Very happy to have yet another sexy - and I do mean sexy - newcomer to the Lounge. Prime meat, indeed. Cavin Knight joins us here today. How are you today gorgeous?

Cavin: I'm fantastic thanks Anthony, never been better.

Anthony: So tell us your story. How'd you want to get into the biz? Who brought you in and gave you your first scene?

Cavin: I had thought of getting into porn in the past, as I enjoy watching it myself, but not seriously until recently. I have been modeling for about ten years and just reached a point where I felt I wanted to step up my exhibitionistic interests. I have always loved being naked, showing off, etc. and porn felt like a perfect outlet for those interests. I simply went online to the websites of the companies who had content that I liked and completed the online applications to model. I heard back from most of them as quickly as within hours to a few days later. Before that, however, I had already worked hard on achieving the best body I've ever had, so I'm sure that helped. Like I said, I heard back from the studios where I applied very quickly so it was just a matter of who was filming first and had a role for me. Mustang happened to be the first. I applied with most studios on 8/5/10 and by 9/16/10 I was on a Mustang Studios set with Erik Rhodes directing me.

Anthony: Top or Bottom? I know you'd look good doing either one but which do you prefer and what's your favorite position?

Cavin: I'm 100% versatile. For me it really depends on the partner(s) and chemistry involved. My favorite position as a top is doggy style with my hands on their hips, thrusting them onto my cock, my favorite position as a bottom is on my back with my legs wrapped around the fuckers' waist. I like a lot of body contact.

Anthony: You're fairly new to the adult industry... Who have you worked with? What've your experiences been like?

Cavin: So far, I have worked with Paul Wagner (Mustang Studios), Johnny Hazzard (C1R), Kevin Crows (Cocksure Men), Morgan Black (Cocksure Men), Adam Killian (Lucas Entertainment), Trevor Knight (Hot House) Tristan Jaxx (Lucas Entertainment) and I'm shooting with Tony Buff for Raging Stallion in a few weeks. My experience has been awesome, even better than I expected. I really enjoy shooting porn but, besides that, I like the social aspect of it even more. There are many very smart, funny, kind, honest, genuine and fun people in the industry. I think sometimes people have the impression that it's all shady, seedy, dark people but that has not been my experience at all. I have met some people who I genuinely like and who I now consider good friends. I do believe people attract those who have similar "energies," if you will, and I believe I'm a good, happy, well-rounded person so I suppose that's why I've met such great people.

Anthony: So the ultimate question because no one knows in the gay adult film industry sometimes... Gay or Gay 4 Pay? What are your thoughts on str8 guys in gay porn?

Cavin: I was with women in high school but never since. I definitely identify as gay, but I do appreciate and like the female form. Working in porn has really changed my opinion of sexuality in general. I always had the usual labels (gay, bi, straight, etc.) associated with people but I've learned that sexuality truly is more in the grays than in the blacks and whites. There are plenty of "straight" guys in porn who still enjoy the physical act of sex with another guy. Sex is all about what feels good to you and what turns you on, it doesn't define what your sexuality is.

Anthony: What is your ultimate sexual fantasy? Who would you most like to work with in the adult film world?

Cavin: My ultimate sexual fantasy is to be strapped into a sling in a dimly-lit dungeon with air filled with poppers and a dozen or so smoking hot guys with slammin', well-proportioned and muscled-up bods who are all crazy attracted to each other surrounding me, taking turns on my ass and pleasuring my bod and each other while waiting their turn. I'd want a load from each of them on my torso by the end. I'd most like to work with Francesco D'Macho.


Anthony: So tell us your secret... How do you keep that body in perfection? You should totally make an exercise video... Naked of course :) Haha!

Cavin: I wouldn't call my body "perfection." When I look in the mirror, I am comfortable and confident with what I see but I also see areas where I need to improve. I think a lot of people get too comfortable with where their body is and that leads to laziness and slacking off on their appearance. Once I've reached a goal with my bod or myself, I set a new one. I wrote a blog entry with a lot of detail on my workout, diet and supplement routine. It's located at I'd love to make a naked exercise video! The gym and hot bods really turn me on so that would be awesome. Know of any companies that shoot that kind of content? ;-)

Anthony: What are your goals? What do you want your career to look like when you are retiring? Are there any performers you really admire or want to emulate?

Cavin: My goal with porn is to continue to expand the type of work I do and have a diverse portfolio of styles, studios and partners, within the areas and types of guys that interest me, of course. I'd like to look back on my career when I retire and think that I performed with every scene, studio and partner that I wanted to. I'd like to have a healthy body of work that is widely available and I'd like my name to be commonly known among the porn world and among those fans and followers who appreciate quality porn. Matthew Rush is most definitely my biggest inspiration. He's a truly smart, talented and diverse performer who has managed to remain grounded, funny, well-rounded and true to himself throughout his career. I'm proud to call him a good friend now and he continually inspires/encourages me to be more.

Anthony: What do you do outside of porn? Are you single? That's the big one :) but seriously what are your hobbies?

Cavin: I am currently a business executive, a CAO, for a corporation where I've worked for ten years. Most of my jobs have been as an accountant of some sort, so that's my background. At my current company, I simply took on new roles where I had skills as they became available to me and I educated myself to become more valuable to the organization. Currently I oversee Accounting, Information Technologies, Human Resources and Operations. I have been married to a wonderful, beautiful man since August 2008. We met in August 2006. My husband is actually my biggest fan and is very supportive. We have a pretty remarkable relationship in that we do not try to change each other. He knew who I was when he met me and, although I have a very sensitive, romantic side, my wild, sexual, exhibitionistic side was also part of what drew him to me. I'm a melting pot of oxymoronic diverse interests, which include U.S. and international travel, architecture, road trips, food & wine, opera, card/board games, film, dance shows, circuit parties, technology, fashion, computers, bodybuilding (non-competitive) and music.

Anthony: Cavin, I look forward to seeing you grow here in the adult film industry, and looking like that I know you're going places. Just promise to pay us a visit once in a while. The floor is yours. Tell everyone where they can follow you and anything you'd like to promote, stud - and thanks for being here :)

Cavin: Thank you for having me, Anthony; I appreciate the opportunity and interest. I will certainly keep in touch and the support of bloggers like you is what has really encouraged me. My website is, my Facebook is and my Twitter account is CavinKnightXXX.

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