One of our favorite sites here at Gaydemon is Maskurbate. We recently got lucky enough to interview Pascal, the creator of the site, and he gave us a nice juicy interview. Welcome to Gaydemon, Pascal!

Gaydemon: How did you first get the idea to make a gay porn site featuring masked hunks? Are you into guys in masks or did it come about some other way?

Pascal: I've always been a voyeur and had a fantasy about filming a hot guy stripping and jerking off.

In June 2006, I approached a hot Asian guy (Tiger) on a very popular dating website. Even though this video was for my own enjoyment, he told me he would do it only if I didn't show his face. He proposed that I shoot him below the shoulders. That's when I got the idea to find a mask so he could hide a part of his face.

July 15, I went to Tiger's home with my little amateur camcorder, $500 cash, no lights, and a small black leather mask. Tiger answered the door shirtless. I thought he was so hot but we were both so nervous that we went down to business right away. Everything went smoothly as he was stripping and I was directing my first porn movie ever. Halfway through it, he asked me to help him get harder. That was unexpected and fun ! :p


I rushed home to look at the result. Despite the really bad image quality and shaking, I was amazed that I did a pretty good job capturing the moment & the excitement.

During that first shooting, I felt so comfortable and alive that I knew this was something I was meant to explore even further.

I didn't want to create a fetish site because this does not appeal to me at all. So the challenge was to create one without promoting the mask itself. To minimize the impact of the wearing of the mask I thought of featuring the hottest big dicked guys around so that subscribers would focus on their bodies instead of the accessory.

Today still, I'm not too pleased when I see people classify Maskurbate as a fetish website. The mask was simply the easiest way I found to convince those hot jocks/hunks to perform in porn for the first time.

Gaydemon: How come we now see some unmasked models on Maskurbate?


Maskurbate's hot guys quickly got the attention of the porn industry and they started getting interesting offers to appear on other websites. That's how Dereck (aka Manuel Deboxer) was approached by Raging Stallion Studios and became an international pornstar.


I then had two choices: to stop featuring them or to get them "unmasked". Again, I don't want people to focus on the mask itself so I'm excited when a model is comfortable enough to take it off.

Gaydemon: Your models on Maskurbate are exceptional and gorgeous. Where do you find them and how do you first approach them?

Pascal: I live in Montreal, Canada. The guys here are seriously hot and well endowed! I think I've been lucky, at the right place at the right time. Most of the guys are straight and friends of friends.

I rarely go out and approach someone directly. But when I have to, I either go see the hotty myself with a business card, or browse profiles on facebook or dating websites.

My ratio success is around 10%. It is important to never take no as the final answer. It's obvious that I wouldn't get that much success if it wasn't for the mask concept.

Over 90% of the guys featured are straight but I don't look specifically for straights. They simply are more open and willing.

Gaydemon: Do you ever handle the camera yourself for the shoots? What do you do behind the scenes for the site?

Pascal: I actually do everything myself. That's why I'm still enjoying myself.

I have a background in website design and have done lots of amateur movies with friends and neighbors when I was growing up. At 12 years old we did our own version of Battlestar Galactica! I had a crush on Apollo back then... lol

Everything you see on Maskurbate is of my own making. Design, programming, filming, editing, sucking (lol). By the way, It would be a lot easier for me to let someone else perform the blowjobs on the straight guys, but it's a lot cheaper to do the job myself, even if we have to stop every minute to change the camera angle. And of course, this is an excuse for me to play with them. :)

I am a lucky happy loner !


I do realize though that I will eventually need help as the website is growing and getting more and more popular. Partnership is not out of the question...

Gaydemon: How do you know which guys might be willing to be serviced rather than just go solo?

Pascal: That's a great question. I think you must establish trust in the relationship. I prefer to offer the models a solo session first. Then, if everything goes well and they enjoyed the experience, I contact them a few days later and make them an offer. But you never know who will accept or refuse. It is frustrating, though.

For example, in a perfect world I would have been able to convince Ricky to let me suck his huge 9 incher (and boy did I try!). Other studios have made him offers as well but he refused them all. The best I could do was to make a transsexual massage his muscular body and stroke his cock. Oh, well...


Gaydemon: Any funny stories about things that went wrong or unexpected happenings during a Maskurbate shoot?

Pascal: Sure, here are a few anecdotes ...

True Story 1 :

One of my models, Frank, came over with a friend whom I had only seen a picture of. By what I saw on the pic I agreed to offer him a solo clip. When I saw his friend in person, he was 50 pounds fatter. I was so mad at Frank. Instead of filming his buddy, I made Frank strip and I sucked him until he came, of course all of this was captured on camera!


True Story 2 :

During the shooting with Ricky and a penis pump. Everything went according to plan until he tried to insert himself into the pump. His dick was too big, even though we put the biggest ring we had on the bottom of the pump. We postponed the session and went to buy a bigger ring. In the movie "How Big Can it Get?" you can see Ricky try the pump without any ring at the base, but this is not recommended cause it hurts! We finally found a huge ring that fit. Ricky's dick filled the lucky pump to the top. Really hot to watch ! :)


True Story 3 :

I was so excited and amazed to look at Martin's dick getting bigger and bigger and bigger that I forgot to start my camcorder for the final cumshot scene ! I stood there and watched while nothing was recording. I had to schedule another session with Martin the day after to finish the movie...


True Story 4 :

Recently, I had the privilege to service straight bodybuilder Max. At the last scene, he was supposed to let me know when he was about to ejaculate so I could stop sucking him and watch him cum. Instead, without any notice, he came in my mouth. He told me afterwards that it was the first time ever that a guy made him cum with his mouth. He was so into the moment that he forgot about the shooting. I'm glad he did!


True Story 5 :

I find it very exciting when straight guys ask me to fluff them in between scenes. It is happening quite often. Alex is one of them. Between each camera angle he asked me to suck him. He held my head with his right hand and let go only when he felt ready to continue the session.


Gaydemon: Maskurbate has been around for a while now. What do you think is different about it from when it was new?

Pascal: Well a lot. Let me enumerate a few: Big size streaming (960x540), downloads in MP4 and WMV formats, for Mac, PC and mobiles, Model Profiles where you can learn more about each guy ( stats, personal infos, cool anecdotes, links to movies they have done on other sites, Bonuses such as downloadable wallpapers and online puzzle... Of course, I now shoot my movies in HD and take real pictures instead of movie screencaps.

Gaydemon: Do you have any big changes or special shoots in store for members in the near future?

Pascal: As I am writing to you (May 24), Maskurbate has been transferred to a new and more powerful server for better performance and service. This will allow me to upgrade the quality of older movies and put more interactive elements on the website.

As for shootings to come, you will see a lot more of Dereck (aka Manuel Deboxer). Top dawg Adam is scheduled to reappear shortly.

I am also working on adding Live Shows that will be performed by your favorite models.

I intend to do lots more duos, so be prepare to watch plenty of muscle worship, handjobs, blowjobs and ... fucking :)

Before finishing this interview, I would like to thank the GayDemon team for their support. You guys have been following me since I started in 2006 and I am very greatful. Thanks!

Thank YOU, Pascal, for answering our questions and supplying the pics for this interview! You can see Pascal and his masked hunks in action at Maskurbate.

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