Interview with gay porn star Ayden Marx

Does my life get better or what? Lately it's been good, or actually it's been kinda weird. I'm guilty as charged - I look at porn at work all day. Who the fuck cares, right, as long as you don't get caught? But anyway, I was actually on looking through trailers for some of their latest scenes, and Ayden Marx caught my eye. He were actually fucking Jesse Colter, a favorite bottom of mine.

Anthony: Welcome to the GayDemon Lounge, stud. How are ya?

Ayden: I'm doing great man; how are you?

Anthony: Good. I found you through and Twitter. But how did you get your start in the biz?

Ayden: I attended the IML & Grabby weekend here in Chicago last year during memorial day weekend. I met with a few people then, and basically I just had to wait for the right opportunity to present itself for me to get started, and it finally did in December 2011.

Anthony: Well, let's talk about the scene I mentioned in your intro. You play a student who is being questioned by the school dean (Jesse Colter) for maybe not quite having what it takes to gain admission. What was that scene like? Is it difficult to get into character, or is the script pretty much tossed out once the fucking and sucking gets started?

Ayden: The scene was fun. I had a great time working with Jesse. He was a lot of fun to work with. Getting into character isn't that hard most of the time. The script basically sets up what will happen in the scene.

Anthony: You're also featured on Dominic Ford where you have a great scene with your boyfriend, Rylan Shaw (what a fucking cock!!!), and you get fucked by mega stud Evan Mercy. Tell us about your scenes with Dominc Ford. How are they different then

Ayden: Working with the guys at Dominic Ford was great. I had a blast filming with them. My two scenes were so much fun to do, especially the one with my man Rylan. They aren't all that different honestly. There are more people on set for than there is with Dominic Ford, but other than that, not much different from each other.

Ayden Marx in tight white briefs

Anthony: You top and you bottom - do you prefer one? How do you get into bottoming when you top so well? Do you pM must be fucking difficult.

Ayden: I do prefer to be a top. Being a bottom isn't a hard task for me. When I first started having sex years ago, I was mainly a bottom, so when I get booked for being a bottom, I just have to dust off the old skills, haha!

Anthony: I gotta ask about my boy Marcus Mojo. What's it like working with him? Is sex with him everything it appears on camera....delicious? :)

Anthony: Marcus was a real treat to work with. He was the first guy who I was paired with to make my premier into the porn world, so obviously I was a little anxious because I know he has a huge fan base. The scene was fun.

Anthony: So how do you and Rylan keep your relationship hotter than the extremely hot sex the two of you have for a living? Is there a couple in porn now that you try to emulate or have asked advice from on how to keep the spark?

Ayden: Well, now, I can't tell you that, otherwise it wouldn't remain our little secret, but what Rylan and I share off camera is something that is special and too hot for words at times.

Anthony: What really gets you going? Tell me everything, turn-ons, fetishes, anything :) I promise it's for the fans and not just because I'm a horny asshole :)

Ayden: I'm a big kisser. I love to make out and rimming is one of my favorite things to do, as well. Rylan can vouche for that.

Anthony: Where can we stalk you and keep up to date with everything Ayden Marx?

Ayden: My twitter is the best way to see whats going on with me - @AydenMarxXXX

Super stud Ayden Marx, thank you for joining us at the GayDemon Lounge. Wishing you nothing but success, and please come back and join us.

Ayden Marx shows off his ass and cock

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