Interview with Angel Cruz

When I first saw you I was like wow, he's fucking hot! You're absolutely beautiful and I am so excited to be chatting with you today! You're now a Cocky Boys exclusive. When did that happen and what made you sign?

Thank you very much, guys. It is an honour and pleasure have this interview with you today. I can only say to your question that actually it was all very unexpected and quick. There was a lot of chemistry between the producers and me and it was something that I'd wanted to do for a long while, so I kind of signed without hesitation. Good things will come for my career as part of the Cocky Boys family.

So what was the first studio you worked for and how did you get into making porn videos?

The first one was Gay War Games - it's a long story! I kind of began behind the cameras as I have always been into kink and fetish, besides I studied theatre and performance because I enjoy acting and, well, if you mix that with fucking (which is another thing that I am passionate about LOL), there's an explosive result!

I'm top without a doubt. In my private life I like to dominate more and hold the reins.  

It seems from your Twitter you're in love with Allen King. Is that real love, or just a porn crush? Are you guys dating?

I am more in love with him than he is in love with me! I met him 4 years ago and we had some sort of relationship, then we went from that to being best friends, then all of the sudden something that I cannot express with words happened and he turned out to be the boy I want to spend the rest of my life with. He is a great guy, an amazing actor, and a wonderful boyfriend.

Your body is amazing. Do you spend a lot of time working out or are you naturally gifted with the body of a god? Tell us how you keep so perfect!

I must confess that I just have good genes (I am Latin American). I do enjoy looking after myself and keeping fit, though. I cannot miss a gym session and I do make a living from my image, so I believe you have to stay sexy, fit and as irresistible as possible. I take this seriously and my health is important to me.

What was your favourite scene to make and why do you choose it?

The one I have enjoyed the most without a doubt, and it is one of my favourite scenes, is the one I performed for Fucker Mate with Andrea Suárez (my ex-boyfriend) and I have chosen that scene because we both shot it with a lot of passion. We loved it. Besides, the scene was very well received by fans.

What is the most exciting thing about being a pornstar for you?

Having a lot of free time, being able to travel, the support and love from my fans puts a smile on my face and helps me on those grey days, but especially the fact I am able to do whatever I like and make money at the same time. That's is the key to success, I believe.

You must have travelled a fair bit to make videos for various sites and studios. What has been the best place to visit and where are you actually based?

I can tell - I have travelled around the world a lot but if I have to think name one place it has to be Miami, U.S.A. I love it and I try to go there as many times as I can. I have had many good times there and it is a city that has everything I like, although I would not change Valencia, Spain for the world. Valencia is where I live and grew up, where all my friends and part of my family live, and where I always have time to relax and spend time being myself. Being at home is always good and it brings peace and safety into my life.

Other than Allen King, who is your favourite pornstar and why?

Other than Allen - my lovely ex boyfriend, Andrea Suárez. He is a very versatile, influential actor with a lot of enthusiasm and he's very handsome. I have learnt a lot from him. He stands out as the most influential pornstar for me.

Angel Cruz and Levi Karter

Which Cocky Boys scene you are in do you think people love the most and why?

The one I performed with Levi Karter. This scene was very romantic but also, there was a lot desire, passion and amazing chemistry between us. It was a mix of great things which make every second of this scene unmissable and I hope you can't stop watching! I love it! lol 

Do you prefer to top or bottom? What's the reason?

I'm top without a doubt. In my private life I like to dominate more and hold the reins. Although bottoming is not from time to time and I do enjoy it.

If you were stuck on a desert island, what one possession would you choose to have with you and why?

My boyfriend - the reason goes without saying. Although I must tell you that I am not into desert islands. Never invite me to go to one! lol

What have you got lined up that you can tell all your fans about?

Some very hot scenes are coming up and I think they are all really fantastic. One of them is with Allen. It is a love story set in London. I am very excited to see it released and hope you enjoy it too. Also, my scene with the wonderful and super hot Pierre Fitch will come out soon. It will give you a lot of pleasure!

Where can we keep up to date with you and do you have a special message for all your fans?

My Instagram account has recently been deleted! I used to be on there 24/7, but I will soon have a new one. I am on Twitter, follow me! I have an eventful life and so much work to show. Big kisses and many thanks for this interview, guys!

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