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What was your favourite part of filming Fuck Loving Criminals? What was the best bit and what was the hardest part?

Well, I don't want to be predictable but the favourite part of filming was that I finally had the chance to put my hands on Matt Brookes, who I fancied a lot! So grabbing him was a very good pleasure. The best bit was pushing deep into is throat. I wanted to fuck him, but it wasn't possible, as he's a top.

The hardest part was, of course, the acting! It was very hard as there were so many lines and not easy to remember, so we had to go over it few times. It was fun but also very challenging!

How did UK Naked Men find you for the part?

I've done quite a lot work for them as I have for a few other companies. I bet that being an Italian and not having a so "clean" look helped me to get the part of the criminal. I think it's in our DNA, not being criminals but sometimes looking like one!

Is this your favourite scene at UK Naked Men, if not, which is your favourite?

It's one of my favourites mainly because of the challenge of acting, which is not very common in this type of movie. Secondly, because we filmed in an amazing studio, which is actually a private home too, it was absolutely fantastic. But talking about fucking, I think the best scene I've shot for UK Naked Men was Twelve Fucks and No Funeral. There were lots of us and we really had fun! And of course, I was banging ass!

Do you have any fantasies you'd like to act out on video?

Ooof! There's lots of them, but one in particular is filming more 'hard fuck' porn which involves spitting, verbal, domination. I'm quite dominant and I love it a bit rough, so it would be nice to film something more HARD. I think that will be more me!

What's next for Antonio Garcia?

Well, next Wednesday is my birthday and I wanted to start to celebrate with a BANG, and thanks to UK Naked Men, I'll be able to start it with a GANG BANG! I'm going to have an orgy next Wednesday, in which me and 6 tops will be taking it in turns to fuck Riley Tess. What better way to start celebrating!?

You're only active on video; will we ever see you as a bottom?

I've never said that I'm 100% top - like some people do, then you find them with their legs up the at the first opportunity! I'm just not ready to do it in a video right now, but I never say never!

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