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Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule fucking for Staxus! So you're a British lad?

I am indeed. My father is Italian and my mum is Scandanavian. I was brought up in the lovely seaside town of Blackpool. Okay, I joke, it's not the nicest of places to live! *laughs*

I've read that you're quite a shy boy, but you look pretty comfortable on screen to me! Do you prefer being top or bottom?

I am quite shy. I have to at least fancy the guy. I'm not much of a twink lover, I like more of the muscular American fratboy or hard-fucking muscled guys who can destroy my ass. In my personal life I'm active-vers but have decided to convert because its fucking amazing! *smiles*

Connor Levi gets fucked

How did you get into porn? Were you approached or was it something you set out to do and approached the studio?

I was actually studying and working for the NHS and doing a night shift alone on a EMI Mental Health Ward, having to stay awake. I thought I'd do something random and apply for a porn job, which I did. It was Kisslads and they have turned me into the Connor Levi that I am today. Thanks to Michael Burling!

What's your favourite scene you've ever done and why? Do you have a favourite pornstar to work with?

I loved my scene with Rudie Bodlak. That was amazing! And a recent music video with Ben Dun. I fancy any Czech model that fucks the hell out of me. That's always a winner, but my love in life is my on-screen husband Mr. Kingsley Rippon!

What are your ambitions for your career in porn? Tell me about some of the things you want to get up to, or stars you want to fuck?

I'd like to become a producer. I have some great ideas for videos; models positions, ect. A few DVDs that are out have had my input! That's because I also work behind the scenes. If I get the oppotunity to fuck a model, it is always the Czech models because they're buff, hunky and twinky looking guys - to be honest!

What's it like to work in the porn industry? Is it friendly or are the guys quite bitchy?

It's okay if you keep your feet firmly on the ground and try to stay level headed. It does a lot to your emotions and is very long hours, but you get to explore different sexual scenarios and guys that personally I reckon I'd have no chance pulling in a bar. Overall I think I've learnt a lot about myself and have become a stronger person. Now I love it, but spend far too much money and need to get back to reality! *lol*

Can you be in porn and have a good love-life? Do you have a boyfriend or are you available *wink* ?

I find if I really like a guy I push them away but that's because of knobhead exes! If I like a guy in town I may fuck them, like them for a week, then I go to work and the sex is much better! So it's not really good for my love life. *laughs* But I get what I crave!

Tell me about your average day. Do you hang around with any of the other pornstars?

I have just got a little flat for me and my Chihuahua, Mr. Nacho Levi. I find I work a lot! I work as a freelance hair and makeup artist for Staxus and also run my blog for self promotion, chat with fans, have my dinner, smoke, then relax in bed!

What advice would you give to other guys looking to get into porn?

If you fall in love easily don't join, but it's a lot of fun! You gain a new family and you get to travel half the world in 2 years.

Thanks for answering my questions Connor, it's pleasured me getting to know you ;) Anything you'd like to say to your fans?

I'd just like to say thank you guys for following me, being supportive and keeping me in a job I love! I'm not always perfect but I always give it my all, and hey, guys I LOVE YOU!

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