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Bryan Cole is an XTube sensation turned American pornstar sensation with studios such as Lucas Entertainment,, Hot House and Raging Stallion under his belt. By no means an amateur porn model, he's equally happy to show himself fucking for free as he is working for the big boys. I have to say Bryan Cole is way towards the top of my pornstar crush list.

I have to start this interview by confessing, I've just watched all 16 of your XTube videos, you are a dirty boy! Jumping right in at the deep end, it seems like you're quite a kinky guy. What are your fetishes and have you shot any kinky films for any porn studios?

I have done a variety them with so far. As far as mine I think you can make some safe assumptions from my XTube (*wink*) WS, gyms, public are all up there. (*smiles*)

Have you ever actually measured your cock? I mean, Lucas Entertainment have you down as 7" but I've seen enough cocks in my time and I reckon it's bigger than that!

That's a number I gave them. I haven't "measured" it in quite some time but when I did that's what I got really!

What I actually wear is more commando except at the gym where it's a jockstrap  

So you're an IT technician by trade? How does that compare to your life as a pornstar, and how long have you been moonlighting?

I am. The office job is quite different from the porn life. Having the combination keeps things interesting for sure. I've been doing both for a little over a year and a half now.

What turns you on the most? Do you like your nipples being played with?

Well I suppose we could say nipple play turns me on! As far as some other favorites, I'd have to say sucking on my balls is also a favorite. Otherwise what really turns me on the most isn't something physical, it's more of a mental thing and actually liking the person and them being a good person - at least in my mind.

So, what have you been filming most recently and how was it?

I actually just got back from San Francisco not too long ago where I was filming with We shot a Men on Edge and it was a lot of fun! Plus the weather was amazing when I was out there!

Bryan Cole for Hot House

Are you a boxers or briefs kinda guy?

For me this question should really be rephrased to jockstrap or commando? (*wink*) Regarding the original question I'd say briefs are better, but as far as what I actually wear it's more commando except at the gym where it's a jockstrap.

Tell us who your favourite pornstar is of all time and why?

For this I guess I'll have to say Austin Wilde. I've had the pleasure of knowing him most of the time I've been in the industry and he has been a great friend along the way.

If you could choose any one guy to shoot your next video with, tell us who and why?

Well this should be a pretty easy or obvious answer. Since we are choosing from anyone, including those not in the industry, I'd have to choose my boyfriend. I think the why here is pretty straight forward!

Do you travel much to get to porn shoots you're in and where has been the most exciting place to visit?

Because I live in Ohio I have to travel to any shoots I do. Overall, I do travel a lot but most of it is actually for pleasure - generally out on Friday after work and back for work Monday morning. I just recently started some international travels so my most exciting places will be growing, but as far as in the US I'd say one of my favorites thus far is San Diego or Las Vegas. San Diego is a newer place for me and Vegas is just a great place that anyone can have fun either with a group of friends or solo. Last year I took a 'me' time trip there and still met some great people and had a blast. Vegas is one place that its especially easy to visit alone and have a blast.

Bryan Cole Selfie

Can you share an embarrassing moment with us that happened on set or behind the scenes?

For this I guess I'll have to refer to a time when we were doing still photos and I tried to answer a question without taking the dick out of my mouth, whoops! It was a very nice one though (*grins*)

What's your secret to keeping in great shape? Do you spend hours in the gym and eat rabbit food? *grin*

Ha. I don't really have a super strict diet. I do try to eat 'clean' food though; lots of chicken and spinach salads are my fav. To make up for my love of carbs I also just try to stay as active as I can. One example is that because I live within a few miles of work I will even commute by bike when it's nice out. It's a great way to start the day. Otherwise I have been doing the gym in the morning as much as I can.

Last, but not least! Forgetting you have a boyfriend for the moment, describe your ideal guy to us, so that all the single boys can live in hope?

Well an ideal guy is tricky. Really just someone that clicks with me personality wise is a great start. Sexual compatibility is also of course very important. Outside of those two, physically it can vary a lot, though I do tend to like around my height or a little shorter, and of course, loving to be active is also an ideal trait.

Thanks so much for talking to us Bryan. We can't wait to see you in another movie. Fans, you can keep up with Bryan Cole on Twitter @BryanColeXXX.

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