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Let's kick start with an obvious question. How did you get involved in porn?

Well this is a bit of a long story involving Steamworks in Chicago and Shane Frost lol. So I had chatted online with Shane about being interested in doing porn and we accidentally ended up meeting at Steamworks. So he kinda put me through a test and fucked me in front of everyone to see how I handled it - and well - I guess I passed the test since 2 1/2 years later I am here. I have always loved porn so for me to be part of it is what I wanted.

Don't call yourself a power bottom if you're going to bitch and complain about how much it hurts, if you're going to do that than you should've became a top so shut up and take it!  

You're quite clearly more bottom. In most scenes you're 100% bottom and I've seen you flip fuck maybe a couple of times. What is the draw for bottoming for you?

Bottoming for me comes so easy. I enjoy it and love it so much and I am 100% committed to taking what ever challenge I get. So it really does not take much for me to bottom. But to top, well I guess those times I was forced to do it, although I didn't mind. I love being pushed to try new things and I love to try to embody a new character. So to flip the switch and be top is pretty exciting too!

You've become a big name in porn and have had some really big name scene partners too. Who was you most excited to do a scene?

Well first I have to say thank you to Landon Conrad for being my first scene partner ever! He was so cool and relaxed with me, being new an all on set. So because of him and our scene I am here today. But my favorite person to work with of all time has been Tommy Defendi. I think we worked so great together and did some cool intense stuff in our shoot. It was so easy and so much fun!

Have you got a favourite studio to work for and would you consider becoming an exclusive model for any studio?

My favorite studio to work with has been Hot House. They have supported me so much and are always there promoting me and pushing me to do new things. I think I am so far ahead in my career that I don't think it's possible to be an exclusive with a studio. I am very happy where I am, not being an exclusive means I have been able to work with so many great studios and learn so much more, and for me to push myself to do all my self-promoting and everything. I just feel very proud of myself for doing it on my own without having the luxury of a studio promoting me and trying to glamorize everything I do. I am glad my followers, from day one have had the real Armond and not a made-up person that people want to think I am or something I'm not just so my popularity shoots up faster. I am Armond Rizzo the guy who had never had it easy but always rises to the top no matter what!

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Last year you considered quitting porn. I'm super glad you didn't. What made you consider it and what changed your mind?

You know, this industry gets tough at times and pretty cruel, so I guess it got to me. But I have a great support system, like Shane Frost and everyone else to push me and help me get through it. So I decided to stay and prove to everyone that I am a force not to be reckon with. I got up and got tough and put my ass to work lol!

Time to help me out here. I admire that hole of yours so much. It's super stretchy and you can get really wide. How did you prepare your hole for such big dicks like Noah Donovan's?

I honestly do not know how how I do it lol. I guess being and athlete and a true bottom that loves getting fucked. I just control my breathing and relax my hole and be a good bottom that just takes it. Like I always say, "Don't call yourself a power bottom if you're going to bitch and complain about how much it hurts, if you're going to do that than you should've became a top so shut up and take it!" lol

What was your favourite scene to film and why?

My favorite ever scene to shoot would have to be Dirty Little Brother with Jason Pheonix. Working whit Chi Chi was so incredible and she allowed us to just work with what we were feeling. She allowed us to just let go and fuck. He is incredibly sexy and that beautiful uncut cock felt so good. In all honesty I have never shot my load so fast on set. On that scene we both busted so fast.

Do you have a crush on any porn stars and, in fact, have you got your eyes on any future scene partners, a bucket list perhaps?

OMG I would love to do a scene with Mike De Marko - I want that big fat dick in me lol. I guess he is my current crush right now. But it would also be amazing to work with Sebastian Kross. I just want to suck and worship those big sagging balls he has! lol

Are you dating anyone? Would you ever date someone from the porn industry?

Sadly, I am currently single! But surprisingly I've reconnected with someone that I have known for more than 6 years since I moved to Virginia. We have shared such incredible times together in the past. He is the most sweetest guy ever and such a gentleman. So we will see what happens with that, but as of now I'm just happy to talk to him again and to reconnect. But yeah, sadly I am single. Would I date a porn star? Well I have tried and let me just say this, queens can't let there diva attitudes stay on set. The usually take it with them to the bedroom and it's such a turn off. So no I would never date a porn star. Just the truth, love.

armond-rizzo-interview-02.jpgTell us a bit about you as a person. Where did you grow up, what's your background etc.?

Well I grew up in Chicago, IL. I am Mexican-American first generation in the United States. I am a navy veteran where I used to be a chef. I cooked for President Bush snr and jnr 4 times. I have a huge family lol - typical right! I am a very loving person but I always have my guard up if I feel like I am in danger. Overall I am a comedian I guess, I love make people laugh.

What does your average day look like? What do you get up to normally?

My regular day consists of doing my hair in the morning and going to the gym. Watching movies wit friends or just being lazy at home to re-energize, or travel to keep myself from getting into a bad funky mood lol.

So, back to porn. That's what we all love, right? Which of your scenes do you think made you most popular? Like, which scene was it that made people take notice of you?

OMG I would say being on So You Think You Can Fuck with Dominic Ford. Working side by side with the biggest names in the industry and having people notice that I could hold my own weight next to them. That I could outshine the best of the best I guess made people take notie of me. So I think it was SYTYCF. If not, then it might just be all the big dicks I have taken! lol

What is the one quality of you physically or emotionally that defines you as a performer?

Physically I would say my talented hole and my ability to not just act sex well but to do i with a little bit of style. Emotionally would have to say that I am very passionate guy. I love to bring some love and passion into everything I do. I think people have lost that nowadays so I just like to connect with all my scene partners. Even though I know sometimes I am not the guy they're into I try to find something really attractive about them and work with that and make that connection. I am a real person I don't sugarcoat anything. I am not perfect nor the sexiest guy out there. I've struggled with drugs and my appearance growing up. I was bullied and trying to over come all this at 24 is still very hard. I like to show everyone that you have to push through and believe that you are worth something and that you are beautiful. I am who I am because of what I went through in my life. But because of you guys I don't have to pretend to believe. I am actually learning now that I am beautiful and I am the person I always wanted to be. So to all my followers that have struggled whit yourself, or drugs, just know that it does get better you have to let go and believe in yourself - and you will see your natural beauty shine more. It just starts from the inside.

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