Brandon Jones

How are you doing? What's going on back home in Montreal? Are you up to anything exciting?

I'm doing fantastic thanks! I have many projects in the air but most of my excitement comes from the studio. My associate and I are working on: Mr.Jones Films.

Let's start with "CEO of Mr.Jones Films". What can you tell me about this new venture, and how what sets this apart, apart from the beautifully designed website!?

We believe that sexuality should be present in a more classy and exciting way. The porn industry is saturated by the same formula of sex presentation. We want to look forward and create a new way to feature the hottest men and action on the planet. We believe in quality over quantity and we want to bring a more cinematographic vibe to the industry.

I can tell that film is one of your biggest passions. What got you interested in the directing side of pornography?

I was a bit thrown into it by Lucas Entertainment, 2 years ago. My associates (The Lezbians) and I had no experience in porn production but we knew we had an eye for the camera. Over the shoot and with the help of the amazing Mr. Pam we came to develop our own style and the fact that we are young urban people brings a younger point of view into the industry, I think. It is so weird because every beautiful place I see, or artistic background, I can now picture us shooting hot sex around it.

I have to confess, you are my FAVOURITE power bottom pornstar, and I love watching you get fucked. Have you always been a bottom?

Well I really appreciate the compliment, thanks! Yes I always been more into bottoming. I consider it as an art, almost, and believe me I had many chances to perfect it hehe! I am a pleaser, a flirt, a teaser. I love charming men and even if I'm a bottom I feel I'm more in control than if I was a top. As I'm getting older though now I attract a younger crowd. That I didn't expect, and makes me want to experiment a bit more with my top, controlling side.

Brandon Jones back and butt

When did your porn career begin? How did you get into getting fucked on camera?

In December it will be 3 years since I joined this industry. I wanted to be in this industry since the first time I saw porn as a teenager. I wanted people to feel aroused by me when they saw me, like I was by them. I waited for the right moment and relationship status to jump into the adventure. It all came extremely naturally, especially with such support from my family, friends and work colleagues. The porn industry only brought me extreme positivity and joy up to now!

What was your favourite movie to make and why?

I always enjoy working with Mr. Pam, she is such an inspiration for any aspiring porn producer. We shot an incredible scene in the movie 'Open Bar' from Lucas Entertainment, with hot French pornstar, Edji Dasilva. Almost shot in one take, it was one of my best fucks ever! I'm sure my best scenes are yet to come though on, because they marry all that I love in life: hot men, fashion and art!

You've done a fair few arseplay and toy films. Is this one of your personal fetishes too? Tell me what turns you on!

I am not a super-fetish person but I get aroused by new experiences. I love to be taken out of my comfort zone and theses scenes were quite intense. I am the kind of guy that loves his sex intense, manly and clean. I'm not into piss or feet and all, and I respect people that enjoy it, but it's not me. I'm all about creating connection with my partner and completely letting myself go.

According to Lucas Entertainment, your ultimate fantasy is to get gang-banged by an entire rugby team. Has this happened yet?

Unfortunately not! I am still waiting for the invitation! I had my fair share of threesomes, foursome and all. I love to play with couples and be their toy for a night.

Brandon Jones naked and hard

You're very lean and sexy! How do you keep in great shape? You used to be a figure skater, right?

My past as an athlete has a lot to do with it. To be honest I'm very blessed by genes, as I don't work out much in life. I love good food and I walk everywhere as I've never driven a car in my life. My daytime job is really active and I never sit still. Add to that a really active sexual life and you've got the combo for a great body and a smile on your face!

Is there a man in your life at the moment? Tell me what your perfect guy would be like?

As I travel almost every day in my day job, I got a few men in different cities that I see over and over. Still waiting for the man that will sweep me out of my feet.

What do you do in your spare time? What does your average day look like?

I am normally really busy, I have 3 jobs. I'm a porn producer, a barman and a flight attendant, so I'm either doing one of those 3 jobs. I am also really close to my community in Montreal and I am trying to spend as much time with my friends as I can. Being half Italian, family is so important to me. I am very blessed to have such open minded parents that allow me to be the person that I want without shame or judgement. I can share anything with them and my dad is especially proud to tell everyone that his son is a famous pornstar haha!

Brandon Jones' cock

What is next for Brandon Jones? Do you have any films lined up in the near future?

We are pushing to produce more for Mr.Jones Films. It is quite expensive as everyone knows, and we need the help of porn lovers to help us in this experience. The more people give the more we will can give back! All the profits made with this is put back into productions. We have so much to give and we hope people will respond well to our art.

My final question: if you could work with any pornstar in the world, who would it be and why?

Rafael Carreras and I have been communicating for a while now and we are extremely attracted to each other. I also recently developed the biggest crush on Bel Ami model Kris Evans. Yes, I love big uncut cocks!

Thanks so much for answering my questions! Want to give a shout out to your fans?

Thanks so much for following me through this incredible experience! I love each and everyone of you and hope you'll keep wanting me to be in your life for a long time! Merci beaucoup Bisoux from Montreal!

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