Today we're talking with Chandler. He's a hot college boy who was straight - till he was recruited to appear on Corbin Fisher. Since then, he's fucked some nice tight tight jock asses with his truly impressive rod. I can't wait to learn more about this gay-for-pay guy, so let's get started!

Anthony: Ok, it's time to get into the mind of a straight guy. Did you ever have thoughts of hooking up with guys before you came to work with Corbin Fisher? Do you ever fool around off set with dudes, or is all saved for us to see on camera?

Chandler: Hooking up with guys has always been taboo to the extreme for me, but to be blunt, the answer is yes. I have fantasized about guys before. Mostly just the oral aspect, but I love my prostate stimulated as well. I don't act upon these fantasies outside of work, so that way my viewers get to see it exclusively and it leaves my fantasies on camera.

Anthony: It really is quite the sight to see that fat fucking 9 inch cock of yours. But it's equally as nice when you bend over and show us that gorgeous ass. Since you've experienced both, which do you prefer? Do you have a favorite scene you've been a part of thus far?

Chandler: My favorite by far is topping. I love the control and my favorite thing in the world is pleasuring people. If my "fat fucking 9 inch cock" could provide everyone with the best sexual experience of their lives, I would do anything I could to make that happen. My favorite scene so far has been the one most recently put up on Corbin Fisher with me and Trey. It was full of intense crazy passion and turned out amazing.

Anthony: You have quite the filthy mouth when you're performing, and I have to say it's a huge fucking turn on. I think it's quite obvious that you love performing, am I right? Are you always that vocal? Do the girls like it, too?

Chandler: You are absolutely right. I like to think of myself as a natural performer and I love being in front of the camera. One little secret about me is that one day I would love to act in a TV show or movie. I'm not trying to be a star, but even a voice over for a cartoon would be a dream come true. To be honest, I don't know if I'm that vocal in my personal life. I think it depends more on who I'm with and what I feel would turn them on the most, but the girls I have been with have never complained about me being vocal or ordering them around.

Anthony: So how did you get your start with CF? I hear you are are studying to be a chiropractor; can I just say that if my insurance covered it, I'd visit you every single day. What is life like outside of porn for you?

Chandler: Screw insurance, I'll give you free service! Being a chiropractor has been a dream of mine for a very long time. I gotta say that life is amazing. I get to chill and relax and enjoy the finer/smaller things in life more so than most people. I love every second of my life on and off the camera. My start with CF was a random one, with my dick leading the way. I hadn't had much experience and sort of randomly met up with CF.


Anthony: I know you have a little gay in there so I'm just going to ask it. What kind of guys turn you on? Is there anything that a guy can do better than a girl now that you have found your inner homo?

Chandler: Guys that turn me on the most are the ones who are especially clean, clean-cut, and cut muscular-wise. Not into meatheads or hairy bears as much, but a guy with a smooth flawless physique is something I can appreciate and turns me on. Giving head is the one thing guys can typically do better than girls. Theres something to be said about the saying, "guys know what guys like".

Anthony: What's more likely to happen in an upcoming scene with CF - you getting gangbanged, participating in an orgy (damn, I wish you were in the 9-Man XXX Workout Orgy) or you being double penetrated? As you can tell, I just want as much cock in or around you as possible :)

Chandler: I love orgies, so that might be the next big thing to happen. Anytime there's many naked bodies around me experiencing the ecstasy of sex, I pop a raging boner.

Anthony: Can you see yourself ever moving on to do a larger studio production much like Jesse Santana has done? Or at least becoming a major contributor to Corbin Fisher much like Connor and Dawson do now? What's it like working with those guys? Did they offer any advice or put you at ease in any way?

Chandler: I have no clue where this might take me. I would love one day for this to be a door into other areas of performing such as television acting, but I don't see myself being in porn forever, so I'm loving every second of it. Working with those guys is amazing. They bring such wisdom and experience to the table I'm always taking mental notes. Not to mention the fact that their bodies are gorgeous.

Frankly, I had other offers before coming to CF, including "larger studios," but this was the studio that had the most to offer me overall and I never looked back.

Anthony: My favorite question to end on... What is one word the best describes you as a performer and why?

Chandler: "Passionate" is the word that best describes me because its the one thing I try to put into every scene, every personal encounter, and every kiss I share on and off camera. Without passion there's no fire, and without a raging fire you really don't have much. It's hard to live on embers, especially in a relationship, but with passion the fire can burn forever.

Thank you for talking with us, Chandler. And if you want to see Chandler in action, stroking his massive cock and fucking college guys with his 9 incher, you can see him at Corbin Fisher!


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