Gay porn star Cory Jay

We've been a fan of fisting legend Cory Jay for years and were lucky enough to snag a one-on-one interview with the sexy, tattooed muscle daddy to share with you all. Although Cory took a 10 year hiatus from porn, he came back stronger and hotter than ever to film some great fisting scenes for Club Inferno Dungeon. From fisting to slinging savory martinis to training lions for MGM, one thing's for sure - this guy knows how to have fun! Now let's get to the interview!

Gaydemon: After a 10 year absence from porn, you returned to film for Club Inferno Dungeon. What is the biggest difference performing now versus when you were younger?

Cory: The biggest difference is that I am now clean from drugs. I'm much more present on the set and in my performances. Another difference is that back in the day I knew, or had played with, most everybody I was with in the movies. I even had my hand (or hands) in the casting of the movies back then. Now I don't know the models until I meet them on the shoot. I was also surprised to see how much smaller the crew is these days.

Gaydemon: What's it like working for Club Inferno Dungeon? How is the vibe on set?

Cory: I have a long-time, genuine friendship with Steven Scarborough. I would never have come out of retirement for anyone else. Club Inferno is my brand - they're the biggest and best. I've always loved doing the movies and bonding with the crew. It's fun but business-like, too. I like that.

Gaydemon: You have battled with meth addiction and are now sober. Has it been challenging to work in porn and maintain your sobriety?

Cory: I actually am clean from drugs, not sober. I still drink. I love wine, and I make the best savory martinis. Come see me at the L.A. Eagle and I'll pour you one! Happily, at this point in my life it's very easy NOT to use drugs. So it has not been challenging coming back into the business. I get a little nervous every trip

up to San Francisco from Los Angeles but I know as soon as I step on the Hot House studio I'll be ok. They maintain a clean and sober, professional work environment.

Gaydemon: Do you have an all-time favorite fisting scene?

Cory: There have been so many... I'm huge fan of Matthieu Paris. He made this Club Inferno movie called "Mister Fister" and I watch those scenes all the time. Definitely one of my favorites!

Cory Jay stretches Trent Bloom's ass

Gaydemon: Who has been your best scene partner?

Cory: I have been so lucky in this business to have worked with the hottest, best guys in the industry. Working with Rick Van Sant in "Fisting Big Leagues" was a dream come true. I really wanted to work with

Trent Bloom and Club Inferno made it happen in "Foul Play." I fist him then fuck him with a football. It's insane. Over the years I've gotten to work with everyone I wanted to. Steven has been very good to me.

Gaydemon: Who would you love to work with in the future?

Cory: Spencer Reed is my favorite guy on the more vanilla side these days. I'm always looking for the next fetish star I'd like to fist...anybody out there like to volunteer?

Gaydemon: How about your personal life? Are you in a relationship?

Cory: I am. My boyfriend is Hogan Wade who also stars in "Fisting Big Leagues." He's also done two Hot House movies - "Sanctuary I" and "Trust Me, I'm a Doctor."

Gaydemon: Does working in porn present challenges to relationships?

Cory: It helps that Hogan's in the business too. It's all okay, he just gets jealous it's not him in the movie with me.

Gaydemon: What does the future hold for you?

Cory: I wish I knew. I have always been mostly known as a bartender in nightclubs and gay bars in San Francisco and now L.A. Then I went to Vegas where I trained lions at MGM. I miss the big cats, that was awesome! I don't know what I want to do when I grow up.

Gaydemon: Who do you look up to, and why?

Cory: Well, there are some people in my life that just by being my friends make me want to be a better person. Of course Steven at Hot House, Janine Shiota, an amazing business woman and gay club promoter in SF, and Johnny O'Connor, a sober bartender at Eagle NYC...

Gaydemon: Any secret talents?

Cory: I've already told you about my savory martinis and my lion taming (which comes in handy behind the bar at the Eagle). I'm also a very dedicated, almost vigilant, fitness freak when it comes to my diet and

workout routine. Those are the only talents I can tell you about; otherwise they won't be secrets anymore, will they?

Thank you, Cory Jay, for answering our questions so candidly. We'll have to plan a trip up to the L.A. Eagle

and sample one of those infamous savory martinis! In the meantime, we'll be looking forward to seeing more scenes from you at Club Inferno Dungeon.

Fisting top Cory Jay in action

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