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This week Anthony interviews Connor one of the exlusive "college" stars at Corbin Fisher.

Anthony: So you've kinda come full circle now at Corbin Fisher. How the hell did you get discovered and what made ya pursue this? Take us through your journey a little ;)

Connor: I was actually discovered by a scout who found me online. I was pretty skeptical about it all at first, and had no real idea what to expect. Even when I first showed up to shoot, I remained skeptical for quite awhile. That's why it took me so long to finally go from doing just a solo video to appearing in action vids and doing stuff with other guys. I think if you check out my videos on the site you can pretty much see my journey. I did a solo first, then was ok with getting it on with a girl on camera, of course. But I had to take baby steps, pretty much, before ever trying anything real with another guy. I did a duo jack off scene with another guy, but we didn't touch each other. Stuff like that, before I finally decided to try guy/guy action. Which makes it kind of funny that now I'm one of the main guys on the site and that I break in a lot of the newbies and take their guy/guy cherries!

Anthony: I gotta ask because all you guys are different... Straight, bi, gay, or just don't have any idea I just like fucking dudes?

Connor: I'm confidently straight. In my personal life, I get with girls exclusively and am attracted to girls exclusively. But I'm also pretty easy-going, and apparently I'm known around Corbin Fisher for having a dick that just gets hard and stays hard forever, so have ended up making a pretty good top on the site. So while I'm fully straight, my dick is pretty openminded haha.

Anthony: Now that sexy ass of yours has bottomed before? What was your first experience taking it like? And are we gunna see it again soon because I know u liked it a little bit? :)

Connor: What's funny is that, out of my early guy/guy videos on CF, I definitely bottomed more. At least it feels that way. It's actually a bit easier, when you're straight and have never done stuff with guys before, to bottom - in my opinion, at least. It's the tops in porn that have the tough jobs! The first time I did it - the first few times I did it, even - were pretty crazy. I can't really say I had no idea what to expect when I did it because what I totally, completely expected was miserable pain! But obviously that wasn't the case, and it was nowhere near as bad as I thought it'd be. After a couple more times, it actually became pretty fun and felt good. It's still not at the very top of my list of favorite things to do, but I don't mind it and have learned to enjoy it. Physically, it's a pretty wild and intense experience. The main thing I had to get over, and a lot of the guys at CF have to get over, are the mental hangups about it all. The knowledge that another guy is fucking you can take some getting used to. But, around CF, you know the other guys, you're often friends with the other guys and you get along and hang out so that makes it a lot easier and lets you get over all those mental parts and truly just let go and enjoy it and have fun. I'd still say I like to top more, though!

Anthony: So how do you get ready to do a scene? Is it a process or just routine for you now? How'd you become so comfortable with it?


Connor: It's kind of like getting ready for a game, for anyone that plays sports. You put your game face on and you go out and do it. It's become pretty easy for me now and I don't really need to get myself all psyched up for it or anything. I'm one of the veteran guys now - sort of like a faculty assistant at CF, I guess. So part of what I do now is break in new guys, show them the ropes and help guide them along. There's several of us who do that here - myself, Dawson, Travis, Josh, Cain, among others. And for all of us we've gotten pretty good at it, I think. I wouldn't go so far as saying it's second nature but we know what works and doesn't work, know what feels good not only for ourselves but for the other guy, know what looks best on camera, and so know how to just get in there and do it.

Anthony: Ok, I'm putting you on the spot... Most turned on you've ever been on set with another dude? What scene sticks out for you?

Connor: Well if you'd asked me this a month or so ago I would have said my "Teasing Cole" video on because I got to actually fuck Cole's real-life girlfriend right in front of him. That was wild, and seeing how turned on she was and Cole was made it all pretty intense. Heading in to that scene I was wondering if it'd be awkward, but they were both so in to it that just made it incredibly hot. A few of my most recent ones also stand out. Very recent ones. The "Double Double" scene where me and Dru double-fuck Travis was wild, as was the recent scene where I fucked Brody. We took a different approach to that one and I just laid in to him! Totally hardcore, hard pounding - and Brody loved it! So I couldn't help but love that also!

Anthony: Any advice you've been given by the other models that has helped you succeed?

Connor: When I first arrived at CF and eventually had to make the decision of whether or not I'd do guy/guy work, I talked to some of the other models here and even talked to staff members and people that work at CF and asked them what they thought I should do. You'd think everyone would just be like, "Do it!" because I think they obviously all wanted me to do it, and all had an interest in me doing it. But, in actuality, what every single person said was, "Decide on your own if you really want to do it, and if and when you do, are willing to fully commit to it". You're putting yourself out there for the world to see, so there's not really anything half-ass about this. You're either all-in, or not in at all. And everyone here let me know that. They let me know it was a decision I had to make and think about and be fully comfortable with. So that was really the best advice I got - be willing and eager to do this, for myself, for my own interests and benefit, and because I want to. Not because of what anyone else might want. That's what I did, and I'm pretty happy with the results!

Anthony: Do you do other things for Corbin Fisher too? What do you do in your spare time? Hobbies?

Connor: Actually I do lots of other stuff at CF. I'm here full-time now, doing videography work and editing as well. I'm sort of a porn fiend (surprise surprise) and am known as the resident expert on all things porn - straight porn, at least. But I watch tons of porn, love porn, and I guess they figured I also had a really good eye for what looked good on camera and on screen. So beyond just breaking in new models, I also film and edit. I'm also known as the resident expert on 80s movies haha. They tell me I was born a couple decades too late, because even though I wasn't nearly old enough to have seen any of these movies when they first came out, for some reason I just love cheesy 80s movies.

Anthony: It's tough to have a relationship when you're in the adult world.. Are you currently with someone? How would/do you make it work?

Connor: I'm seeing a few girls right now ;) I did have a girlfriend when I first started out here, but that didn't work out for other reasons. I think it's not that hard to make things work when you're in this business, though. Most girls I've met are actually pretty turned on by what I do and get a kick out of it. They like the guy/guy stuff. It's the guy/girl videos we do that sometimes makes them jealous so, funny enough, a lot of the guys at CF who are in relationships end up getting prohibited by their girlfriends from doing scenes with girls - but they can do all the guy/guy scenes they want. That's actually how our whole series of "Teasing..." videos came to be.

Anthony: Connor, now I got to admit. You turn me on a lot :) what's it like knowing that a bunch of your fellow man are geting off to you? It's gotta feel a little good!

Connor: It's both cool and weird haha. I've had fans come up to me in person and say how much they love my work and what big fans they are and that's pretty cool. I always get a kick out of that. Thankfully, no one has ever been too weird. But there's also something sort of surreal about it - that there are complete strangers out there who see you doing such personal and intimate things, and like it a lot.

Anthony: Thanks so much for being with us Connor! Corbin Fisher has been a great product for a long time and you are one of the all time greats from the site. Last question.. Boxers or briefs? Never said it was serious :) But seriously, is there somewhere we can follow you?

Connor: Boxerbriefs, usually :) You can check out the Corbin Fisher Facebook and Twitter pages. I pop up on there a lot. They post behind-the-scenes pictures a lot, and lots of candid shots. If you check those out, chances are you'll see a fair amount of me haha. And thanks, it's been chill!

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