Interview with Blue Bailey

Hey cum dump! Pleasure to meet you. How are you and what's going on?

Just finished up with some assignments!

Can you tell us how you got into bareback porn. When was it and who was your first scene with?

I don't even remember who my bareback fuck scene was with. I want to say it was a Factory Videos? I got into bareback porn, because I play bareback off camera anyway, and it is a natural extension of my sexuality.

I got to check a 20+ guy gang bang off my bucket list. That sort of scene has always been a fantasy of mine.  

You starred in a controversial Treasure Island film called Viral Loads, which was released in Spring. What resulted for you as a person and professionally?

As a person, I got to check a 20+ guy gang bang off my bucket list. That sort of scene has always been a fantasy of mine. Professionally, I became more comfortable as a performer with what turns me on. In addition, my vantage point and thoughts surrounding raw sex reached a larger audience due to the controversy.

Blue Bailey Treasure Island Viral Loads

You're a gang bang bottom in a lot of videos; could that be almost a signature thing for you? What turns you on about it?

I think I've only filmed two or three gang-bangs. I don't think that's a lot.

You're pretty successful as a bareback bottom, mainly. What do you think makes you so popular in this role?


Have you ever Googled yourself? What do you think should come up on top of the search results?

**Opens Google** A few interviews, a link to @BlueBaileyxxx, and an article.

Who is your favourite director and what puts them up top?

I admire Mr. Pam's abundant energy. If we're talking other media, then Joss Whedon. I like his sense of humor.

Thinking back through all the films you have made, can you tell us what stands out as the most exhilarating one you filmed and why?

Getting shocked for Fetish Force was exhilarating. I didn't know the violet wand could be switched out for a metal piece to amplify the voltage. It was fun, but definitely challenging at times.

Backyard Boys - Blue Bailey electro torture

What's your favourite junk food?

Haribo Sugar Covered Cola Gummies!

What's your background? Where did you grow up and what was it like? Tell us what home is to you?

I'm an Irish, Italian, Jewish boy that grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada. Living underage in a city with strict 21+ requirements limited your options. I do enjoy going to visit my family there now.

What would you like to do next with your career? Any ambitions or plans?

I am first year law student. My plan is to practice media law specifically in regards to first amendment issues and regulation of electronic media.

How can fans keep up with you?

Follow me on Twitter! @BlueBaileyxxx

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