Interview With Allen King

You were found by Lucio Saints, is that right? How did he convince you to do porn?

Actually I wanted to do porn since I was a teenager. But Lucio Saints was my manager. So nobody really convinced me, I just went for it.

We interviewed your boyfriend Angel Cruz recently, and covered your first porn ever scene with him. What was it like to film porn with your boyfriend?

It was easy work with him and the scene was amazing. It's completely real, we just gel and we know what things each other like. And, of course, it is my best scene. Cocky Boys did a great job.

My fetish is sports gear and I like military and police uniform!  

You are now a Cocky Boys exclusive. What do you enjoy most about the studio and what persuaded you to join?

I am very happy to be part of the big family of pornstars and work for such a great company! It's one of the best studios in the world. I enjoy a lot in the trips with them and meeting the other Cocky Boys.

What has been your favourite film to make and why?

With my boyfriend Angel Cruz. I just love all of this film. It was in London in one of our first trips together and the fucking sex is amazing!

What turns you on most? Is it a type of guy, or a particular fetish?

The things I like most in boys are their face, their mouth, their ass, their body! My fetish is sports gear and I like military and police uniform!

Do you have a favourite pornstar, other than your boyfriend of course!?

Yes, it's Johnny Rapid! Although we work for different companies now, I hope I get to shoot with him some day.

What's been the hardest part of being an award winning pornstar and why?

Trying to improve and win more awards in the future and enjoying the people I am working with.

Do you socialise with fellow pornstars much, or is work kept very much separate?

I like to socialize with other pornstars. Some are my friends are Robbie Rojo and Mickey Taylor.

You are originally from Spain? Tell us about your background and where you are now.

Yes I am from Spain. I was born in Bilbao but now I live in Madrid. I would like to live to New York with my boy.

What ambitions do you have for your career? Lots of guys we speak to want to progress into directing, or having their own brand. What do you see yourself doing next?

My ambition now is to be one of the best pornstars of the moment. I am going to continue working and growing as a porn actor and later; who knows? I would like to have a nice house with my boyfriend in the future.

What qualities do you have that make you successful as a pornstar?

I think that I have a young and cute face, I am small and I have an athletic body. I am very expressive, I always try to fuck in porn as I fuck in my real life.

The media often portrays porn as damaging to young people. What are your thoughts on this type of comment and how do you think porn impacts young people?

Idiotic. Porn is not bad for young people. I think porn is good to learn about sex for people without experience and for situations where we are horny and alone at home.

What's your favourite quote?

Live your life as you want and feel without hurting anyone.

How can fans keep up to date with you? Twitter etc?

Yes on Twitter, Instagram and my Facebook page. I post a lot there.

Allen King and Angel Cruz at Cocky Boys

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