by a guy what position would it be in?

Damien: I don't know anything really. With a girl, I'm not into foreplay. I'd rather just get right into it. If I was fucking a dude, it depends if I'm really into the dude. If I'm not into the dude, I want him face down, ass up. If they got a nice back and nice ass, I'm down for that. If they don't have a good front, I just don't wanna see flubber going up and down *laughs* I heard doggie style is pretty bad. I guess whatever is easier. Missionary, might be easiest.

Anthony: Can you see yourself working with a bigger company and shooting an actual full length movie? Is that something you're interested in or is porn just a short stop for you?

Damien: I love working for Broke Straight Boys. I wouldn't mind working with College Dudes, which is also owned by the same company. I noticed that Jason Matthews is the only Broke Straight Boys model to go back and forth. I would work with College Dudes, hey it's more money *laughs*

I definitely want to become an actor. I've socialized with a few actors. I've spoken with Chris Crocker a few times. I've spoken with a stand-up comedian. I would do anything. If I end up doing acting, it'll be funny because I hated theatre class in school. I used to skip it, actually. I'm already comfortable in front of a crowd. I was nervous at the start of shooting porn, but you're well aware what's going on before you start.

Anthony: Tell us a bit about this Broke Straight Boys TV thing and who else is going to be in it?

Damien: Basically I'm going to be living with 8 other people. It's a competition and the winner gets $25,000, but I don't know who else is going to be in it. We haven't even started filming yet, people have just done behind the scenes episodes. They can't even go into detail about anything, because I'm going to be in it so I can't know. You feel me? I'm pretty sure its going to be on LOGO.

Anthony: What's one word that best describes you as a performer? Why should we watch you?

Damien: Definitely excellent and fun to watch. But that's multiple words. I'm just awesome. You know that "I'm Awesome" song? That's your boy right here *laughs* I give my fans what they want. I'm here to please my fans.

Thanks for talking with us, Damien - I hope it was as good for you as it was for us! Readers, if you want to see Damien Kyle in action - and who could blame you? - just head on over to Broke Straight Boys!

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