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For our readers, we are going to do something a bit fun and different and in the total spirit of Bentley Race - we'll conduct this interview sat with our dicks out!

Thanks for coming to talk to us Ben! How are you doing?

I'm great thanks now that I'm naked. But it's a little cold in here. Let me turn the heating up.

Let's start by talking about the birth of Bentley Race. When was it your site first appeared and who starred? Had you done porn before having your own site?

My first site 15 year ago was actually called Ben's DIY Homepage. It was really just me on it showing pictures of me sucking my own dick. It was 1999 and I had just moved from a country town in to Melbourne. I met a photographer who took lots of photos of me and I learnt how to build a site and put photos on it. It really was just photos of me, and no videos. The internet way back then was too slow for anything other than small low res photos. Especially in Australia. Had I done porn before... no. Just dirty photos with me mates. But nothing ever published.

Your site is pretty unique and awesome. It's almost like a "making of porn", behind the scenes setup. How did you figure this would be popular with fans?

To be honest I still don't know if it's popular. But I really started doing the BTS videos so that members could hear us talking during the photoshoots. Because in the sex videos there is very little or no talking at all. So I tend to ask the guys questions during the photoshoot and film it so members can get to know the guys a little better than just seeing them having sex. I know that I enjoy watching the BTS videos just as much as the sex scenes. The guys are so funny during their photo shoots.

I reckon Oliver Sanders was the kinkiest guy I ever shot with. He's definitely the only guy I've had to cover a hotel room in plastic for. He brought a huge collection of dildos, like being pee'd on and fisted.  

So where do you find all these hot Aussie fellas? Do you get lots of guys message you wanting to show off in their skimpy speedos?

A few years ago I had to beg guys to come and model for me. Now I'm having to say no a lot because I have so many wanting to do it. A lot of it is through word of mouth from guys who have done it before, or guys who are curious about a porn site being produced in their home town. I can't tell you how much I love getting local guys in for shoots. There is no real porn industry in Australia so everyone comes with different expectations and reactions.

Over the last 15 years, if you had to choose one model that really stood out, maybe shocked or surprised you, who would that be and why?

The guys who turn up and want to have sex with me always surprise me. And the straight guys always surprise me. I couldn't get off in front of a girl, but they seem to be able to get off in front of another guy quite okay. Okay... so one particular model that surprised me was the first guy who pushed my boundaries for what I would shoot. Doug Stevens is this quiet guy would always push me to shoot him naked in outdoor places around the city, and in places where we could easily get busted. He started my spree of shooting guys in the laneways and public toilets around Melbourne and Sydney.

Bentley Race and Doug Stevens

With the exception of films you are also in, do you get to have sex after the shoot? Or maybe before!?

Strangely enough I'm actually very reserved and professional before and after shoots. I know, it sounds boring. I do have hook ups with some of the guys at other times. I want them to be at their peak when a shoot starts. I even break the guys up in to different rooms if the shoot involves the guys sleeping over the night before. I know... I'm a fun killer.

Do you have a routine for making each scene? Do you interview the guys first or just get straight down to the action? What happens on the day of porn making?

I really prefer to shoot the guys when we first meet. They lose their nerves very quickly when they get naked. So rather than waste the opportunity I do their first shoot. First shoots are usually a solo scene. That way I get to meet the guys and see what they can do before I match them up with the other guys. They also feel more comfortable then when it comes time to get in on a duo or group scene.

I have a rule that no scene takes longer than 2 hours to shoot. That includes the photoshoot and video shoot. I want the guys to get horny, show off, and get off in a reasonable amount of time. Anything longer than 2 hours then it starts feeling like it's hard work.

What happens on the day? Lots of battery charging, tidying up and looking for undies.

You travelled around quite a lot to film with hot men around the world. Tell us about some of your favourite times during your travels?

Oh gosh. Every trip has been fantastic! Will the world ever run out of gorgeous men? Travelling has given me the ultimate pleasure of being able to meet and shoot with some of the most beautiful men around the world, including porn stars Harry Louis, Rafael Carreras, Tommy De Luca and Aybars. And let's not forget some of the amazing places I have gotten to visit, like Argentina, Romania, Thailand, Canada and New Zealand. My favourite recent time was when 18 year old Jakub Novek travelled for 6 hours on a train from Poland to Berlin for his shoot. It was his first visit to Berlin so I had the pleasure of showing him around the big city. He taught me some of the Polish language while we walked the streets of the city.

What would you say is your favourite part of a video/photo shoot with the models?

My favourite part is definitely taking their photos. I love getting the best out of the guys for their photos. I can really make them shine in photographs. It's not so easy when they are having sex in the video scene. My favourite photos are when the guys are looking up at the camera with a glint of a light in their eyes. I totally melt when I see a nicely shot photo.

Can you tell us a bit about your background? You used to be an escort, right?

I actually work full time for a global IT company doing SAP support. So I'm a bit of a computer nerd Monday to Friday. Then on weekends I shoot scenes for Bentley Race. I get plenty of vacations to go travelling and shooting too. Both "jobs" keep me pretty busy.

Who has the biggest cock in the history of Bentley Race?

I've had to think about this for a long time. I'd say that the cheeky bi-sexual Brazillian Paulo Massa has got the fattest cock going around. I can't believe I tried to get it in my mouth! Harry Louis is also quite big. As for big and very very long, check out Luc Jiard and Thomas Williams. Those boy are crazy hung.

Paulo Massa

There's quite a variety of guys on Bentley Race. I'm wondering whether you like twinks, muscle guys or who cares as long as they're hung and uncut?

I think you summed it up. I like hung and uncut. But mostly I like guys who like to show off. Those are the guys that really look good on camera.

I notice you have quite a few fetishes. I see jocks, socks, sneakers, piss, so many hot stuff on your site! Apart from you, of course, who is the kinkiest lad you had the pleasure of filming?

My room is bursting right now from the huge collection of socks, jocks and trainers I have collected from around the world. I need another room to store it all!

I reckon Oliver Sanders was the kinkiest guy I ever shot with. He's definitely the only guy I've had to cover a hotel room in plastic for. He brought a huge collection of dildos, like being pee'd on and fisted. It's still the craziest shoot I've done to date. He is also a really lovely guy. He's had some personal trouble recently so his shoots are temporarily disabled from the site.

What's the future for you and Bentley Race? What can fans look forward to?

I am thinking about involving more guys from around Australia. I've spent a lot of time travelling overseas in the past few years and have neglected the Aussie boys. I love them to death and I want to see many more of them in front of the camera. You have no idea how much fun it is shooting with Australians.

Last (cheeky) question. Can I get a backstage pass to join you on a shoot? I'd love to experience it, give you a hand and we can tell our readers about all the fun!

Of course *grin*

What would you like to say to your fans?

Certainly check out the site. But more importantly, leave comments in the member forum or drop me an email. I love getting feedback (good and bad). It's the only way I know that I am filming the right guys. It's going to be a very busy year with tons of new guys coming up. You never know where we will pop up next.

Thanks again for chatting with me for GayDemon, it's been great.

You can visit Bentley Race here, and don't forget to follow Ben on Twitter @RealBentleyRace!

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