Gay porn performer Ashton Webber

Anthony: Well first of all, welcome Ashton Webber! We're glad to see that you have joined us here in the GayDemon Lounge. For those of us who aren't yet familiar with you, could you please introduce yourself and tell us a bit how you got started in the world of gay porn?

Ashton: Hey, Guys - I'm Ashton Webber and I was kind of found by Shane Frost through a website and then the bookings just started from there. I was interested in the industry and thought it could be a fun experience and marketing opportunity.

Anthony: So the first time I saw you was with CockyBoys and your wicked fucking hot solo scene. Everyone knows I has a special spot for CockyBoys, so what was it like to work with them? Are we going to see you in an action scene I hope... maybe with someone like Jake Bass or Max Ryder? :)

Ashton: CockyBoys was quite the experience, To be honest, I was a little nervous/shy at first, but then got pretty comfy ;) The company is amazing/trendy and it was overall a fun/exciting experience and I hope to work with them more...and you might just have to wait and see who I end up getting plowed by ;)

Anthony: A new site that's taking the gay adult world by storm is GuysinSweatpants with Anthony Romero and Austin Wilde. You are featured with veteran Shane Frost in a scene called Breakfast Sex and it's very easy to shoot a nice load to. What's it like to work with Shane and the wonderful Austony couple?

Ashton: It's actually funny, because he is my go-to agent and it was very easy to work with him, pretty much felt very comfortable the whole time. Let's just say you couldn't get my mouth off that cock ;) lol. As far as "Austony", they were fucking awesome to work with! Would totally do it again.

Anthony: So you told me prior to this interview that you have an unreleased scene with HotHouse. Is there anything you can clue us in on? Come on break some news right here on GayDemon.

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Ashton: Well, this particular scene is gonna be something really new to the company and let's just say our jockstraps were sweaty as fuck...kind of sporty ;)

Anthony: The only action scene you're in thus far has you begging for cock as a bottom. Are you strictly a bottom or do you top as well? What other things get you going during sex?

Ashton: I get this so often lol! I'm very vers to be honest. I mean, I'm told I have quite a dick on me, so why not use it? :-p I have so many things that turn me on; as you know I have a major underwear fetish, but also really get hot when I'm sucking a hot dick or rimming some yummy giver! ;-)

Anthony: Give me one performer you'd love to do a scene with. If you could direct your own scene, give us a glimpse of what it would be like.

Ashton: Oh my, that's a toughy. I probably couldn't pick just one that I'd absolutely love to do a scene with, but I know doing a scene outside of the bedroom is always a fun scenario. Maybe some wet shower scene...I mean, I already got fucked on a kitchen counter ;-)

Anthony: So are you gay, bi, or straight? What is your opinion on the gay for pay performers? What is the biggest issue, in your opinion, in the gay porn industry?

Ashton: I'm gay all the way; I give kudos for the guys who can fake it till they make it ;-). I'm pretty much a beginner at the industry, but it would be cool to see a more realistic/almost amateur perspective in porn, because sometimes the performing narratives get a little over-used/cheesy.

Anthony: Any hobbies outside of your porn career? Do you have another job or go to school? Are you open and out to all of your friends and family about gay porn? Is this a career you want to stick with or is it just a quick in-and-out? That's what he said ;)

Ashton: I love fashion, gymnastics/tumbling, working-out, and hanging with my friends. I do have another job, as well as take a few classes in college... and most of my friends and just my mom knows about my naughty boy side. I'm kind of just going with the flow right now when it comes to porn, I love the social media aspect and being able to market myself

Anthony: This is always my favorite question to end on if you have seen my interviews before. What is one word that best describes you as a performer and why?

Ashton: Cute, because I like to keep it sexy, witty, and yummy all at the same time ;-)

I'd like to thank Ashton Webber for joining us here at the GayDemon lounge, and can't wait to see more of him in action! If you want to see Ashton in action, you can catch him at CockyBoys.

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