Gay porn star Cody Allen

Anthony: Ok lets just get into it... You popped James Huntsman's cherry so to speak, even though he fucked the shit out of you :) What was this like to be his "first" on camera fuck? Quite the honor, you lucky fucker.

Cody: It was interesting; he was quite nervous and not all too sure what to do. It was similar to teaching someone how to top for the first time. He pretty much had 2 modes - hard and fast, and hard but not quite so fast, though he didn't really know much about the prostate. With some direction I was able to get him to hit the spot a few times. It's a weird dynamic with a scene partner who has reservations about what you're doing in the scene, sometimes nervous or not wanting to perform certain actions, I guess being his first, so to speak, is something to note, though I guess I'd actually rather have a scene with a slutty gay boy who knows what he's doing rather than a straight boy who I have to teach every step of the way. However I give him props, Huntsman was a very relaxed guy to work with, and even though he had his restrictions he was very cool about it all.

Anthony: So, you've also worked with Rod Daily, Trystan Bull and Alex Waters for Next Door Studios. Can you tell us your experience working for NDS, and is it anything like it's been painted out to be lately?

Cody: I've been paired almost entirely with straight scene partners. While I don't want to get into specifics of any particular performer, I will say that the ones which are open to perform are far easier to work with.Yes, there are times when I am really into my scene partner and it doesn't really matter to me what their restrictions are. I just enjoy touching them and servicing them. However this is not usually the case. When you are paired with someone who does not perform any number of various sensual interactions with their scene partner, particularly when they are less your type, it is a major turn off. For instance if I am partnered with a boy who's my type I could almost care less what we end up doing I'll enjoy it anyway. But if I am paired with a partner who is not my type then the sensual or even basic sexual contact becomes necessary to not only enjoy the scene but to simply stay hard and aroused enough to keep going.

Besides just working on set, it is really clear in the video after when scene partners are acting their way through it instead of actually interacting to illicit the responses they give off. There are definitely straight guys who perform, and do so very well. They either act the part and get involved with their scene partner or actually get into it. But when you have a scene partner who is straight and does not perform, not only does it make filming hard but it also makes you look bad in the video when you can clearly tell everything you do or say is forced because no one is really into what is going on. Outside of filming, the studio is very relaxed, very nice staff that are awesome to hang out with and work with. But be careful as sometimes the dinner that they serve is not necessarily the best food for a bottom to eat the night before a morning shoot. My impression of the studio is that the people are generally pretty cool but when it comes to picking the "talent", they should give it a second look.

Anthony: Sometimes I can get into kinky stuff, and watching you at Bound Gods and Bound In Public is quite fun. What is it like to work a shoot like these and how does it differ from a normal sex shoot? What is the kinky shit that really gets you off?

Cody Allen in bondage

Cody: Honestly the main difference is just the time it takes to do the rigging. It can take quite a while to properly tie someone up for a scene, sometimes longer than the scene itself. However there is a very different dynamic usually between all parties involved than from a normal shoot. With kinky stuff you have to constantly check the model to see if they are okay and such, ensure their limits are respected, etc. Additionally, a lot of models who do kinky porn develop a headspace for their character, be it dominant or submissive, and this can take a few minutes or longer to both get into and get out of. I won't get into the psychology of a headspace but I will say that you can completely lose yourself in the scene if you get too deep in a headspace, and this can be both good and bad depending on what's going on. It's quite interesting to see a person's normal personality and their personality once they are in the headspace of their role; some of the sweetest guys I know can be the harshest doms. I could go into more detail if you want me to, but I think that this answers the first part of your question.

For me, you name a fetish and I can pretty much find a way to enjoy it. I have a few hard limits that I will never violate or let someone else violate, but most things I can enjoy quite thoroughly. Outside of specific fetishes, I'm totally versatile as well as a switch. So I top, bottom, dom, sub, and have plenty of experience in all of these positions. In fact, contrary to what you see on camera I usually am a dominant top in my bedroom. So much so that I teach rope bondage and do suspension bondage set-ups right in my bedroom, designed rigging and such myself and put it all together. Though I do consider myself 50/50 as far as which I enjoy the most dom or sub, I will say that while I usually dom others, I will rarely pass up the chance to sub for some really awesome doms I know. I enjoy both but it takes a lot more trust to submit to someone than it takes to dominate someone, and that trust has to be garnered before you play, so unless a dom who I trust and respect their work is available I generally assume that role with the boys I play with.

Cody Allen at Folsom Street

Anthony: Okay lets peel back those layers, boy. Where you from? ASL :) Haha, gives us your background of how you got into porn. Is your family supportive?

Cody: I'm from 19 miles Upstate NY, and it all started when I hooked up with a cute guy who was passing through the area. From his profile I kind of guessed that he did porn - a few days later I asked him if he did, he said yup. Asked how I can get into it, and he gave me some information on the subject. It was surprisingly easy, actually. I figure for a full time student there's not really a better job; low hours, high pay, travel... it's a perfect way to pay for school and not be bogged down without any time to get your work done. Plus with my career choice there really is no way this will affect my future career options.

As far as family is concerned, a few family members know I do porn and am as active in the gay community as I am. Most in my family just know that I am gay, though, and know nothing beyond that. My parents know I'm gay and are supportive, however I feel they may not be quite as supportive of my part time job (porn :P) or of the vast quantities of sex gear (rubber, leather, rope, etc) that I have. So I am keeping those particulars to myself and the few family members who are open enough to accept all that without being weirded out or judgmental.

Anthony: Ok, what is with the bisexual thing? You love getting pounded in the ass :) But do you have a relationship off set? Would you or have you been involved in a gay relationship? If not, I'm available ;) Do you have a certain reference in guys?

Cody Allen sucking 3 cocks

Cody: So generally speaking I consider myself gay. There are a few women who I find attractive, though usually superficially so, and it's usually the more androgynous or tomboy girls anyway when it comes to this. I guess I'm a 5 on the Kinsey scale, so technically a wee bit bi, though ever since I was 12 or so I've been progressing from a 3 to where I am now. I used to be more bi and discovered my sexuality to sway much more on the gay side of things in the past year or two. I suppose if you really think about it I guess I was straight for pay for the one straight scene I did. The bondage and such was the main turn-on for me so I enjoyed it anyway. Even though the girls in that scene were hot by straight guy standards, they were not my type.

As far as a relationship, that would probably be exclusively with guys. My interest in girls is mostly that on occasion I could get hard from looking at a girl that is my type but not enough of an attraction to be serious about it. I generally just consider myself gay now, and this past year has affirmed this through extensive exploration, though a 5 on the Kinsey scale is technically the more appropriate than a 6. My past relationships (almost all of which were gay) have been hit or miss, however I never had one end badly. Any relationship I was in that ended did so under mutual and peaceful terms. I've had a few relationships but have yet to have something I would consider long term yet. Though I will say I am looking, I want nothing more than to be in a serious relationship with a boy right now.

As far as what I'm looking for, physically I'm most attracted to twinks. Emotionally I'm attracted to people I can click with and express myself to comfortably. Intellectually I like intelligence and maturity. However I also know that these traits don't necessarily come in a single package nor is my image of the perfect guy really perfect. It's really a synergistic approach when it comes to looking at guys; it's the whole person, not a list of traits and characteristics. There are infinite combinations of traits all of which would yield a wonderful boy, so you can't really judge someone by a particular trait. You can only set a general "I usually like this in a guy", but as soon as you say "I only like this in a guy" you limit yourself and ignore the whole person which may be a better match than anyone else you may come across.

Cody Allen shirtless

Anthony: What is the hottest encounter you've ever had? What's this I hear about sex clubs? Sorry, I like stalking you?

Cody: Hottest encounter I've had? Unsure if I have a single encounter that takes the cake here, but I have a few fuck buddies whose virginity I've taken, and with my dick that's quite an accomplishment. Also had a few stand-out kinky encounters before, as well. But nothing comes to mind as the absolute best encounter.The NY Bondage Club, while technically a sex club, I generally like to think of it as a place where I can tie people up all night long. I took my first steps into hardcore bondage there and have been going ever since. Great place to learn new skills. Always walk out of there with something new, plus 6 hours of tying guys up is great practice for perfecting ties and for experimenting with new rope work. Some of my favorite doms I met there and always love playing around with them.

Anthony: Is porn a long-time career choice for you or do you have other plans? What are some of your other hobbies and interests? Notice I'm just trying to get to know everything about you because this is like a blind date for me :)

Cody: Porn is a way to pay for school and rent. I'm studying computer engineering as an undergrad to continue to study for patent law. So I could continue with porn but my primary goal is to pursue an engineering or law career. As far as interests and hobbies, anything from movies, computers, hiking, cooking (I am a pretty damn great chief, from what people tell me), exercising, skydiving, scuba diving, discussion/debate, paintball, wrestling, clubbing, hanging out, cuddling, fucking :P , I just like being around people and doing stuff. I'm a rather relaxed and open person so I kind of go with the flow, so to speak. But I do try to help people when I can; if a friend is in need and they call me, I will help them. Also my word is binding, if I tell someone I will do something for them I will do everything in my power to do that.

Anthony: What separates you form the other cock-hungry porn stars in the biz? What is one word that describes you as a performer?

Cody: What separates me? Honestly I don't really know. My dick is on the large side of things but this is porn so there's always bigger. I am going to school to pursue a career, though I know many porn stars who have successful careers or who go to school while doing porn on the side. As a performer I think that the real defining thing that separates me is that I'm a great top with a great dick for topping but have almost exclusively bottomed on camera so far. And I do hope that this defining characteristic changes soon, as I really look forward to some great topping scenes. Oh, and I guess that I can suck and fuck myself... that's a little defining as well :P

And one word that describes me as a performer, versatile. Because I can top, bottom, dom, sub, self fuck, self-suck, do rope bondage, role play with different headspaces, etc. Sexually speaking, you name it and I can probably do it.

Cody Allen fucking Rod Daily

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