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We're talking to Titan Men star, Aymeric DeVille. Thanks for doing an interview for Gaydemon. You've got a sexy accent and a great body, and we're really happy to have you here.

Anthony: Can you give us some vital stats - where you're from, height, weight, cock size, top or bottom?

Aymeric: I'm French and I live in Paris. I m 5' 8" tall, weigh176 pounds, my cock size is 8 1/2 inches and I'm versatile.

Anthony: How did you get started in porn? Please tell us about some of the studios you've worked for, and how you end up signing with Titan.

Aymeric: I was working as a bartender in a sex club in Paris and a French company - Citebeur - was shooting a movie in the basement, so they asked me to do a scene. I did it and really enjoyed it. So I shot many scenes with them and Kristen Bjorn, a Spanish company, and finally I applied for Titan. I shot my first scene for the Stockroom movie and they asked me to sign an exclusive contract.

Anthony: What do you like best about being in porn, and is there anything you don't like about it?

Aymeric: The best I like about being in porn is having sex with the sexiest men on earth, and for the moment there's nothing I don t like.

Anthony: Being in porn means you're living many men's fantasy - what fantasies would you like to fulfill? Are there any pornstars you'd really love to do a scene with?

Aymeric: I love to make my fantasies real, my favorites are having sex with a driver in his truck on a highway stop or everything into leather turns me on. For my scene partners I d love to have Francois Sagat

Aymeric DeVille Titan Men

Anthony: What kind of activities help you develop and maintain your awesome muscular body?

Aymeric: I go to the gym every day, I really need to work out a lot, it became like a drug.

Anthony: You've got some very interesting tattoos. Any stories to go along with any of them, and do any have any particular meaning to you?

Aymeric: My tattoos don t have any special meaning except the one on my back, which is my birth date in roman. But I did all of them in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.

Anthony: What are you like when you're at home? Do you have hobbies and interests, and are you in a relationship or single?

Aymeric: At home I have a normal life, watching TV shows, going out with friends and traveling a lot. I don't spend a lot of time in my place and I'm single and open to any option.

Anthony: What's the funniest thing that's ever happened to you during sex, and have you had any sexual encounters in unusual locations?

Aymeric: This is not funny but one day I was having sex with two guys and we were really into each other, and when I came I had so much pressure that I spread my cum everywhere on the wall behind my head with a loud pressure noise. And for me there's no unusual location, everywhere is subject to having sex.

Anthony: Any plans or projects in mind for the future?

Aymeric: Stay in good shape and continue to make great movies for Titan.

Anthony: How can fans find you on the web?

Aymeric: Fans can find me on the Titan Men.com website and especially on the blog with a lot of hot pictures or on my Facebook.

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