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Want to welcome in a cutie I found via twitter @BrettLandonXXX His name is Brett Landon and he has been feature at Club Jason Sparks' live show, Underwear Studs, and more. Welcome to the GayDemon Lounge :)

Anthony: Go ahead and introduce yourself... How'd you get your start? What made you eager to try?

Brett: Hey, what's going on? I'm Brett Landon - 23, 6' 4", good ole TN boy at heart, born and raised in the Smokies. I'm still pretty new to the Industry, but I'm making good friends with some loyal veterans. I think the reason I really decided to get into adult films is for the thrill of it. I mean, there's always cute guys, you make good money and have fun while you do it. What guy doesn't what to get paid to get his dick sucked, ya know? * Ha ha *

Anthony: So many guys that I think are gay sleep with chicks in this industry, too * ha ha * Are you bi, gay, str8? When you're with a guy are you top or bottom?

Brett: Don't get me wrong, I can definitely appreciate a nice pair of tits, or a firm lil ass on a gal, but I stick with my guys for the most part. Every now and then I get me a taste for a woman. I met this hot tight-bodied gal while I was walking through town last week, I took her back to the car with me and had a lil fun with her and sent her on the way. Oohhh, good times. I started out a bottom when I first started messin' around with guys. I soon found out that's not really my thing at all. I like topping, I'm pretty aggressive in the sack when I'm allowed to be - I like talking dirty and hitting it hard ;)

Anthony: When's the first time you realized that doing shit with guys was both fun and enjoyable? You have a relationship outside of the biz as well?

Brett: I worked at this awesome haunted house one summer in this tourist town, and there was a guy that I worked with that had just turned 18, was solid muscle and tanned, big redneck (my type) cute thing. He was very straight-acting and I didn't know he messed with guys. But he ended up hitting on me one night while we worked, so I took him into one of the rooms and sucked him off on the bed of this scary ass bedroom *grin*. There were these evil looking dolls all over the walls and hanging from the ceiling.... made for a surely memorable first time. I kinda have a thing going on with a guy I met, we are taking it slow for now, but I think its gonna move into something more. He's a great guy, very good looking, smart, and he's cool with the work I do, which is kinda hard to find. I've stayed single for the most part, I had a guy for last summer but we just didn't really click as boyfriends. I still talk to him time to time, he's a good man. He was the only guy I've dated.

Anthony: What are your dreams for the adult world? What are you looking to do? Do you want to work with a big studio or do you have other dreams?

Brett: To be honest, I'm just rolling with it, man. I have a great time traveling and working with new people, I like to go out and have my fun in the down time. I love hitting up new clubs and bars. I don't really have any plans with it, I wouldn't mind making a big name for myself, but I may keep it to a few new scenes every now and then for my fans. It's all about your fans, they keep me going - that's for sure. I have people write me and man.. they are great! It's cool to have people you don't know to back you up and support you on your journey. I would work with a big company if offered the job, but if not, eh, it don't hurt my feelings *ha ha* - I've got other plans in mind, as well; we don't stay young and hot forever, right?

Anthony: What are your sexual turn-ons? Favorite positions? Any kinky or weird places you've ever fucked?

Brett: Turn-ons to me are muscle guys, frat jock types. I got a thing for military guys, too - definitely like my straight boys *grin*. Let's see... positions... I like my boys to ride me 'cause I like to see their faces, I like to bend 'em over the bed and pound the fuck out of it, make that ass mine *ha ha*. I'd say the weirdest place I've had sex was in a haunted house, I always had a good time at the place. I've had sex at the bar before, from what I could remember it was good times, too many free drinks that night ;)

Anthony: Do you have a performer you'd like to work with that you've seen that you've either really enjoyed their work and would love to give it a go :)

Brett: Oh, yeah, I've got my eye on Cody Cummings, I think he is just the picture of what a man should look like. Great face, body, nice cock... hell, the boy has got it all! Dude, I don't bottom, but with him, I'd take it.

Anthony: What do you do in your spare time? Any hobbies? Interests?

Brett: I've really gotten into exercise, I go 5 days a week for 2 to 3 hours a day. Along with that I spend time remodeling my house, I've had it for 4 years now and it's almost done ;) I want to go to school for electronics, I like wiring things up and fixing stuff. I'm a handy man you could say. I want to get a long term hands-on job

Anthony: Where can we follow you, bro? Any big plans or things in the works for the future for Brett Landon?

Brett: You can follow me on Twitter @BrettLandonXXX, I do have several things lined up for the next few months, so keep your eye out for me!

Anthony: Brett Landon, its been a pleasure having you in the GayDemon studios. I'd love to see your sexy ass at work. Let me come watch you perform one time, or at least come back and pay a visit. Don't forget about me :)

Brett: Thanks for having me, man. And watch out, we might just bring you on set one day, Later, dude!

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