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Today we're talking with super-sexy porn jock and producer, Bray Love. Bray will have your shorts getting tighter as he tells us all about his life in gay porn, as well as whether this horny stud is a top or a bottom and more hot stuff. Ready to get to know Bray? Then let's get started!

Anthony: Ok, so let's start first with how you got involved in gay porn. Tell us about your career before FratMale. Who gave you your first big cock...I mean break :)

Bray: I was living near Sacramento California at the time and a friend of mine had been working for a company in San Francisco. At that time I was unsure about the world of porn, but I received a call from the company asking if I would like to try it out. At first hesitant, I took a day or two to think it over, Consulting one of my best friends. Finally I had decided to go for it. My first scene was with Toby Jacobs for "Madison Cum". It was an experience I won't forget, The first time I had ever been on a plane too!

Anthony: How did the idea for FratMale come to be? Did you just get tired of working for someone else and wanted to be your own boss?

Bray: FratMale came to be an idea December of 2011.I remember sitting with Joe Serna and talking about different porn studios, and while doing so I was brainstorming what I have seen and how I could implement some personality into the deal. I've seen a lot of porn that is dull, like its scripted but just to get straight to the nut. (Hehe, Get it?)However, too much bullshit in porn can be very annoying... Especially if you are just watching to bust your load and be done (Sorry to be so graphic, I can do that right? Haha) My main Idea of FratMale was to produce hot porn of course, but also not give someone a reason to fast forward. I find myself fast-forwarding porn a lot, and It gets old.To answer your question, it wasn't because I was tired of working for anyone. FratMale was created so I can show my own creative outlook on porn.

Anthony: Let's hear about your first release House Party. Give us the backstory to this one. Is it just a bunch of horny bastards fucking and sucking while drinking? If it is, that's good to me :)Honestly,

Bray: That was the idea. There wasn't really a script to the movie. I got the boys together and told them to make their fantasy.

Anthony: So how many models are working with you? Are you strictly films or do you release online scenes as well?

Bray: House Party had nine models, Including myself. At this time our casting is open to anyone who would like to apply.

Anthony: Let's talk about your activity with FratMale now. You get fucked by Jackson Miller and participate in a three way with Brandon Riggs and Triston Durden where you top. Which scene is hotter? Do you prefer topping or bottoming?

Bray: The scene with Jackson Miller is my favorite, which most could probably guess. We have a great connection. I am versatile, Can't pick between the two. It depends on my mood.

Anthony: So what is next from FratMale? Are you currently working on anything else right now?

Bray: If you liked House Party, the next few movies will probably blow your mind. We are currently working on much more !

Anthony: What kind of guys do you look for to feature on the site? Where can someone looking for FratMale apply?

Bray: The obvious answer: Frat Guys. The truth is though; we aren't looking for a specific look, Attractive and Love for cameras is a must. The FratMale application is on our blog .

Anthony: Where can we keep up to date with everything FratMale? Do you have a Twitter and Facebook? The site is currently up and running, right? Is that where we can get our hands on House Party?

Bray: At the moment the FratMale site is underway, Which will include our own membership to watch all of FratMale's Content. For now the blog is open and you can find where to see our Movies, Apply for casting, and see detailed descriptions and photos from our studio.You can follow FratMale and Twitter to stay updated! Facebook.com10/ FratMaleTwitter.

Thank you for talking with us, Bray Love, and hope you keep us updated when your site is ready for a full launch. You can see more of this sexy porn stud at the links above or at his site, still a work in progress, FratMale.

Gay porn star Bray Love

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